There hasn’t been a champion in LoL that’s been as hyped as Seraphine.

Her release was advertised in a whole new way, using social media to create a fictional persona that would gain thousands of followers all over the world.

It’s therefore no wonder why only 2 years later there have been multiple skins released for this mage support champion.

There are six skins for Seraphine altogether (so far).

Three of them are a part of the ultimate bundle K/DA ALL OUT, one is a prestige skin only available to purchase the special mythic system, and there are only two regular skins.

The Best Seraphine Skins Ranked in League of Legends

6. K/DA ALL OUT Rising Star Seraphine 

K/DA ALL OUT Rising Star Seraphine Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.10.2020
  • Price: Special Pricing (3250RP)
  • Loot: 2950 Orange Essence

Why is the K/DA ALL OUT Seraphine Rising Star skin in the last position on this list? Well, of all three of the Seraphine’s K/DA skins, this one kind of stands out the least. I guess you could say it needs more zing… and pep.

All jokes aside, the skin has a beautiful color palette, but it seems to be lacking a bit of detail for the abilities’ animations.

Although it’s included in the K/DA ALL OUT bundle, you won’t be able to play with the Rising Star skin straight away. You’d first have to complete a couple of missions with the Indie Seraphine in order to unlock Rising Star.

Rising Star Seraphine’s hair is a very nice blend of pink and blue ombre. Her hair is tied in a very long ponytail, as it is for the rest of the skins in the bundle. Also, Rising Star Seraphine has the cutest outfit in my opinion.

The short dress with the flowery details and the straps on the one leg are both adding to her pretty look.

As a relatively new skin, though, I can’t say that this skin doesn’t deliver. Rising Star Seraphine is shiny and the abilities are easy to see.

At first glance, it might seem similar to the other K/DA skins, but if you take a closer look, you’ll notice how different all three skins are. 

Pretty blend of colorsLess detailed than other K/DA skins
Abilities easy to see

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5. Graceful Phoenix Seraphine

Graceful Phoenix Seraphine Splash Art
  • Release Date: 02.09.2021
  • Price: 1350RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

This is the first Seraphine skin that doesn’t have a connection with her K/DA persona. Also, Graceful Phoenix gives us a unique, darker look for the singing support champion.

With the exception of the ultimate, all other abilities are green and yellow/gold.

Seraphine is presented here with long black hair and golden highlights. This is a bold change from the pink and purple or blue hair we’ve been used to seeing her with.

Another reason why this skin looks so good is the shiny golden platform that Graceful Phoenix Seraphine is standing on. It definitely stands out the most of all her skins here!

There is just one tiny inconsistency with this skin: although the indicator of the ultimate is golden and green, the actual animation of it is pink. So, it might be more fitting if the flying phoenix’s animation was instead golden.

However, the reason behind it might be that the charm effect in League of Legends is (usually) always pink.

All in all, Graceful Phoenix is definitely a refreshing new change for Seraphine. This skin belongs in the skin line Phoenixmancers along with Divine Phoenix Anivia and Brave Phoenix Xayah.

Unfortunately, of all three, only Divine Phoenix Anivia has received both a border and an icon. This has resulted in quite the backlash of Seraphine and Xayah players, and rightfully so.

Pretty golden phoenix aestheticsUltimate color inconsistent with rest of the skin
Multiple chromas to choose fromNo border and icon

Check the Graceful Phoenix Seraphine skin on YouTube.

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4. K/DA ALL OUT Indie Seraphine

K/DA ALL OUT Indie Seraphine Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.10.2020
  • Price: Special Pricing (3250RP)
  • Loot: 2950 Orange Essence

The Indie skin from the K/DA ALL OUT bundle is proof that a combination of something sweet and simple can look amazing. Seraphine is dressed in a casual outfit, which is supposed to represent the time before she became a “Superstar”.

The animations together with the acoustic sounds of her guitar add even more to the immersion of her pre-fame times.

Indie Seraphine’s abilities are all flowery, pink, or both. And although the skins in this K/DA bundle share some similarities, those tiny flowery details really make this skin stand out. The ultimate also looks very cool here.

Another notable part of this skin is the color change of Seraphine’s platform when she has three stacks in her Passive – Stage Presence. The retro brown platform turns into a darker gray one with pink glowing outlines. 

Indie Seraphine is the starting skin of the ultimate bundle and is the only one available to play with from the very start of purchasing it.

After completing the missions you can also unlock Rising Star and Superstar Seraphine and all three of them will be available in Champion Select.

Very cute and flowery design of the abilities
Available to play with straight away

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3. Ocean Song Seraphine

Ocean Song Splash Art
  • Release Date: 09.06.2022
  • Price: 1350RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

The cute Seraphine has long blonde hair for the first time ever with her Ocean Song skin. Here she’s dressed in a very pretty pink and blue/turquoise outfit, which goes perfectly with the festival theme of the skin line.

The blue and turquoise tones of the Ocean Song stand out in each ability. Even Seraphine’s ultimate ability embraces the ocean with a blue animation of two jellyfish swimming outwards.

The adorable details such as the long braids in her hair and the two little buns on the sides make Ocean Song one of Seraphine’s best skins so far.

Also, the fact that there are eight(!) chromas is more than enough to place it in third place on this list.

Eight chromas to choose from
Amazing splashy blue ocean animations

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2. K/DA ALL OUT Superstar Seraphine

K/DA ALL OUT Superstar Seraphine Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.10.2020
  • Price: Special Pricing (3250RP)
  • Loot: 2950 Orange Essence

After finishing all missions of Seraphine’s journey to fame you’ll get to play as Superstar Seraphine. This is the exact look Seraphine has in the “More” music video.

Furthermore, the same song is included in the skin, so if you liked the song, you’re going to love Superstar Seraphine!

Also, this is one of the shiniest and cleanest Seraphine skins. Her abilities have beautiful crystal stars animations that you’ll also find enchanting. The entire color palette is a gentle and beautiful combination of blue and purple. 

Even her platform lights up as a shiny purple crystal whenever Seraphine has three stacks on her passive.

There is really nothing not to love on this skin. I also enjoy seeing Seraphine with the long magical blue and purple ombre hair, which is a nice change from the pink we’re so used to seeing.

Beautiful and magical animations
Get to hear the music of “More” when emoting

Check all K/DA All Out Seraphine Skins on YouTube.

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1. Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine

Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine Splash Art
  • Release Date: 09.06.2022
  • Price: 1350RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

The Prestige Ocean Song skin for Seraphine is an obvious winner. While the regular Ocean Song skin has more blue accents, the Prestige version is warmer with the usual breathtaking “prestige” effects.

Seraphine’s abilities are bright and vibrant, with the golden and orange shades dominating the entire skin.

There are noticeable differences between the separate abilities, too. For instance, the prestige Q ability has an animation of two golden dolphins. In the regular version, we see two blue jellyfishes instead.

Prestige Ocean Song Seraphine’s ultimate ability is also slightly different. The animation includes two intertwining pink stars moving along with the Encore, instead of the blue jellyfish.

However, Seraphine’s look, outfit, and platform are what make this skin stand out. Her platform is shinier and more colorful with the golden and turquoise colors dominating.

Sera’s entire look is very shiny, and she’s wearing the cutest outfit, as you can see in the splash art. Her hair is styled as an orange and deep blue ombre.

Gorgeous and radiant model
Cute dolphin animations

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It’s apparent that Seraphine was a favorite to Riot even before she came out. In fact, she’s the first champion to have an ultimate skin at the very release.

Since then she’s had three other skins, two of which are a bit more affordable for players while still being very pretty.

Each Seraphine skin is very unique and beautiful in its own way. However, the Prestige edition of the Ocean Song skin is breathtakingly beautiful.

I have to admit, there is something about prestige skins that make me unable to look away.

We’ve also seen how amazing all three versions of the skin in the ultimate bundle are. The only bad part is that if you only like one K/DA skin, you’ll still have to pay for the entire thing.

If you loved the look of Superstar Seraphine as much as I do, it’s probably worth considering buying it!

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