As a game that keeps on getting more new players each year, there has also been an increasing amount of sources for high-definition wallpapers and screensavers for League of Legends.

So, although you could theoretically simply enter “league of legends wallpapers” into your favorite search engine, some of the best sites are buried deep into the cobwebbed and forgotten pages 2 or 3 of the Google results.

And let’s face it, you’re only opening the first two links, aren’t you?

Well, I promise you, you won’t need to look for 4K and even 8K wallpapers yourself because I’ve done the research for you.

Without further ado, here are the best sources for League of Legends wallpapers!

1. UHD Wallpaper


UHD Wallpaper is the best source for all the highest-resolution League of Legends desktop backgrounds. This website provides not only Ultra 4K but also 8K wallpapers for various topics.

The most popular ones are gaming, anime, and movies, but you’ll also find some awesome high-quality nature, abstract, or scenery wallpapers.

Just type in the name of your favorite League of Legends champion into the search bar and explore all the original splash art or fan art 4K/8K wallpapers that the site offers.

Of course, you can also download smaller image sizes if 4K isn’t what you need, all the way down to 1080p. And, by choosing portrait instead of landscape orientation, you can see how the 4K wallpaper would look on your mobile device.

UHDPaper is definitely one of my go-to sites when I want a new LoL background on my PC or smartphone, especially if I’m looking for the HD splash art of that skin that just released.

The only issue with this site is that unlike others on this list, it doesn’t let you choose your own resolution. However, if you’re on a desktop monitor, it has more than enough options.

2. Alpha Coders

Alpha Coders

League of Legends splash art and fan art make for awesome desktop wallpapers, and you’ll find plenty of those on this website. Alpha Coders have established one of the biggest sources for both desktop and mobile wallpapers.

Therefore, if you’re looking to download a new high-quality League of Legends wallpaper for your smartphone, then the mobile version of Alpha Coders is what you’re looking for. Or, if your PC looks like it could use a brand new League of Legends wallpaper to freshen it up, then the desktop version is where you’ll find it!

There are many other categories of wallpapers you can also find on this site. However, while most of them are 4K, I had a hard time finding any ultra 8K wallpapers, especially when it comes to League of Legends.

Nonetheless, Alpha Coders still is one of the best sites for League of Legends content, and more! It offers every possible resolution that you might need, including widescreen (16:10), standard (4:3), dual monitors, and even specific iPhone or Galaxy resolutions. If that isn’t enough, you can also type in the wanted resolution yourself.

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3. League Displays

League Displays

Whether it’s original League of Legends splash art, HD screenshots from cinematics, or amazing animated screensavers, League Displays has it all. This is Riot’s very own semi-large collection of both HD wallpapers and screensavers for your PC.

However, unlike the rest of the sources on this list, this isn’t exactly a site where you can directly find and download LoL wallpapers. League Displays is a standalone desktop application that you’d need to download first in order to use all the wallpapers and screensavers.

The best part of it is that you can create your very own League of Legends wallpaper or screensaver playlist straight from the app. That means you can make your own slideshow of your favorite Runeterran heroes, animated or not!

Moreover, this app supports every setup, regardless if it’s horizontal, vertical, or multi-display.

The only issue with League Displays is that it doesn’t add the new art immediately when new skins are released, but the amount of unique Runeterra and League of Legends art kind of makes up for it, especially the animated one!

4. Wallhaven


Wallhaven is yet another amazing site where you can find fun League of Legends wallpapers. There’s a great deal of high-quality fan art, as well.

This site gets both of my thumbs up for its ease of use. There’s a big search bar on the home page with a bunch of suggested tags that are popular at the moment.

Once you insert your keywords and hit enter, you can choose between resolution, ratio, color, and other filters that you can tweak until you find your perfect wallpaper.

This site offers ‘safe for work’ wallpapers for unregistered visitors. If you wish to see some NSFW content, then you’d need to create a Wallhaven account. By signing up, you also get access to advanced search and filtering options and you can create collections so that you never lose a wallpaper again.

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Bonus: Deviantart


One of the best sites for fan art and photography on the world wide web would have to be Deviantart. Here you can find thousands of unique League of Legends art, with an accent on fan art in particular.

If you weren’t familiar with Deviantart until now, it is a social media platform where users share their original artwork, photography, and videography. So, if you particularly like LoL fan art, this is the main source where I’d suggest looking.

Deviantart is also one of the biggest sources for League of Legends cosplay photography. Cosplay wallpapers are also very common to find here, as this research keyword yields thousands of results.

High-definition wallpapers might be a bit rare since this site wasn’t built exactly for that. Nonetheless, it is more than enough if you’re looking for mobile wallpapers. As of January 2023, there are over 220k results for the search keywords “league of legends”.


Long gone are the days when your PC’s background looked dull. Have fun browsing these sites that contain thousands of high-definition League of Legends wallpapers and screensavers for any player’s taste!

And, what’s a better way to express yourself than showing off your favorite League champion to everyone?

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