The world is changing, and getting information and entertainment isn’t like it used to be. This busier way of life has people on the go, which means their access to news, education, and help must come in a more transportable way.

Podcasts have provided a great platform for professionals to offer their expertise in a new way. Episodes come in various topics, with self-help being one of the most popular to date.

Before turning to just any old podcast, take a few moments to read through this article, where we provide a list of the eight best self-help podcasts available. Then open up Google Podcasts, Stitcher, or the Apple Podcast app and start listening.

What Can You Learn from Self-Help Podcasts?

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All walks of life listen to the best self-help podcasts for many different reasons. A lot of excellent information is available through these shows from professional sources that can ease stress and improve your overall well-being.

Motivational podcasts offer valuable and engaging insight into various topics that can change your daily life, including:

  • Handling depression and grief
  • Un-doing self-doubt
  • Shutting down lack of self-worth
  • Dealing with anxiety
  • Learning to live with less stress
  • Balancing all areas of life in a healthy way
  • Challenging yourself 
  • Putting yourself first
  • Going after your dreams
  • Walking through tough times

This list is only a few ways you can benefit from listening to a quality self-help podcast.

The Best Self-Help Podcasts

Instead of scrolling through endless titles in the search engine, look at this great list of self-help podcasts below. This selection is useful and full of information to help you start living your best life today.

The Ed Mylett Show

If you are searching for a motivational podcast that will help you dig deep into why you are where you are and how to go further, the Ed Mylett show is it. 

Ed and his guests spend each podcast episode diving into different life situations and providing great insight into how you can overcome every obstacle the world throws at you to foster your own personal development. 

Each weekly podcast episode is full of enthusiasm, excitement, and knowledge from strong, influential people ready to help guide you to the best life possible. 

Ed Mylett is caring and compassionate and gets to the point positively and energetically in a way that you don’t want to miss out on.

Who is Ed? 

  • Best-selling author
  • Life strategist
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Inspirational speaker

The Mindful Kind: Rachael Kable

The Mindful Kind is a positive podcast hosted by Rachael Kable, a certified coach and counseling expert with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science.

Rachael started her podcasting and blog adventures in 2015 to help provide the public with guidance through anxiety and managing stress.

The Mindful Kind has more than four million downloads to date. It continues to grow, reaching those looking for podcasts to help them become more proactive in life and their personal development to live with more happiness and a positive attitude.

Who is Rachael?

  • Certified coach and counselor
  • Helpline volunteer for the Anxiety Recovery Center
  • Self-help blogger
  • Certified meditation practitioner

The Life Coach School: Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School podcast has more than 300 episodes full of self-help tips, tools for self-improvement, and problem-solving skills for all aspects of life. 

This uplifting podcast is one of the best for those looking for something to listen to, created by someone who bases their knowledge on science.

Brooke isn’t just a podcast sensation; she also runs her own school, teaching others her tricks of the trade. Brooke has a psychology degree from Santa Clara University, giving her plenty of education to back her teachings.

The Life School Coach podcast is a great listen that will teach you to eliminate negative thinking, create positive thought patterns, and regulate your emotions to become the best version of yourself.

Who is Brooke?

  • Life coach
  • Master coach instructor
  • Founder of Life Coach School
  • Author
  • Self-development specialist 

Optimal Living Daily: Justin Malik

In the Optimal Living Daily podcast, Justin Malik walks you through various life struggles daily. Unlike many podcasts where the host is the professional motivator, this podcast’s format uses a positive and uplifting host who reads quotes from other self-help podcasters.

Justin takes time to scour the web and find the most helpful information out there from powerful influencers and narrates it in easy-to-digest pieces every day on his podcast.

The Optimal Living Daily podcast is loaded with tricks, tips, and practical advice on self-improvement, self-help, motivation, and even minimalist living.

Who is Justin Malik?

  • Creator
  • Award-winning podcaster
  • Producer and host
  • Award-winning narrator

The Good Life Project: Jonathan Fields

The Good Life Project is a motivational podcast that is uplifting, politic-free, and full of community support.

This podcast is different from most of the others in its niche. Each episode offers a unique story with different ways to cope, advance, and succeed.

You will hear experiences from many motivational speakers, self-care experts, and other big-name inspirational guides. Each professional will provide an overview of their expertise while advising on how to begin becoming your best self.

Who is Jonathan Fields?

  • Best-selling author
  • World-renowned podcaster
  • Entrepreneur
  • Motivational speaker

The Minimalists

The Minimalists is an uplifting podcast that will keep your attention throughout the entire episode. You will connect with the two New York Times-bestselling authors Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn. The more than 300 episodes offer listeners the motivation and encouragement they need to realize what matters in life, and you can’t buy it.

These two podcasters reach millions of listeners worldwide and provide advice on how to live a more meaningful life without the “stuff.”

Who are Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn?

  • Best-selling authors
  • World-renowned podcasters
  • Self-help professionals
  • Minimalist coaches

Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation

The Daily Boost is a motivational podcast that engages you with a quick and easy-to-digest conversation that offers its listeners positive energy, a healthy mindset, and tools to implement personal growth.

Each episode is about 10-12 minutes long and includes information on bettering relationships, becoming more positive, breaking bad habits, and so much more.

The host Scott Smith uses practical knowledge and an evidence-based approach to making big changes in how you think and act.

Who is Scott Smith?

  • Professional podcaster
  • Chief Motivating Officer
  • Founder of
  • Motivational coach/speaker

Hardcore Self-Help: Duff the Psych (Robert Duff) 

The Hardcore Self Help podcast has a professional psychologist as the host, without the psychologist rants. Instead of hard-to-understand language and prying questions, this inspirational podcast has conversations with the audience in a down-to-earth, friend-to-friend way.

Dr. Duff uses this platform to help the audience understand psychological concepts and learn strategies to navigate life in a meaningful way.

There is something to learn for everyone when listening to the Hardcore Self-Help podcast.

Who is Duff the Psych?

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Self-help expert
  • Mental health podcaster
  • Best-selling author
Young woman being her best self while listening the best self-help podcasts

Final Thoughts 

Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you don’t have enough time to seek a little self-help. Just by listening to one of the eight amazing uplifting podcasts we’ve listed, you can obtain valuable information and insight into becoming the best version of yourself in your daily life and reaching for the goals you never thought possible.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024