This post offers wit and wisdom about the best investing podcasts out there. We give you a breakdown of what each podcast covers, why it’s important, and why you should download and listen to all of them.

Best Investing Podcasts

The Motley Fool

This is a network of different investing podcasts, but for convenience’s sake, we’ve included it as one. The Motley Fool podcasts include:

  • Market Foolery: A focus on daily stock trends, investing, and business stories. This show, hosted by Chris Hill, is no longer produced, but the archives are available.
  • Industry Focus: This podcast breaks down different industry segments of the market economy, from healthcare to energy to technology. The analysts who host the podcast, Emily Flippen and Asit Sharma, give fresh, educated insights into a given sector. This show is also no longer produced, but you can still access the archives.
  • Motley Fool Answers: Hosted by communications specialist Alison Southwick and former financial advisor Robert Brokamp, this podcast studies the most salient questions in finance today. Motley Fool Answers is no longer produced, but the archives are still available.
  • Motley Fool Money: This podcast, hosted by Chris Hill, covers business news and its stock implications and features interviews with business minds like Jason Moser, Bill Mann, Mark Cuban, and Becky Quick.
  • Rule Breaker Investing: Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner provides illuminative insight into publicly-traded disruptive and innovative companies across the stock market. Special guests include people like Matt Argersinger and Andy Cross.

We Study Billionaires: The Investor’s Podcast Network

Through research and interviews, each episode of the We Study Billionaires podcast studies the investment strategies of some of the world’s most prominent billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg, Howard Marks, and Warren Buffett. The hosts, Trey Lockerbie, Clay Finck, and Stig Brodersen, also recommend various strategies to apply these billionaires’ unique approaches to your investing game.

The Green Investor Podcast

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, environmentally friendly or “green” investing will bring in nearly $50 trillion in assets by 2025. What is this trend, and why is it important? Green investing is a misunderstood area for those who don’t currently subscribe to an attitude toward money that protects the planet. However, investors’ interest in sustainable investing is growing as a solution that grows money towards sustainability initiatives. 

Knowing that our planet is in a climate crisis, this podcast explores the different types of green investing and their impact on the global markets. The host, Editor-in-Chief of Investopedia, and financial expert Caleb Silver, also conducts interviews with preeminent investors, execs, academics, and other experts to learn about their approaches and visions for green investing.

Money For the Rest of Us

This is a crash course in money management hosted by former chief investment strategist and money manager J. David Stein. It’s informative and educational while being delightfully accessible and conversational. Topics Stein covers include why we need work, student loan forgiveness, why or why not to invest in Chinese stocks, and many more.

Stacking Benjamins

This is another fun and accessible investing podcast that’s varied, nuanced, and funny. Episodes include a mix of guests, panel discussions, saving and diversification questions, and a slew of other exciting topics about stock investing and the financial sector in general.

Invest Like the Best

Just like any other field of study, investing takes research, practice, and maintenance. One of the rules of success that this financial podcast advocates for is copying the approaches of other successful people. Host Patrick O’Shaugnessy covers a broad terrain of investment topics, including the increasing relevance of design, lessons from Amazon ecosystems, and forays into the food sector.


Financial independence: the dream of many of us yet seemingly impossible for almost all of us. ChooseFI creates a roadmap for financial independence through strategy and financial dexterity. Its aim? To get you exploring other options outside your normal job and have you realize some of your dreams of financial freedom. This finance podcast, hosted by Jonathan Mendonsa and Brad Barrett, helps investors make the right choices, specifically by tax optimization, expense reduction, and building passive income streams.

Afford Anything

Paula Pant, the host of Afford Anything, provides compelling advice on investing and managing money with wit and charm. She draws on case studies and real-world scenarios, covering the gamut from those in deep debt to investment whizzes to those just beginning to build a wealth portfolio. You can listen to her podcast on her website and access her guide to quitting day jobs and growing side hustles for more liberal income streams. 

The Peter Schiff Show

The Wall Street mastermind behind this financial podcast is also a preeminent stockbroker, economist, and author. He covers financial data analyses and an objective lens on economics news in the US. With broad industry knowledge and charisma, Peter elegantly sews together how the news and market affect each other in accessible and informative ways.

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Planet Money

NPR’s popular Planet Money podcast is a bold look at everything economics, bringing more than 28,000 reviews on Apple Podcasts. With various finance and news experts leading the charge, Planet Money covers everything from the Robinhood Scandal (the famed trading and investing app that nearly imploded over freezing GameStop stocks) to solar energy and more.

So Money

This podcast’s host, Farnoosh Torabi, is an A-lister financial strategist and bestselling author. Its focus is on stories from leading business and financial experts. One of its distinguishing features is its interactivity, where Torabi invites direct questions from listeners every Friday, which you can access here.

Mad Money

This podcast’s host, CNBC anchor Jim Cramer, offers educational advice on investing (buying individual stocks). It’s not just a generic look at the market economy; Cramer has a segment of Mad Money where he calls out live trades. Unrestrained, dynamic, and edge-of-your-seat, this podcast makes investing fun! 

She’s On The Money

Australia’s number one money podcast, She’s On The Money is hosted by Victoria Devine, a millennial money expert. On this Australian finance podcast, she covers such financial topics as spending addiction, insurance, budgeting, credit cards, and dozens of other salient money topics. You can listen to She’s On The Money on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

Chit Chat Money

This financial advice podcast focuses on how to invest in publicly-traded companies and is best suited to the beginning and intermediate investors. It is hosted by Ryan Henderson, Bret Schaffer, and other financial and investment experts.

Millennial Investing

Designed for millennials and Gen Z’ers, this brand-new podcast is rapidly becoming a highly popular, leading personal finance, investing, and side-hustle show on the web today. Millennial Investing’s top five-star ratings make it an excellent choice for those in these age categories who want to grow personal wealth. Hosts Robert Leonard and Rebecca Hotsko run the show here, showing you how to establish strong financial literacy, grow your capital, and invest millennial money wisely.

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There are so many great investing podcasts out there – for various skill levels, age groups, and market topics. Each of the ones we’ve listed here is some of the best investing podcasts out there. We hope you’ll give them a listen.

Whether you’re looking to grow your wealth, find out more about the global market, are looking for stock recommendations, or want to develop side hustles, this post is definitely up your alley. Carve out some time during your day to get good with money by listening to an episode of these personal finance podcasts.

Happy investing!

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Last Update: March 4, 2024