Since Clash is an opportunity to prove yourself as a team player, it’s key for any jungler to play a team-oriented champion. And this can be tricky because the jungler often picks first, not knowing exactly what his team comp will end up being.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to play a jungle champion that does well in teamfights. In Clash, it’s not so much about carrying solo as a jungler.

Instead, it’s about supporting your friends in each role and enabling them to take over the game.

Because of that, here I made a list of 7 essential jungle picks for Clash tournaments in LoL. They all have unique strengths and can help you win the cup.

Check them out.

Play These 7 Junglers in Clash in LoL:

7. Viego


Viego is on the list of the best junglers for Clash not because he’s a team-oriented champion but because he’s one of the best and most fun junglers overall. 

Although Viego has a weaker early start than most junglers, all he really needs is a couple of levels to really start impacting the game.

Thanks to his incredible self-healing and sustain in the jungle, he can quickly take down jungle camps and appear on ganks on time.

When it comes to ganking, Viego can enter camouflage thanks to his E and even stun the enemy champion with his W.

These two abilities allow him to set up kill opportunities in every lane or easily follow up on his laners’ engage.

Viego doesn’t have the most complicated ability kit but his ultimate, Heartbreaker, does introduce a new mechanic to the game. It allows him to possess slain enemy champions and use their basic abilities instead.

Because of this, Viego can’t really have a bad game. And even if you go 0-5, all you really need to do is take down the enemy carry, use their item stats and spell to fight the enemy team, and chase resets after resets. 

Viego fits in all team comps simply because of how versatile his R allows him to be. He’s great at dueling champions and teamfighting. So, give him a try!

6. Diana


Diana is a fantastic jungle pick if you’re team is leaning heavily toward AD. She’s one of the best AP junglers in the game with tons of variability in her itemization.

Diana can either build like an AP assassin or an off-role tank, so there’s never a bad time for picking her.

Despite being AP, Diana actually has a decent sustain in the jungle early on. Thanks to her W, she gets a shield that also deals AoE damage. And with her Q and passive she spreads her damage to all nearby jungle monsters. 

Diana can reset her dash on E if she uses it in combination with her Q. This allows her to chase down enemy champions when she comes to gank, and she’s especially powerful against the non-mobile ones.

But the ability that really makes Diana a Clash candidate is her R, Moonfall. It’s an AoE knock-up that pulls enemies toward Diana and damages them after a few seconds. And it allows for some really crazy wombo-combos. 

For example, Diana can ult multiple champions and allow Yasuo to use the airborne effect for his own ultimate.

But also, if the mid laner plays Orianna, the ball can be placed on Diana to cast Shockwave immediately after she pulls everybody in one place.

There are tons of ways you can utilize Diana and she’s really scary in late-game team fights!

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5. Vi


Vi is all about making picks. This is a single-target jungle champion that loves to dive deep into the enemy backline and isolate the carries. And her ability kit is brilliantly designed for such a job.

For starters, Vi’s Q is one of the best dashes in the game. It does a bunch of damage and allows Vi to jump over walls and quickly navigate around the map.

Her W grants her shield, useful early on in the jungle. And her E allows her to do lots of bonus damage.

But once Vi unlocks her ultimate, her kill potential doubles.

Her Cease and Desist is a point-click ultimate that dashes Vi to her target, knocking them up and dealing damage to them. Vi is unstoppable during this time, so enemies can’t do much to escape her.

What this ability allows Vi to do is select the enemy carry and focus them. Her team can follow her up to quickly assassinate the carry a create a 4v5 environment for the fight.

Vi is a great Clash pick when your team composition revolves around finding a single enemy in the jungle and making picks around the map.

She particularly goes well with champions like Camille since they help her keep the enemy carries isolated.

4. Maokai


Maokai is an AP tank with a simple ability kit and an easy playstyle. He’s perfect for beginner junglers or players that like to play a supportive role as junglers in Clash tournaments.

First of all, you’ll never have a bad time with Maokai jungle. Because he’s naturally tanky and can self-heal through his passive, he’s pretty good at taking down jungle camps.

His Q and E are AoE abilities that do lots of damage and his W allows him to dash to a target.

With a skill set such as this, Maoaki is also a great ganker. When he appears in lane, he can Flash + W to instantly root the enemy player, then push them back with Q to set up an easy kill for his teammate.

After level 6, Maokai’s effectiveness is simply amazing. His R, Nature’s Grasp, can root all 5 enemy champions in a large area. This ability is perfect for engaging team fights around the Dragon or the Rift Herald.

Some of my biggest successes in LoL Clash have been with Maokai jungle, so I really recommend you give him a shot!

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3. Wukong


Wukong is another fantastic jungler you can pick for carrying team fights in Clash. He’s a powerful champion with huge outplay potential.

Early on, Wukong may struggle with sustain because he doesn’t have any heal or shield in his kit. However, his E, W, and Q abilities all have high damage so he clears camps faster than most junglers in League of Legends.

Wukong has many tricks when it comes to ganking. For example, he can use his W to appear in lane from invisibility and catch his enemy off-guard. But he can also dish out a lot of damage if his teammate can apply CC.

Wukong’s true potential is easily seen in late-game team fights.

His R, Cyclone, allows him and his clone (W) to spin around dealing lots of damage while also knocking all nearby enemies up in the air.

The great part about Wukong’s ultimate is that he can cast it twice. It can be a good setup for many mid laners to follow it up with AoE damage such as Yasuo or Orianna and even Yone.

2. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is one of my favorite junglers to play in Clash tournaments simply because of how effective he is in all aspects. I can always rely on him for performance, but also for sheer power.

For starters, all of Jarvan’s abilities are useful for both ganking and clearing jungle camps. His E + Q combo is a dash and a knock-up that allows you to get easy kills as early as level 2.

But you can also use it to quickly move from one camp to another in the jungle.

On the other hand, Jarvan’s W lets you shield yourself and slow all enemies around you. It is a useful spell for keeping your health up in the jungle early on and securing more kills when you’re ganking overall.

Once you get to level 6, J4 is simply a fantastic jungler for pressuring your opponents.

The E + Q combo in combination with his R, Cataclysm, is more than enough to trap the enemy player for over 3 seconds and let your teammates decimate them.

The cool thing about Jarvan IV is that you can go in a number of different directions with your items.

The most common way of building J4 is to go for the bruiser build, but you can also go for lethality Jarvan and become an assassin. Or, go for a tank Jarvan if you’re Clash team lacks a frontline.

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1. Hecarim


In the first place, I have Hecarim. And I have no negative words for this champion – he’s the go-to jungler for dominating both solo queue and Clash games.

Hecarim has everything you need in a jungle pick – great sustain through his W, a fast jungle clear thanks to his spammable Q, and insane movement speed that he gets from his E. 

On level 3, Hecarim can gank any lane from behind the opposing players and push them toward his team. He can literally run over most champions during the laning phase simply because he has more health, damage, and movement speed than them.

But Hecarim also scales incredibly well in the late game.

Items like Force of Nature, Death’s Dance, Deadman’s Plate, and Ravenous Hydra are perfect for him because they increase his defensiveness and allow him to deal bonus damage.

With his ultimate, Onslaught of Shadows, Hecarim can easily enter the Dragon pit and steal dragons even if his team is behind. And if the enemy players are grouped together, he can AoE fear them to set up the stage for his allies.

All in all, Hecarim is a fantastic jungler for Clash and you must incorporate him into your champion pool.

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I use these 7 champions on this list whenever I enter a Clash tournament with my team. I’ve practiced them enough to always feel comfortable with them, so I’d advise you to do the same.

And lastly, definitely think of ways to synergize these champions with the rest of the team.

Maybe you can communicate with your mid laner to go for an AoE champion when you play Diana or an assassin when you play Vi.

That will definitely boost your teamplay and chances of victory!

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