High elo and professional players know that the mid-jungle duo is as important as the bot lane duo, if not more.

And while the bot duo mostly just covers the bottom lane, the mid-jungle partners are responsible for winning the entire map in League of Legends.

Needless to say, it’s important that the champions played in mid and jungle synergize with each other.

If their abilities or strengths can be combined, it’s easy for the mid laner and jungler to establish and keep control over the whole Summoner’s Rift.

On the other hand, a good synergy always results in lots of kills, especially over the enemy mid lane.

If the jungle and mid champions can set up and execute ganks well, that creates an advantage that often leads to victory.

There are many champions that synergize well and boost each other’s strengths. But here in this post, I hand-picked the 6 best examples of brilliant mid-jungle synergy combo.

I have personal experience in high elo with all of these champions, so I can guarantee their effectiveness.

These Are the 6 Best Mid-Jungle Duos in League of Legends:

6. Evelynn & Anivia

Evelynn and Anivia

The synergy between Evelynn and Anivia isn’t an obvious one and there are certainly not enough players taking advantage of it. However, they are a strong pair you need to consider with your duo partner.

Anivia is a control mage, a champion that dominates the mid lane, especially after level 6. She does okay in most matchups because of her range and the fact that she has a stun.

Her damage amplifies a lot in the mid and late game and she often needs one or two items to start carrying.

Evelynn is in a similar position power-wise. She’s an AP assassin with a very weak early game but scales extremely well in the mid and late game.

Eve does alright when it comes to jungle clearing and her charm is a great tool for ganking post-level 6 when she gains permanent camouflage/invisibility.

Once these champions get to level 6, they can start impacting not only the mid lane but the entire map. 

Anivia can always be the initiator with her Q to stun the target from range and allow Evelynn to charm them.

Anivia can also assist with her W as well as her ultimate to slow the enemy and let Evelynn do her burst damage.

What’s really cool is that no matter in which order you use Anivia’s and Evelynn’s abilities, they still synergize insanely well. For example, if Eve charms an enemy first, that allows Anivia to aim her Q.

On the other hand, when Eve uses her ult to assassinate the enemy, she can jump over Anivia’s wall to avoid others collapsing onto her.

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5. Rengar & Orianna

Rengar and Orianna

With Rengar and Orianna, you have one of the most powerful ball-delivery systems every minute after level 6. It’s a fantastic synergy that dominates teamfights even in high elo, so it’s always worth practicing it.

Orianna is also a mage with not much damage early on. She mostly focuses on farming safely and trading with the enemy laner to establish control over the mid lane.

This works excellently for Rengar who also focuses on scaling and getting to level 6 as fast as possible.

When both Orianna and Rengar have their ultimates ready, they can look for ganks on all lanes.

Orianna can pass the ball with E on Rengar who can become invisible with his ultimate. Rengar can then jump onto multiple enemies and Orianna can cast her Shockwave to decimate all of them.

Obviously, this synergy works the best in 5v5 teamfights where it can have the biggest impact. Remember, Orianna’s ball becomes invisible when it’s in Rengar’s ult, so it’s easy to trick your opponents and catch them off-guard.

However, the entire damage doesn’t of this duo isn’t just from Orianna. Rengar is an AD jungler that assassinates squishy enemies with his lethality build.

But the two champions have a nice mix of AP and AD damage that often allows them to win games 2v8.

I’d definitely say that this combo isn’t always easy to execute and it does take practice, especially when it comes to timing. However, it’s worth it!

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4. Lee Sin & Yasuo

Lee Sin and Yasuo

Lee Sin and Yasuo are a powerful duo with incredible synergy after level 6. They’re both fighters with amazing sustain that allows them to dominate teamfights.

Lee and Yasuo don’t have the best gank setup early on, but they’re strong enough to challenge any other mid-jungle duo in LoL.

With Yasuo’s tornado, Lee Sin can easily aim his Q so that both of them can focus on one target and quickly bring them down.

However, this is the best way to utilize Yasuo and Lee Sin is with their ultimates. Lee Sin can kick one enemy with his R, Dragon’s Rage, to send them flying in Yasuo’s direction and make them airborne.

Yasuo can then activate his own R, Final Breath, to keep that enemy in the air and damage them.

Practically speaking, Lee Sin’s kick is the best airborne effect for Yasuo’s ultimate. This is because it’s a point-click ability and not a skill shot. And Lee doesn’t need to InSec kick the target in order for the synergy to work.

It’s often enough for him just to press R and leave it all to Yasuo.

A good tip here is to not use Yasuo’s ultimate way too early. Instead, you want to use Final Breath just before Lee’s animation ends. This is especially important if Lee Sin kicks the target toward your Yasuo or their turret. 

Since this synergy works well in all stages of the game, it’s a good way to isolate the key member of the enemy team (ADC or mid laner), assassinate them, and win the teamfight that way.

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3. Jarvan IV & Qiyana

Jarvan and Qiyana

Jarvan IV and Qiyana are another double-AD mid-jungle combo with lots of synergies. Both champions are very mobile and able to crush nearly all mid-jungle duos in the early game.

As an AD assassin, Qiyana’s job is to one-shot squishy enemies with one of the hundred ability combos she has. And Jarvan, depending on his build, is there to create such opportunities for Qiyana.

The best synergy between these two champions happens when Jarvan traps multiple enemies in his ultimate and Qiyana uses it for her own ultimate.

Qiyana’s R spreads through the terrain, damaging and stunning all enemies it touches, including temporary terrain such as Jarvan’s.

Since Qiyana’s ult isn’t always the easiest spell to utilize (you have to push targets into walls), Jarvan’s ulti helps tremendously. And after his AoE damage, Qiyana’s burst is often enough to one-shot all trapped enemies. 

Other than that, these two champions are fantastic at chasing down targets. Jarvan IV has a knock-up and Qiyana has a root. Both champions can dash or jump over walls which also makes them good at escaping.

Lastly, their damage is simply fantastic early on, so make sure to apply pressure in the mid lane or focus on ganking rather than farming.

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2. Bel’Veth & Malzahar

Bel'Veth and Malzahar

The void combo is one of the most difficult duos to win against in League of Legends. Not only do they have immense pressure in teamfights, but it’s also impossible to stop them when they push together.

And they complement each other in more than one way.

Malzahar is an immobile champion but Bel’Veth has enough dashes for the two of them.

Malzahar becomes powerful in the late game while Bel’Veth dominates from level 1. Malzahar’s strongest spell is a suppression which Bel’Veh can use to decimate the suppressed target.

Combined, it’s really tough to find a weak point in their synergy.

But what’s really impressive about Malzahar and Bel’Veth is their pushing power. Both champions can spawn voidlings that push minion waves incredibly quickly. Malzahar’s pets come from his W, a spell with a very short cooldown.

Bel’Veth’s pets are a bit harder to come by but they’re even more powerful because they benefit from the Baron buff.

Malzahar and Bel’Veth can secure the Baron alone and then go to the mid lane to push.

The buffed minions and voidlings allow them to easily take an inhibitor even when the enemy team tries to stop them.

The cool thing here is that you don’t need your team to do this. So these two champions are great for climbing as duo in LoL.

1. Nocturne & Twisted Fate

Nocturne and Twisted Fate

If you’re looking for a mid-jungle duo to climb the solo queue ladder with, there’s no better choice than Nocturne and Twisted Fate.

What Noc and TF offer is global pressure. Both champions have ultimates that allow them to gap-close an enemy from a great range. But when they use them in combination, both abilities get enhanced.

When activated, Twisted Fate’s ultimate reveals all enemies on the map. But he can also recast the ability to teleport to a chosen location.

But when Nocturne activates his ultimate, he darkens the entire map, not allowing the enemy team to coordinate or see where he and Twisted Fate will come from.

This synergy is so powerful that not even Challenger players can do much to counter it.

Instead, they’re forced to play passively and constantly be aware of the TF’s and Nocturne’s danger simply because they could be anywhere and come from any angle.

And so, Nocturne and Twisted Fate are the greatest gankers from the mid and jungle role. They’re great at setting up ganks on all lanes but they’re also good at reacting to plays and appearing for counter-ganks.

On top of everything, Nocturne and TF have amazing damage and crowd control in their kits which always makes their ganks successful.

This duo is particularly strong in solo queue because it thrives in chaos. A jungler and a mid laner that can coordinate Twisted Fate and Nocturne well are one of the scariest opponents you can face in League of Legends.

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There are tons of other mid-jungle combos in LoL. You mainly want to look for crowd control effects that help each other such as Jarvan’s and Qiyana’s ultimate.

But having an AP and AD pick also helps, especially if your team is inconsiderate about your strategy. 

But most importantly, the mid-jungle champions you should play are the ones that are comfort picks for you and your partner.

For example, Viego and Victor are a fantastic duo but you won’t succeed with them if you don’t know how to play the champions.

But I hope this post gave you inspiration about what you should play! Good luck!

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