When compiling a team for Clash, the mid lane champion often plays a big role. You want to construct a team around them because the mid laners bring AoE damage, a key element for winning teamfights.

And so, in Clash, we want to play mid lane picks that are able to carry teamfights. Generally, these are AP mage champions with lots of AoE magic damage, crowd control, and range.

Don’t get me wrong, AD mid laners can also be good picks for Clash, especially if the rest of the composition is all AP. But overall, AP mages are your safest bet.

So, let’s check the 7 best mid laners you should play in Clash.

Play These 7 Mid Laners in Clash Tournaments in LoL:

7. Vladimir


Vladimir is a notorious champion in 5v5 teamfights, especially in the late game. And what he lacks in crowd control, he makes up for it in damage.

Vladimir has insane sustain through self-healing. His whole champion design revolves around draining his opponents’ health while replenishing his own.

And he has a mix of single-target and AoE damage that use his HP as a resource rather than mana.

Early on, Vladimir is pretty weak and he mostly focuses on farming.

That’s why his Clash team needs to either be passive and not focus Vlad to fight during the laning phase; or aggressive at the start of the game to allow Vladimir to scale faster.

In terms of matchups, Vladimir does well against most mages you’re going to encounter in Clash. He has his W to dodge damage and escape crowd control, making him an effective mid laner against junglers that gank a lot.

Vladimir’s most powerful cooldown is his ultimate, Hemoplauge.

Not only does it deal lots of AoE magic damage while also healing Vladimir, but it also puts a debuff on all affected enemy champions so that they take 10% increased damage from all damage sources.

In other words, Vladimir buffs the damage of all of his teammates with his R which makes him a fantastic mid laner for Clash.

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6. Ahri


Ahri is a very dynamic champion and there’s a good amount of flexibility in her kit. She’s a mix between a mage and an assassin with an ability set that’s useful in most situations.

The optimal way to use Ahri in Clash is to pair her up with a single-target pick comp. In other words, you want allies that can follow up on Ahri’s charm and are ready to dump huge amounts of damage instantly on one target.

For example, if your team goes for Lee Sin or Ezreal, picking Ahri for the mid lane will always be the right choice.

And this is because when you hit the charm with Ahri, both of those champions can use it to assassinate the target with their abilities.

And so, Ahri’s simply fantastic at creating kill opportunities like this.

One thing that enhances her is the ultimate, Spirit Rush, which allows her to dash forward and charm a target. But it also helps her reposition in a teamfight if she’s the one getting all the focus from the enemy team.

With Ahri, it’s more about following your jungler into the enemy territory rather than sitting in mid lane and farming.

You definitely want to read the situation and react accordingly, but being proactive and ganking is what this champion is the best at.

5. Orianna


Orianna is one of the most played mid lane champions in professional matches. You can use her abilities to enhance your teammates or decimate your opponents.

But with enough practice, you can do both of those things simultaneously in 5v5 team fights.

Orianna contributes to her team with overall protection. From the mid game onward, she can practically spam her shield to help her allies absorb damage and negate some of the damage they take.

Protecting your ADC and jungler is actually a very important thing to do, especially when they’re playing hyper-carries such as Graves or Vayne.

Instead of you being in the spotlight, you can actually play a supportive role with Orianna and allow your friends to carry.

Of course, you want to have some sort of “ball-delivery” system in Clash, either with junglers such as Jarvan IV or supports like Leona.

Orianna’s Shockwave is one of the best abilities in League of Legends for teamfighting and it can single-handedly outplay the entire enemy team.

The great thing about Orianna is that she’s always useful, regardless of how well you’ve done during the laning phase.

And even if you don’t deal as much damage as the enemy mid laner, your shields and crowd control are of great assistance to your team.

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4. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is another supportive mid laner that’s simply amazing at enabling his entire team carry.

Although Twisted Fate’s damage is decent, it’s never enough for him to be the only carry in the team. That’s why his role in the team is to apply pressure in the side lane and assist teamfights with his crowd control. 

As Twisted Fate, you always want to keep an eye out for your jungler, top, and bot laners. Your ultimate allows you to teleport at a great distance.

And you can often outnumber the enemy team by doing so, effectively turning the fight in your favor. This global pressure also makes your enemy play more passively in general.

On the other hand, when TF goes split pushing, he pulls one or two enemy champions toward him.

Twisted Fate can quickly take turrets down with his W (especially with Lich Bane), so the enemy team must find a way to do so.

Twisted Fate is also useful because his ultimate reveals all enemy champions on the map.

You can use this to check whether the opposing team is doing Baron or Dragon which is super important in Clash where the players are more organized than in solo queue.

Here are my best tips for playing Twisted Fate.

3. Cassiopeia


Cassiopeia is one of the best scaling mid lane champions in LoL. Her passive allows her to equip 6 AP items instead of 5 because she doesn’t need to build boots in order to have high movement speed.

Cassiopeia also starts off slowly but scales incredibly well in the mid game. She only gets countered by high-range poke picks such as Xerath or Syndra, but definitely wins against them later on.

Although Cassiopeia is a great pick for pushing side lanes and dueling enemies, she’s amazing in teamfights too.

Her ultimate, Petrifying Gaze, is an AoE stun that can turn the tide of any battle in Cassiopeia’s favor. But that’s not all.

Cassiopeia also has her W, Miasma, which slows down enemy champions in an area and prevents them from using all mobility spells, including Flash.

Combined with the ultimate, Cassiopeia can control the entire enemy team while also dealing huge amounts of magic damage.

To be completely honest, Cassiopeia isn’t the easiest champion to master. But if you do, you can ue her to dominate your opponents and crush every team in Clash.

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2. Vex


A good Vex player is one of the scariest things you can face in League of Legends. The champion is equipped with every advantage a mid laner could have.

And it’s very easy to carry with this champion if you’re careful enough during the early game.

The reason why Vex works so well in Clash is that she can one-shot the enemy carry but also apply AoE crowd control and damage.

She’s a team-oriented pick as well as a solo queue, so it’s easy for her to adapt to any situation on the Rift.

Vex can apply Fear with any of her basic abilities and gank lanes with her ultimate, Shadow Surge. Her R is a fantastic spell for starting teamfights, especially in close areas such as the Dragon pit or around Baron Nashor.

This is because when Vex uses her ultimate, she also fears all enemies near her targets. Not only is this good for her because she becomes free to deal damage, but it also allows her team to collapse on the opponents.

Besides these openings, Vex is also good at disengaging. Her AoE Fear can completely destroy high-mobility champions by constantly pushing them away from Vex.

And that’s also why she’s a safe pick all around.

Vex’s damage should never be underestimated either. She’s a mage that scales extremely well and often tops the charts in the late game.

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1. Ryze


And in first place is Ryze, arguably the best mage in League of Legends. In my opinion, Ryze is the ideal champion for team play in LoL simply because of how useful his abilities are when used around teammates.

First of all, as a control mage, Ryze has immense power in the mid lane. He can clear minion waves extremely fast and rotate to help his jungler around the map.

But also, Ryze can always root an enemy so that his team can take them down. And this is easily done through a point-click E-W combo.

One thing that many players don’t take full advantage of is Ryze’s R, Realm Warp. It’s an ability that teleports Ryze and his allies to a chosen location, so it’s extremely powerful for ganking.

You can take your jungler and appear behind the enemy bot lane to surprise-gank them. And believe, this works even in Clash.

Since Ryze is a scaling AP mage with tons of power in the late game, he’s also a great split pusher.

He has no problem staying in the side lane, dueling champions, and pushing waves. And if the enemy team tries to gank them, he can make an easy escape with his ult.

When it comes to damage, Ryze can obliterate enemies in the late game. His advantage is that his spells scale with his maximum mana besides his AP, so they hit harder later on.

This is why he’s efficient at taking down Dragons by himself or the Dragon with his jungler only.

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As you can see, the strategy for Clash is to go for mid laners that can help their team in more than one way.

AoE Damage and CC are the two essential things to look out for, with protection and mobility also being precious attributes for any team comp.

That said, good luck in your Clash endeavors and I hope some of these picks will give you victories!

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