What is the importance of studying history? It goes beyond the classes we took in high school and college. With the amount of geo- and sociopolitical strife that is occurring in the world today, in both Eastern and Western societies, it’s important to have a handle on past events. Why? To understand how they shaped the current status of different political structures and cultural happenings today.

There are different segments of history; from art history to world history to United States history, there is a wide range of topics to cover to add to your knowledge base. The great thing about podcasts is that they’re entertaining and informative simultaneously, and the different podcasters who present their material have different personalities to engage you in historical topics. 

With the innovation of podcasts, you can now tune into any subject you can think of. The following is our robust guide to history podcasts, what to do with them, and why they’re important. 

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

Hardcore History is consistently ranked as one of the top history podcasts on the net today, known for its macroscopic and granularly-detailed coverage of some of the most critical topics in world history. He has an exceptional grasp of how historical events shaped the modern world, and his viewpoints and assertions are nuanced and multifaceted.

One of the most distinguishing features of Dan’s podcast is that it doesn’t defer to music or sound effects to fit in the time. This podcast is all about historical accuracy and relevancy. His series on World War I, for instance, starts with an installment called “Blueprint for Armageddon I” and focuses on the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. 

The episodes are long, but he’s an exceptionally sharp fellow, and listening to his work is worth every minute. 

Slow Burn

Slate journalist Susan Matthews covers presidential crises like Clinton’s Lewinsky affair to Roe v. Wade with mystery and intrigue – on top of sound historical accuracy – with her podcast, Slow Burn. Drawing on a treasure trove of original interviews, news clippings, and actual recordings, she divulges some of the enshrouded secrets from these events with an A-lister team of investigative journalists and history experts. 

Nice Try!

This quirky yet deliciously optimistic podcast, whose first season is dedicated to exploring utopias throughout history, is well worth your time. After all, utopias are quite welcome in today’s world, which is arguably a gigantic dystopia. 

Learn from books and from the best history podcasts

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Want to impress your friends with factoids that your history teacher in high school might have missed? Check out a tremendous additional descriptor on this website

The American History Podcast

Authored by Shawn Warswick, this podcast presents scholarly and engaging material with immense historical impact and great accuracy. One of its distinguishing features is that it contains often-neglected material, sections of history that most other podcasts will leave out. 

Art History for All

This art history podcast is a universally-accessible dive into some of the treasures of art history worldwide. What does art mean to you? What stories has it told throughout time? Art History for All host Allyson Healey covers these questions and a whole lot more, painting a diverse portrait of one of the most fascinating subjects in the world today.

The History Chicks

A highly-rated and very important podcast on the net, it is authored by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider. Its distinguishing feature is that these two history buffs cover untold stories about prominent female figures throughout history.

Black History Buff

This fantastic history podcast covers a diverse and eclectic array of stories from Black history. It will enlighten and empower you to witness history through a different lens than what may often be taught in schools.

Making Gay History

This important recounting of LGBTQIIA+ history features prominent and often-forgotten figures who have made this population’s history and culture as rich and robust as it is today. 

Revisionist History

Malcolm Gladwell’s famed podcast, Revisionist History, focuses on misunderstood and overlooked narratives throughout history. From social injustice to various events, ideas, and songs, it is an impactful map illuminating the unknown.

A History of Europe, Key Battles

If you’re a fighting fan and want a clearer understanding of Europe’s innumerable fights for freedom, sovereignty, and land ownership (and a host of other reasons), this is the best history podcast for you. It chronicles events like World War II and the French Revolution with equal dignity and finesse. 

History Hit

A lively look at major historical anniversaries and unusual and enchanting places, Dan Snow’s podcast, History Hit, is sure to invigorate your dormant love for history. He accomplishes this by conducting interviews with prominent historians worldwide, making his podcast soundly accurate, engaging, and stimulating. 


NPR’s Throughline is a thought-provoking exploration of how history has shaped modern world events. It is, definitionally, history. Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei are the hosts of a journey that seeks to explain the historical context behind the news.

Learn about medieval times in some of the best history podcasts listed on our site.

Burnt Toast

Ah, last but not least – the history of food, recommended by Oprah! Run through the popular food network, Food52, each episode delves into traditions around food and dining. Its host is Michael Harlan Turkell, and it is a scintillating panorama of all things food history.


We’ve provided you with a bevy of good history podcasts covering various history topics, from Ancient Rome to the Civil War to the Cold War and beyond. Whether you want to learn about key battles or female, Black and LGBTQIIA+ history or Henry VII with an emphasis on historical accuracy and dynamic content, we’re confident there’s something on this list for every history buff.

Podcasts are a great way to witness history and illuminate aspects of your knowledge lexicon that may need some reinforcing. Knowledge is power, and these podcasts are a window into a brighter future through a sound understanding of the past.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024