Lux is one of the most popular champions in League and an apparent Riot favorite when it comes to releasing new skins. As a champion dating back from 2010, this mage has a big collection of skins with prices ranging from 520 to 3250 RP. 

Meanwhile, each Lux skin (especially the ones released since 2015) is of top-notch quality. She is also one of the few champions in the game to have her own Ultimate skin and she has not one, but two Prestige edition skins! 

So, it’s safe to say this list ranking all Lux’s skins is going to be hard to make, but let’s get into it!

The Best Lux Skins Ranked in League of Legends

16. Steel Legion Lux

Steel Legion Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 01.02.2013
  • Price: 975 RP
  • Loot: 675 Orange Essence

Steel Legion Lux is one of the least flattering Lux skins in the game. Since this skin is from 2013, it doesn’t really change the abilities’ animations that much. 

The traveling animations of Lux’s Q and W abilities appear different, while the actual animation of both abilities remains the same. However, the biggest difference can be noticed with Lux’s E ability, which appears darker than the original.

Steel Legion Lux’s outfit is not too flattering, either. The bulky armor Lux is wearing doesn’t really suit her squeaky voice. Of course, this was way before different voice lines were introduced with skins, too.

The price of this skin is higher than the previous old Lux skins, mainly because of the slight changes in the abilities animation that I mentioned above. Still, I don’t believe this skin is really worth that much.

Slight changes in ability animationsDull outfit
Pricier than other old skins

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15. Commando Lux

Commando Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 17.06.2011
  • Price: 520 RP
  • Loot: 220 Orange Essence

With the visor, ear protectors, and full-body metal armor, Commando Lux looks like she’s a part of the special forces. Even her splash art shows that she’s ready to kick some ass.

This old Lux skin is conveniently cheap since it doesn’t offer new recall or ability animations. Although the green color of the outfit doesn’t stand out on the Rift, it does go well with the fantasy behind the skin. 

Of course, for anyone that likes more zing and pep in champions’ skins (including me), Commando Lux will probably get pretty boring, pretty fast. Nonetheless, it is a nice and cheap option for anyone that has some leftover RP to spend.

Cheap and cool Lux skinColors not standing out
No new ability animations

14. Spellthief Lux

Spellthief Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 19.10.2010
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

Spellthief is one of the two skins that were available from the moment Lux was released. And, you guessed it, it only comes with an outfit change, since all the abilities remain exactly the same as the base skin.

Although this skin doesn’t even come close to the modern Lux skins, it has a certain appeal to it. Spellthief Lux gives off a good girl gone bad vibes, with a hooded outfit that hints at her unlawful actions. 

The best detail of this skin is the strapped glass bottles with blue liquid Lux has on her chest. Are those bottles filled with potions that Lux stole, or are they ammunition meant for anyone that tries to catch her?

Interesting alternate skin where Lux is a thiefNo new ability animations
Some of the colors are too dull

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13. Imperial Lux

Imperial Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.11.2011
  • Price: 975 RP
  • Loot: 675 Orange Essence

Imperial Lux is possibly one of the best old Lux skins out there. It offers a different, alternate depiction of Lux’s royal background. This skin gives us a glance at what Lux would look like if she was coming from an empire different than her Demacian royal family.

Anyway, this skin’s price doesn’t match the content that you’d be getting. It comes only with a different outfit for Lux, which does look good but doesn’t make up for the lack of new animations.

Another drawback of this skin is that as a legacy skin, you can’t purchase it directly from League’s store. It is, however, loot-eligible. This means there’s always a chance for the RNG system to drop this skin for you!

Interesting imperial outfitNot available to purchase in shop
No new animations

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12. Sorceress Lux

Imperial Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 19.10.2010
  • Price: 520 RP
  • Loot: 220 Orange Essence

Sorceress Lux is the other skin Lux was released with back in 2010. Except that it includes a different outfit look for our favorite mage, it doesn’t add much of anything else. Still, it might be the best Lux skin pre-2015.

Lux does however look very cute in this sorceress fit and it is obvious how good blue looks on her. The blue over-the-knee stockings paired with the short skirt even add a dash of sexy. And the detail with the blue wizard hat really completes her look, too. 

At the same time, since the abilities are all exactly the same as in the base skin, there is not much originality in this skin. Of course, that’s why this is one of the cheapest available Lux skins. 

Cute outfit for LuxNo new ability animations
Cheap skin

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11. Battle Academia Lux

Battle Academia Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 15.05.2019
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

With Battle Academia Lux, we get to see this mage in an alternate reality where she’s a freshman at the Durandal God-Weapon Academy. And we can say right away she’s really rocking the schoolgirl outfit!

With her hair tied in a ponytail and her school uniform, she fits right into the aesthetic of the skin line. Her splash art doesn’t disappoint either, where we see her school bag styled with five badges. And, in the background, we see Ezreal, of course.

Now, this skin does have some fun animations, but they don’t really stand out compared to other Lux skins. Her recall animation is somewhat interesting and funny, with her staff getting stuck and Lux trying to pick it up. 

Since this is a 2019 skin, it’s only fair to expect more when it comes to Lux skins. She is, after all, one of the champions with the top-selling skins in the game. If only there were some fun chromas for her Battle Academia persona.

Cute school girl uniformNo chromas
Inconspicuous animations

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10. Prestige Battle Academia Lux

Prestige Battle Academia Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 15.05.2019
  • Price: Special Pricing
  • Loot: 150 Mythic Essence

Although this prestige skin is supposed to be a recolor of the original Battle Academia Lux skin, it can very well be considered as its own unique skin. There are so many changes in Lux’s model, like her hairstyle and outfit details. 

Lux’s hair is let down for her prestige look, while in the original her hair is styled in a ponytail. Also, she wears completely different clothes with high over-the-knee stockings.

The Q animation once it lands on an enemy target is very distinct from the original one, too. The W, E, and R animations are similar, but their colors are much more alive with pinkish hues. 

Prestige Battle Academia Lux also received a visual update in 2022, which improved some of the visuals of the skin.

Overall, this is a very pretty Lux skin and a must-have for everyone that enjoys the Prestige aesthetic. 

Unique Prestige Battle Academia skin

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9. Pajama Guardian Lux

Pajama Guardian Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 21.11.2018
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Now, why did Riot create an entire skin line with exact same particles and animations as another existing skin line? Well, cause you’re willing to buy it, of course.

Pajama Guardian Lux is only different from Star Guardian in one thing – Lux’s outfit. Here she’s ready for a pajama party, obviously, instead of guarding the universe. Everyone needs a wind-down time every once in a while, right?

As ridiculously cute as Lux’s pajama outfit is, I’m not entirely sure this skin is worth the money. However, if you already own the Star Guardian skin, you can get a discount on Pajama Guardian Lux. Instead of 1350 RP, it would then only cost you 752 RP.

Although I like the original Star Guardian’s looks and abilities, I would like at least some changes in the animations of this skin, just for the sake of originality. Of course, I’m still a huge

Cute pajama outfitSame animations and particles as Star Guardian Lux

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8. Star Guardian Lux

Star Guardian Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 17.05.2015
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Star Guardian Lux is a cute, girly, sparkly rendition of our already girly mage. Her outfit is pink, her abilities are pink, and even her staff and hair are pink.

The Star Guardian animations are all bright and very visible on the Rift. Although this really immerses you into the theme of the skin line, it might not always be a good thing. If you see your abilities that clearly, chances are, your enemies are also seeing them, which makes it easier to dodge them.

Of course, this solely isn’t enough to decide against buying this skin. I mean, did I mention how cute Star Guardian Lux is?! There are adorable rounded star designs on each auto attack and the abilities all have included a pink rounded star shape or design.

Star Guardian Lux’s traveling animation with the floating and the bright pink trail behind her is one of her best. Paired with the Star Guardian’s theme song, this skin is an obvious must-have for every Lux lover.

Adorable outfit and animations
Unique Star Guardian music in-game

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7. Cosmic Lux

Cosmic Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 26.03.2020
  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Loot: 1520 Orange Essence

There is a lot to say about this stellar (pun intended) legendary skin. Cosmic Lux really lives up to its name, as there are beautiful animations of stars and entire constellations.

The abilities are very bright and clear with twinkling stars, even Lux’s basic attack here looks ah-mazing. Its projectile looks like multiple stars connected in a constellation, which is really breathtaking to see.

As a legendary skin, Cosmic Lux also has a different voice effect, new voice lines and new emotes. Each emote is completely different from her original ones, which is such a refreshing thing to see.

But, it’s time to spill the beans. Cosmic Lux just isn’t on the same level as Dark Cosmic Lux. These two skins were released at the same time as two counter egos of Lux, but there’s a clear difference in their quality. 

Cosmic Lux lacks the powerful, badass animations Dark Cosmic Lux has, e.g. in her ultimate and her E ability. Also, is it just me, or does Cosmic Lux’s model look a whole lot like Dawnbringer Soraka in-game?

Stunning stellar animations with constellationsMissed potential as opposed to Dark Cosmic Lux
Looks similar to other champions’ skins

6. Prestige Porcelain Lux

Prestige Porcelain Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 26.01.2022
  • Price: Special pricing
  • Loot: 125 Mythic Essence

Although Prestige skins are mostly recolors of the original ones, the Prestige Porcelain Lux skin has some gorgeous aesthetic tied to it.

It’s different than older Prestige edition skins, as the golden accents are done much better. Instead of the white/yellow recolor, we get a beautiful combination of gold and blue

However, as a Prestige skin, there’s a lack of details that make this skin stand out. Some details such as Lux’s hairstyle remain too similar for both the original and the Prestige Porcelain skin.

Prestige Porcelain Lux still is a stunning skin and an amazing addition to the Rift. But, is it worth the grind? The answer is – maybe if you are a Lux main, but for the rest – probably not.

Beautiful Prestige recolorPrestige details missing – too similar to original Porcelain Lux
Tinkling porcelain sounds might be too harsh

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5. Porcelain Lux

Porcelain Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 26.01.2022 
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

The stunning Porcelain Lux skin is hard to be missed on the Rift. With vibrant colors and gorgeous flowery animations, this skin is bound to catch your attention.

Every ability gets its unique-looking animation, but the one that stands out the most would have to be Porcelain Lux’s ultimate. It features an animation of a flower blooming and closing again during the duration.

Each of the abilities, including the auto attacks, has a unique porcelain tinkling sound tied to them. And although the sound effects go perfectly with the theme of the skin, some of them might be too harsh. The auto-attacking sound is definitely not my favorite!

And here’s the best part of the skin: Porcelain Lux also has bunnies! The Q ability’s traveling animation is, in fact, a bunny, and the E has an animation of a bunny for its entire duration.

So, there you have it – flowers and bunnies. This skin sure is one of the most adorable Lux skins out there, while at same time remaining clear and graceful.

Beautiful ability animationsTinkling porcelain sounds might be too harsh
Plenty of chromas to choose from

4. Lunar Empress Lux

Lunar Empress Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 08.02.2018
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Lunar Empress is a gorgeous skin for this mage for many reasons.

First, the skin’s abilities have beautiful golden animations, especially Lunar Empress Lux’s Q. Although the E animation here slightly resembles the Elementalist Lux’s E, it may actually be an improved version of it. The curved details on the circles are much more evident here.

Second, the dark outfit complements the blazing and flowing golden details on her shoulders amazingly. The entire outfit also has gold-colored outlines, which are visible in the splash art.

And, last but not least, the recall animation is one of the cutest Lux recall animations out there! In it, we see two tiny fluffy kitten-like creatures that float around her as she recalls.

It’s obvious that this skin checks out all the boxes on the list. The only possible downside is that this is a legacy skin, so you can’t buy it through the shop. You’ll have to depend on the loot chests or My Shop and hope that these will drop this skin for you.

Be on the lookout for any limited-time events in the shop, as one of them may include Lunar Empress Lux. During that time the skin will be available to purchase with RP.

Gorgeous ability animations and cute recall
Beautiful dark and gold outfit

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3. Dark Cosmic Lux

Dark Cosmic Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 26.03.2020
  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Loot: 1520 Orange Essence

Although released at the same time as Cosmic Lux, Dark Cosmic beats its sister skin almost on every level. Each ability looks so much better on Dark Cosmic Lux, and you can almost feel the power of the vast universe with each hit.

Since Dark Cosmic is depicted as the total opposite of the Cosmic Lux skin, their emote animations are similar, just with the opposing theme. Dark Cosmic is in fact, Cosmic Lux once she embraces the darkness within her.

The emotes’ voice lines are also so much better here. I mean, it sure made me smile when Dark Cosmic Lux said “This sucks.” while looking around her and seeing a bunch of light Cosmic stars.

Furthermore, this skin gives Lux a whole new personality, showing us a darker version of the (usually) cheerful mage. Each ability animation is done very well, but the ultimate animation unquestionably stands out. It visualizes the destruction of planets along a powerful booming sound.

I’m personally a big fan of this skin also because of its color palette. The purple and dark shades match the depiction of the darkness of the universe with all the black-hole stars within it. 

New emote voice lines and animations
Powerful, badass ability animations

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2. Space Groove Lux

Space Groove Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 01.04.2021
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

One of the players’ favorite Lux skins, Space Groove is an adorable and playful addition to our Lady of Luminosity. Its animations are also very distinguishable from other Lux skins.

The entire aesthetic of the skin revolves around space and groovy music, which is probably evident by reading its name. The bubble animations that appear with each ability (and even with the auto-attack!) really add fun and playfulness to the Rift. 

All the animations are top-notch, but the E animation takes it to the next level by adding groovy dance music during its duration. 

Lux’s bouncy blonde hair here is one of the best changes in her looks. It even gives Alice in Wonderland or Sleeping Beauty vibes, and I simply can’t look away!

Space Groove definitely is a lovely skin overall. Even her recall animation where she wears roller skates will bring a smile to your face. 

Also, there are plenty of cute chromas to choose from, nine to be exact! So, you are sure to always have a look to match your current preference.

Adorable skin with fun bouncy animationsNo new voice lines or voice effects
Groovy sounds and dance music
Nine amazing chromas to choose from

1. Elementalist Lux

Elementalist Lux Splash Art
  • Release Date: 28.11.2015
  • Price: 3250 RP
  • Loot: 2950 Orange Essence

Elementalist Lux is undoubtedly the best skin for this champion so far. And, since it’s an ultimate skin, it’s also the priciest. However, the most awesome part of this ultimate skin is that you can choose from a bunch of recolors (kind of like chromas) while you’re in-game. 

Elementalist Lux starts each game with the light basic skin. During the game, the player first gets to choose one of the four elements. 

After the meter has been filled for the second time, the player can choose a second element. This gives Lux another makeover, based on the two chosen elements. The table below will give you a better understanding of each Elementalist Lux combination.


This skin really does live up to its hype, and it’s one of those skins that will never get old or boring to play with! Each element brings a refreshing new touch to the blank Elementalist canvas. 

My personal favorite part of this ultimate skin is how distinctive both the outfits and the animations of the abilities are. For instance, choosing fire as a first element will transform Elementalist Lux into a fiery mage with her abilities having blazing, burning animations and sounds. 

Yes, even the sounds of the abilities are slightly changed according to the element you choose. 

So, when it comes to this skin, do believe the hype!

Choose from multiple skin recolors throughout a single game
Gorgeous aesthetics of the four elements and their combos

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After seeing all the skins in this list, we can certainly say that there is a Lux skin for each taste. If you’re more into the lovely girly aesthetic, then there are Star Guardian and Pajama Guardian for you. If you like a clean, graceful look for Lux, then Porcelain Lux is the choice for you, and so on.

Elementalist Lux, however, remains the best skin in the entire collection. Being able to transform and change your looks throughout a single game is definitely a feature that I’m on board with. Can’t wait to see what else Riot has in store for Lux in the upcoming years!

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