Healing is present in almost every video game in one form or another. And in such a high-action game like League of Legends, healer champions are more than necessary.

Now, there aren’t healers in every match in LoL simply because there are different types of support champions in the game, from enchanters to tanks and mages

But when you need to support a hyper-carry teammate, healers are the best champions for the job. They even have items to increase their healing potential which I’ll also talk about here in this post.

So, let’s check the best healer in League of Legends.

These 10 Champions Are the Best Healers in League of Legends:

10. Nidalee

Nidalee isn’t always considered a healer in League of Legends because her primary role is jungler and not support. Even her playstyle leans more into a mage/assassin, so most people don’t use her as a healer.

However, Nidalee’s E, Primal Surge, is a potent point-click healing ability that she can use on herself or one of her allies. The amount of healing this spell does is based on the target’s missing health and the amount of AP Nidalee has.

In other words, the less HP an ally has the bigger the healing is from Primal Surge. But since most people don’t max out this ability first, they also can’t maximize Nidalee’s healing. However, if you play Nida as off-meta support in LoL, the E can give you amazing healing.

The good thing about Nidalee’s E is that it also grants bonus attack speed. Because of this, it’s really useful to cast it on an ADC to boost their damage during a fight.

In the past, Nidalee was even a better healer than nowadays. Her Primal Surge was much more potent with a huge AP ratio and didn’t rely at all on the target’s missing health. But still, it’s a powerful healing spell that’s mostly underutilized in LoL

Runes and Items to Improve Nidalee’s Healing

Mikael's Blessing item

If you want to turn Nidalee into the best possible healer in League of Legends, there are a couple of runes and items you should consider.

First of all, the Revitalize rune from Resolve can help you boost your heal’s effectiveness by up to 10%. And also, the Guardian keystone.

As for items, Mikael’s Blessing is simply a must for Nidalee. It allows you to cleanse the target from CC but also buff your overall healing by 16%. But items like Ardent Censer and Redemption are great for increasing your healing too.

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9. Bard

Even though Bard’s a proper support champion, he only has one healing ability in his kit. It’s his W, Caretaker’s Shrine, which works completely differently than any other healing ability in League of Legends.

With his W, Bard can leave healing shrines on the ground. And when an allied champion (or Bard himself) steps on it, they get healed instantly. The potency of the heal is calculated by the base spell value, Bard’s AP, and whether the shrine is fully charged.

Tracking the shrine’s charging isn’t always easy, especially on Bard’s original skin. However, some skins like Porcelain Bard replace the original animation of his W with that of a teacup. And you can see that when the cup is being filled that the shrine is still charging. But if you collect it when the teacup is full, you’ll get increased healing. 

On the other hand, Bard can also place his healing shrines underneath himself or his allies to immediately heal them for a small amount. And since the shrines also grant bonus movement speed, they’re sometimes great for escaping sticky situations.

Runes Items to Improve Bard’s Healing

Redemption item

Bard’s also usually played with the Guardian and Revitalize rune combo. It’s a standard way to maximize his healing and protectiveness throughout the game.

From the in-game shop, you can always buy Mikael’s Blessing, Ardent Censer, and, Staff of Flowing Water to increase your heal potency.

But Redemption is the item that synergizes with Bard’s ultimate and you can time it to instantly heal your allies after the ult’s effect.

8. Sona

Sona is one of the oldest healer champions in League of Legends. Her kit is super supportive making her the enchanter that everybody wants.

Sona’s healing comes from her W, Aria of Perseverance. It’s a simple press-and-activate type of ability that heals Sona and the most wounded teammate close to her. On top of this, it also grants shields to Sona and all allies nearby, regardless of how much HP they have.

Aria of Perseverance is an ability with a very short cooldown and low mana cost. Sona players usually spam their W buttons throughout the game, constantly providing healing and shielding to their allies.

But Sona’s W has another OP element to it. When it’s combined with her passive and she hits an enemy champion with a W-empowered basic attack (after using 3 abilities), she reduces the target’s size and damage they do for a few seconds.

In other words, Sona can protect her allies by reducing the amount of damage the enemies do to them. This effect also scales with her AP, just like the amount of healing and shielding the initial cast of her W does.

The only bad part about Sona’s healing is that she has to be in close proximity to her allies in order to keep them alive. Aria of Perseverance doesn’t have a big range and it can be tricky to make good use of it if your teammates dive deep during a teamfight.

Here are the best ADCs for Sona in League of Legends.

Runes and Items to Improve Sona’s Healing

Moonstone Renewer item

As for the items you need to prioritize, I’d say that the most important one is Moonstone Renewer. It grants all the necessary stats but it also heals the most wounded teammate during combat, synergizing with Sona’s passive.

But you can also build more AP and increase the healing that way.

For runes, the usual Guardian and Revitalize combination works well here too. You should take them as secondary runes with Sorcery being your primary rune page.

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7. Taric

Taric is a great enchanter support, ideal for players that enjoy a playstyle mix between tanking and healing in League of Legends. And even though Taric has only one healing ability, his kit is overloaded with protective spells for his teammates.

Taric’s Q, Starlight’s Touch, is a spell that heals Taric and his closest allies when you press the Q button. And the more maximum health and ability power Taric has, the better his healing is. 

However, Taric’s Q also periodically stores stacks (up to 5) and the healing is increased based on how many stacks he has upon activation. And this is because Starlight’s Touch doesn’t have a base value and Taric needs to work hard to buff up his healing.

The good thing about Taric is that he also has his W to grant a teammate shield and bonus armor. His R can make all allies invulnerable and prevent them from dying, so he doesn’t always rely on healing when supporting his friends.

Here are the best ADCs for Taric in League of Legends.

Runes and Items to Improve Taric’s Healing

Font of Life rune

Since Taric’s stun is an effective CC ability, he has a great synergy with the Font of Life rune. This rune allows Taric’s teammates to heal themselves while auto-attacking a target that Taric has stunned. This lasts for a couple of seconds.

Taric usually doesn’t build enchanter items. Instead, he’s better off with tank items such as Warmog’s Armor since they give him health regeneration and maximum health. 

Remember, Taric’s Q heals more if he has more HP, so it’s always a good strategy to build him as tank.

6. Senna

Senna is a very unique champion in League. She’s a marksman and a support, a champion that specializes in dealing damage from range but also healing allies.

Senna’s healing comes from her Q, Piercing Darkness. It’s a long-range ability that can either be used on allies or enemies. 

When used on enemies, Piercing Darkness does physical damage that scales with AD. But when used on allies, Senna’s Q provides healing in a long line that scales with her AD, AP, and lethality.

Because Senna’s Piercing Darkness is designed in this way, she can build whatever she wants and still provide a potent healing throughout the game. Besides her lethality build, you can also build Senna AP and buff the healing more than you would on the AD Senna build.

But to be an efficient Senna overall, the AD build is still a better option.

Runes Items to Improve Senna’s Healing

Umbral Glaive item

Unlike the other healers on this list who are all AP, Senna needs AD or lethality items to buff up her healing.

For example, Umbral Glaive is one of her core items because it grants lots of AD as well as lethality, the two stats that increase the effectiveness of Senna’s Piercing Darkness.

She can also go for Revitalize as a secondary rune and get a bit of bonus healing.

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5. Seraphine

When Seraphine first came out, everyone compared her to Sona. And true, they have similar ability kits, strengths, and weaknesses. But when it comes to healing specifically, Seraphine is the superior champion.

Normally, Seraphine’s W only grants a shield. But because of her passive, Seraphine’s W, Surround Sound, can be cast twice with a single push of your W button. 

Then, the ability shields and heals all nearby allies in a big circle around Seraphine. The healing comes after a few seconds but it’s powerful because it also scales with bonus AP and the target’s missing health.

Seraphine’s W has a long cooldown and you can’t simply spam it every time an ally needs a heal. Instead, it’s a tactical cooldown you need to use on as many teammates as possible in the most critical moments.

Another tricky part is that Seraphine’s Sorround Sound needs to be stacked before using it as a heal. But if you perfect her playstyle, you’ll see that Sera’s W is perhaps the most influential AoE heal in late game teamfights in LoL!

And if you’re interested, these are the best ADC partners for Seraphine.

Runes and Items to Improve Seraphine’s Healing

Staff of Flowing Water item

Any support item that grants increased healing and shielding is a good item for Seraphine. But most importantly, you should build Staff of Flowing Water when you have more AP teammates and Ardent Censer when your team is primarily AD.

As for runes, Revitalize and Shield Bash from Resolve are simply must-haves for increased healing and stronger shields overall.

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4. Janna

Janna is always a reliable support pick regardless of what your opponents play. Her kit has everything you need, from crowd control and shielding, to amazing AoE healing.

The healing spell in Janna’s kit is her ultimate, Monsoon. When activated, it knocks back all enemy champions and starts healing all allies within the circle. It lasts can last up to 3 seconds but it heals Janna’s allies every 0.25 seconds.

The rapid healing of Janna’s ultimate is extremely efficient, especially when she needs to save her teammate from an assassin. The healing can even be buffed with AP items, so it’s a super powerful cooldown in League of Legends.

The problem with Janna’s ultimate is that it pushes enemies back regardless of whether you want to do so or not. And so, it’s difficult to heal allies in teamfights without pushing the opponents back to safety.

Sometimes though you need to prioritize healing over anything, so you simply must press R on Janna and hold onto it as much as possible.

Runes and Items to Improve Janna’s Healing

Ardent Censer Item

Janna is the ideal support for marksmen, so one of her core items is Ardent Censer. The item makes it so that when Janna shields an ally she also grants them bonus attack speed for a couple of seconds. 

But Ardent Censer also increases Janna’s heal and shield power, so it’s a great item to have at all times.

For runes, Font of Life and Revitalize are the best ones to have for more healing overall.

3. Nami

Nami is another enchanter with a potent heal from level 1. Her W, Ebb and Flow, is an ability that can be used either on an ally champion or an enemy. But it essentially has the same effect.

Nami’s Ebb and Flow heals an ally champion with a wave of water that jumps onto an enemy champion nearby and damages them. And if it’s cast on the enemy instead, the wave jumps on Nami or a close ally to heal them.

Because Nami’s W healing also has an offensive aspect, it’s one of the most powerful abilities in the bot lane early on. For example, Nami can continuously harass the enemy ADC with her W while keeping her HP thanks to the healing portion of the ability.

The great part is that Nami’s W has actually decent AP ratios, so you can also go for AP items on Nami and have good healing throughout the game.

Runes and Items to Improve Nami’s Healing

Summon Aery rune

But in most games, you want to focus on items like Staff of Flowing Water and Mikael’s Blessing. Both of them increase your heal power, so they’re always worthy purchases.

The keystone that I really recommend on Nami is Summon Aery. It perfectly synergizes with Nami’s aggressive playstyle early on but it also casts shields on her allies whenever she heals them with her W.

2. Yuumi

Yuumi could easily be the number one healer in League of Legends. But even as a number two, she’s the go-to pick for support players that like to give all possible chances for their ADC to carry the game.

Yuumi’s healing comes from her E, Zoomies. It’s a point-click ability that heals Yuumi when she isn’t attached to an ally or the ally when she’s attached to one. And the amount of healing Yuumi gets from her Zoomies is based on how much AP she has.

Yuumi’s heal is a very taxing ability mana-wise, especially early on. So building mana items is always necessary. 

But in the late game, Yuumi has the best single-target healing out of all champions in the game. And with one or two casts of her E, she can top the health bar of her ally while she’s attached to them.

Runes and Items to Improve Yuumi’s Healing

Rabadon's Deathcap item

The general strategy with Yuumi is to build more ability power items than supportive/enchanter items. She benefits more from raw AP than from heal and shield buffs. And because of that, it’s not unusual to see Rabadon’s Deathcap on Yuumi in the late game.

As for runes, going for Summon Aery and Revitalize is always a good choice.

1. Soraka

Finally, Soraka is the best healer champion in LoL! She’s the very embodiment of the healer identity in League of Legends. And unlike most healers in League of Legends, Soraka has two healing spells in her kit instead of one.

Soraka’s W, Astral Infusion, is a single-target healing ability that scales with Soraka’s AP. It’s a very effective heal throughout the game but it does take a bit of Soraka’s own HP when casting it on an ally. And that’s why Soraka also needs lots of health regen.

And second, Soraka’s R, Wish, is a global ultimate that heals all allies on the map regardless of where they are. This is the most powerful healing ability in League because it also removes all Grevious Wounds effects (heal reduction) before actually applying the heal.

Soraka’s ultimate grants huge heals. The base numbers are always high and the AP ratio is decent too. On top of this, the ability heals more when Soraka’s teammates are on low HP, so it’s a highly effective spell for keeping everybody alive.

Soraka can heavily influence fights in League of Legends with her healing. She can be really difficult to stop, especially when she plays safely behind her team.

Runes and Items to Improve Soraka’s Healing

Guardian rune

Soraka is most commonly played with the Guardian keystone. It allows her to keep her ADC protected and give them a shield beside her healing. And, of course, Revitalize is a must-have too.

Additionally, you can build all enchanter items like Staff of Flowing Water, Moonstone Renewer, and, Redemption because they all buff her heal potential.


In theory, Soraka and Yuumi are the best healers in League of Legends. But to find your main healer, the champion that will allow you to carry games with healing, you need to test all of them out.

Also, prioritize the runes and items that I recommended above to maximize the healing potential of all of these champions. Good luck!

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