There is much to be said about mid lane. It is one of the most fun roles in League of Legends, and as such, it is also the most played one.

But mid lane is also the lane with the highest carry potential, which means that picking some hyper-carries will further amplify your influence.

This post will cover the top 7 best mid lane hyper-carries in League of Legends. 

1. Kassadin


Kassadin is one of the most popular and strongest hyper-carries in the mid lane, and in the game overall. He has a weak early phase but absolutely stomps at the later stages of the game.

There are a couple of things you should know to play Kassadin well.

First, you should learn to last hit flawlessly. This will help you generate a lot of gold which will compound your scaling. Secondly, you need to know your limits and play within them. Dying early will make it hard for you to come back.

Kassadin in the early game

Another important thing to have in mind is that Kassadin is one of the worst champions for contesting any kind of objective or early fight. Your responsibility is to make sure your jungler knows this, you can do this by pinging well.

As you pick up the pace and enter the later stages of the game, you will become a solo carry. You can consider your jungler’s buff yours and go around the map one-shotting people.

2. Viktor


Viktor is another great scaling champ, and he deserves a top spot on this list for sure. He has a unique passive that allows him to empower his spells after getting 100 stacks. You can gain stacks by killing minions, champions, monsters, and just about anything else. 

As with most hyper-carries, his most important phase is the early game. If you happen to mess up this part, you will not even be seeing the late game.

The game with Viktor starts with the loading screen. This is the time when you can assess threats and plan out your early game. You can see what your jungler is playing and what the enemy jungler and mid laner are playing and assess if you can 2v2 them.

Regarding early game playstyle, you will mainly want to be slow pushing. Slow pushing means, well, pushing but with a small minion advantage. Doing this as Viktor helps you win trades, gain momentum, set up the vision, and roam. The only disadvantage to this is that it makes you more vulnerable to dying, which sucks as Viktor (to say the least).

Viktor farming minions

In the mid game, you will be much more useful. You will be able to clear waves effortlessly with your E, Death Ray. Whenever the mid does not need defending, you can go and clear other lanes to get additional scaling. When it comes to mid game fights, there should not be any issues since Viktor has great team-fighting potential with his AOE damage.

Late game is what it’s all about, you will hit all your major power spikes, and you will be able to melt through the enemy team. You will want to be grouped most of the time and just work through the enemy team from front to back.

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3. Vladimir


Truthfully, Vladimir is not the strongest hyper-carry there is currently, but it is one of the most fun ones to play. Who does not enjoy bursting down 5 enemy champions at once?

Vladimir’s early game is weak, and the most fun you will have is by regenerating HP with Q every once in a while. The greatest victory you can achieve in the early game is to just go equal because there are only a few matchups you can win.

Since his early game is hard as it is, there is one more thing you will need to consider, and that is not picking Vladimir at all. This is done in extreme scenarios, when the enemy has too much CC or when you have a Nidalee jungle.

An enemy having too much CC will stop you from making any plays. An enemy Leona, for example, will make your life a living hell. She will just stun-chain you until you are dead. I also mentioned Nidalee jungle, which might have had you confused. 

Vladimir using Q

The reason I did is that she has really bad synergy with Vlad. She will want to pick fights from the start, while you will want to play as passively as possible for the greater part of the game.

When it comes to mid game, this is when things start to get harder. Your job will still be to scale for the late game, and you can do so by playing in a side lane. Here you need to be extremely careful because it will be easier for enemies to catch you. This is why I would suggest running Ghost and Flash.

If you have done everything correctly and reached the late game, it is time to shine. Having the summoners I mentioned, along with Hextech Protobelt and Phase Rush as keystone, you will be able to breeze through enemies. The team fights will be minimal risk and maximum reward.

4. Yasuo


Love him or hate him, Yasuo is one of the strongest carries in the game. He is a great versatile pick mostly played in mid lane, but he can also play the role of top lane and AD Carry.

Yasuo is mostly known for his advanced mechanics, which make him one of the most fun champions to play in the game. His signature trait is his passive which doubles his critical strike. It was unique to him until his brother Yone joined the rift.

Yasuo’s early game was traditionally weak, but after the introduction of lethal tempo, it became extremely strong. He can 1v1 many champions in the early game. The biggest thing you need to learn as Yasuo is to land skill shots well.

After learning to land skill shots well, it will majorly amplify your damage output and success in trades. If you are running lethal tempo, it will also increase your attack speed. As you can see, it is a bunch of compounding effects.

Yasuo's tornado

Yasuo scales incredibly well, and he reaches his highest power spike after building two or three items. You need to know how to survive and thrive through the lane to reach this phase.

The main thing you need to understand in lane is where the enemy jungler is at every point in time. Not knowing where the enemy jungler is, is a major downfall of many otherwise great Yasuo players.

The best way to play out the lane is to keep minions on your side. This way, you will be less vulnerable to ganks. Holding minions waves on your side can be hard vs. poke champions. This is where you will want to clear the enemy wave and impact the map in other ways (roam, deep ward, invade enemy jungle, etc.)

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5. Yone


It would be silly mentioning Yasuo without mentioning Yone, as these two are relatively similar in their mechanics.

These wind brothers share the same stacking mechanics with Q, and both have ultimates that can knock up multiple enemies. They also have high mobility. Yasuo can dash through minions with his E, while Yone with his E will travel two screens of distance to catch you.

Yone laning phase is similar to that of Yasuo. You will usually be last-hitting minions and occasionally poking the enemy when your E is up. At level 6, you will usually have a chance to kill the enemy laner if they are not full HP.

Yone farming minions

In the mid game to late game, you should usually be looking to get objectives and push side lanes. While pushing the side lanes, you should always keep track of where enemies are. If multiple people come, you will usually be in trouble, but you will usually win 1v1 vs. unsuspecting enemy team carries.

When it comes to objectives, it is always smart to prioritize Herald, which spawns twice now. This can help you progress in your build path quickly and help you close out the game faster.

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6. Anivia


Anivia is one of the champions I hate playing against the most. It requires a lot of patience to play and a lot of patience to play against.

As with most hyper-carries, you will be weak early game. You will mainly want to last-hit minions, which can be quite hard since auto attacks barely do any damage. 

Despite barely being a champion before lvl 6, Anivia can punish enemy mistakes starting from lvl 2. This is done by doing the simple Q+E+AA combo, and you will need to have Ignite and electrocute if you hope to get a kill.

Level 6 is also the point where Anivia can start clearing minion waves fast. This means that you will be able to clear the waves, then do anything you want; recall, deep ward, roam, and so on.

Anivia's stun

In the late stages of the game, Anivia becomes unstoppable. She excels at team fights because most of her spells are CC. Q will stun the enemy, the wall can completely block or trap enemies, and R slows while dealing extremely high amounts of damage.

Anivia is also great because of her tower defense potential. If you ever find yourself in a position where you lost 3 inhibitors, you will be happy that you are playing Anivia. She will simply melt all the incoming minions with her R, and gain free XP and gold.

7. Veigar


Veigar is the original scaling hyper-carry champion. His passive that grants AP when landing spells on enemy, and killing minions with Q, makes him the biggest late game threat.

To make the best out of Veigar you will need to play carefully, as he is really weak in the early game. You will mainly want to stack your passive by last hitting minions with Q. You will notice that the best thing to do is thin out two minions with basic attacks, then kill them both with Q.

When it comes to trading, you will not be able to do much before your mythic item. This is why it is best to let the enemy push into you in most cases. This will make you safer and less vulnerable to ganks.

Veigar farming with Q

In the mid-game, you will become useful if you have at least 150 stacks and you had a reasonably good early game without deaths. The main combo for trading is to trap the enemy with your E prison and land W and Q on them. To kill them, you will usually do the same combo when they are at around 70% HP, but this time you will add ult to finish them off.

If everything is going well and you get to the late game, the most important thing will be keeping safe. You might be tempted to buy more damage, but in most cases, it will not be necessary. Simply focusing on building defensive items such as Zhonya’s and Banshee’s will make you a much bigger threat.

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There are many champions that perform in mid lane, but not every can solo carry every game. Luckily, there are plenty of hyper-carries that you can play to carry even the hardest games. 

You can pick whatever you like the most based on your preferences. If you like mobility and one-shotting enemies one by one, you can go for Kassadin. If you like some AD fighters, you can go for Yasuo and Yone, and if you like scaling monsters that can not be approached, Veigar and Anivia are there for you.

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