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The best law podcasts cover the most popular topics. Those topics include the justice system, trials, behind-the-scenes, and utter legal failures. Luckily, some wonderful legal podcasts can satisfy this craving and provide entertainment for true crime buffs.

This article will cover some of the best law podcasts available today. They offer cases easily followed from start to finish. Some offer quick summaries giving you the information in minutes. Most of them are available on Apple, Google, and other popular podcast platforms.

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The Best Law Podcasts to Listen to

The type of legal podcast you listen to depends on your interests. Some discuss procedures or daily courtroom matters. Others offer discussions about recent legal proceedings including details the public doesn’t often get to hear or covering specific topics like constitutional law, employment law, or the Supreme Court.

Whether you work at a big law firm or an individual practice, are a law student, or are just interested in legal news, here are the best legal podcasts to add to your playlist.

Court Junkie: You Decide If the System Worked

Jillian Jalali is the host of Court Junkie, one of the best legal podcasts out there. In each episode, Jillian takes a deep dive into one case where she discusses interviews, legal terms, court documents, and other detailed aspects of the criminal trial.

Listeners receive facts and information about how the criminal justice system played a role in the outcome of the case. At the end of every episode, the listeners are asked to decide whether the system worked.

True Crime Daily: Daily Discussions About the Legal System

True Crime Daily is hosted by investigative journalist Anna Garcia and a slew of professional guests. Each episode covers investigations into real-life crimes committed across the United States.

True Crime Daily looks into current events, legal news, and reports on the stories behind the crimes talked about in communities from every state. The host and her guests look into each case and provide their opinions on what happened. They look at the side of the law to determine whether these cases were handled correctly.

LawNext: Talk About the Latest Legal Technology in the Industry

Unlike most true crime legal podcasts, LawNext doesn’t talk about specific legal cases or how trials proceed. Instead, host Robert Ambrogi speaks with entrepreneurs and innovators of legal technology every week.

If you are a tech-lover interested in legal advancements in the technology industry and how they affect your legal practice, Rob talks about legal technology, such as data management, integrated law, and setting data standards.

Law360 Pro Say Podcast: Recap of Law Stories

Pro Say is a podcast brought to you by Law360. This legal podcast gives listeners a quick glimpse into the biggest stories and those not so well-known.

The hosts of this lawyer podcast bring expert guests from the legal industry to each episode to help break down the cases everyone is talking about.

The Pro Say podcast takes you behind the scenes of popular stories and guides you through the decisions made about the legal issue and whether or not they were fair.

The Lawfare Podcast: Law and Policies

The Lawfare Podcast brings experts’ opinions and intelligence while discussing national security, cybersecurity, foreign policy, corruption, and more.

The creators of this podcast are dedicated to keeping the public informed about our government, the legal system, and how the law is being guided today.

If you want to stay up to date on how the government is handling your safety, check out The Lawfare Podcast today,

Opening Arguments: Making Legal Sense of the News

In every episode of the popular law podcast, Opening Arguments, hosts Andrew and Thomas talk about famous legal cases and provide you with everything you need to know to win your next debate.

The episodes are light-hearted with a lot of laughter and offer plenty of deep insight into the legal system and legal profession without telling you what to think.

Legal Wars: An Up Close Look into Court Cases

Hill Harper hosts Legal Wars, where he reviews court transcripts, legal documentation, legal terms, and interviews with some of America’s most notable court cases.

The detailed discussions make the listeners feel like they are sitting with the jury, listening to every argument. 

Legal Wars offers the audience the chance to come to their own conclusion with the same information seen inside the courtroom.

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Final Thoughts

The best law podcasts come in various themes, presentations, and execution and cover every legal topic a law student or legal professional would want to know about. Whether you want to find out more about law practice or get legal advice or insight into law school, the list above provides something for everyone, no matter where your interests in the legal system lie.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024