Support is often considered a “girly” role, so it’s no surprise that there are plenty of female enchanters in LoL. Moreover, some of the supports with the highest win rate are in fact female.

As a support main, I have tried out all possible support champions in the game – even the unconventional ones. From Leona and Morgana all the way to Zoe and Nidalee – anyone can be a support if you try hard enough.

So, I’m more than happy to share with you which female supports are the best ones in League of Legends. Let’s dive into getting to know the gorgeous ladies on the bot lane!



The enchanter Janna is the ultimate support every team wishes for. She has both the abilities and the looks to enchant any enemies that face her. Her elf-like features and gracefulness paired with her calm, silvery voice make playing her all the more pleasant and memorable.

Janna is definitely one of the most irresistible supports in the game. Of course, this enchanter isn’t all about looks. Her win rate as a support is one of the highest ones in the game. 

Janna’s kit contains everything to help out her teammates – a knock-up, a slowing ability, a shield, and an AoE heal. She’s very viable in every elo, so even low elo players can benefit from her greatly.

She’s easy enough for beginners, although she’s definitely not the easiest support on this list. Her shield – Eye of the Storm, has an incredibly long cooldown, especially on rank 1.

To give you an idea about how long Janna’s cooldown on her shield is, let’s just say Lulu can cast her shield twice in the same amount of time. However, Janna’s shield is very unique, since it’s the only shielding ability that can also be cast on turrets

Apart from her shield, what really makes Janna stand out and have a high win rate is the knock-up from her Q – Howling Gale, as well as her ultimate – Monsoon. Both can be used as an engage and as a disengage, depending on the situation.



Morgana is one of the best female support champions for many reasons. 

First, she’s fairly easy to get into since her abilities don’t have complicated mechanics. The abilities are pretty straightforward, although it might be hard to hit that root with the Q at times.

Second, Morgana has the longest root in the entire game. Her Q – Dark Binding lasts 3 seconds on the highest rank, which is more than enough time to take down a squishy enemy. 

Third, her E – Black Shield is basically a 24-16s cooldown Banshee’s Veil that gives her or an ally CC immunity. This makes Morgana the biggest counter for enemies such as Blitzcrank or Thresh.

Finally, she is majestic and powerful. The confidence Morgana has is so sexy, it even secured her a spot in my hottest female champions list – with a good reason! 

Morgana is a viable pick in any elo. She has a high win rate in Bronze, Gold, and in Challenger. She’s also considered an S tier support in most elos and there are plenty of ADCs that go amazingly well with her.



The beautiful Maven of the Strings is yet another graceful support with a delightful voice. She is unquestionably the cutest blue-haired girl and the most skilled etwahl player on the Rift.

But, you don’t have to be a skilled player to play Sona. She is probably the easiest support to get into and can be useful in most team comps. 

All of Sona’s abilities are AoE and can give allied teammates bonus magic damage, healing, or movement speed boost. Her ultimate has seen huge changes throughout the years, but its 1.5s stun can still surprise enemies and result in a kill for your ADC.

In low elo, you can win games easily by sticking to that one fed ally on your team. The most important thing is to carefully read Sona’s passive and know which Power Chord you should use in the given situation.

Sona isn’t that popular in higher elo, but she still has a solid win rate even in Master and Grandmaster. This means if you like playing this enchanter, you should definitely stick to her.

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The highly versatile Nami is the best pick for you if you want to both provide amazing support to your team while also being able to engage and bully the enemy yourself.

She can be matched with any ADC, which makes her the perfect solo queue support. Depending on your bot lane partner, you can try out various builds for Nami, too.

For example, is your ADC playing well and getting kills? Then make sure you invest in those highly supportive items, for example, Ardent Censer. 

Is your ADC way behind and/or is he a bad player? Then, by all means, don’t be afraid to build Nami full AP with items such as Rabadon Deathcap and Void Staff.

Nami’s lore is thrilling and her design and personality make her very fun to play. She’s a very unique support champion, which makes her a bit challenging to play and even harder to master.

Although Nami looks like a mermaid, we don’t use that word in Runeterra. Here, she’s a vastaya of the seas, the very first of her kind to come to the land. And, this vastaya is powerful enough to turn the tides against her enemies.



The yordle Lulu is yet another highly wanted female support champion in League. This little cutie will make your laning phase ultra-safe even if you’re constantly getting ganked by the enemy jungler.

Lulu makes the early game easy for any ADC, but she definitely shines with hyper carries such as Vayne, Twitch, and Kog’Maw. She will make sure that her bot lane partner doesn’t die in the laning phase and help him carry the entire team in the late game.

Her low CD shield is one of her most important abilities and can also be used to deal moderate damage to the enemy. As mentioned above, Help Pix! only has an 8-second cooldown, which is reduced even further with cooldown reduction items.

Her W – Whimsy, polymorphs a target when used on enemy champions and gives attack and movement speed when used on allies. It’s an amazing ability to escape unsafe situations or to engage in a fight.

The best part about Lulu is that she’s also very easy to play, even for beginners. This support only has one skill shot ability, which almost feels illegal since all her abilities are so powerful.

So, to summarize, Lulu is an S+ tier support and an absolute queen of the bot lane in every possible elo from Iron to Challenger.

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Our beloved banana goddess Soraka is an amazing support in the right hands. With both a single and a global heal, a damage+slow ability, and AoE silence, there are numerous ways how Soraka can help her allies.

At the same time, Soraka is a pretty simple support and easy to pick up because she doesn’t have complex mechanics. But, just as with every other champion, this doesn’t mean she’s easy to master. Soraka has layers – like an onion, and it’s your job to peel them off. 🙂

The best part about Soraka is the global heal from her ultimate, which combined with her W – Astral Infusion makes her the best raw healer in the entire game. 

Even if it seems like she’s boring to play, you’d be surprised at how much flexibility even a champion such as Soraka can offer with the different skill orders and builds. 

Therefore, Soraka definitely is one of the best female supports to pick up and learn in depth. She’s always at the top of the tier lists and has an outstanding win rate, making her an excellent addition to any team. 

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Leona is probably the best tanky female support, especially when the team needs someone who can provide chain CC for the enemy. With three different crowd control abilities, she can lock that one enemy target long enough for her team to take him down.

Leona’s ability to control makes her not only dangerous but sexy too. Who wouldn’t want to be called a good boy by this thick thigh goddess?! 

With the right items, she can be tanky enough to survive an entire team fight and she can get away easier because of her defensive ability – Eclipse

Moreover, the mark of her passive gives allied champions bonus damage on the marked enemy target, making her the perfect teammate for every player, regardless of their role.

Anyone facing Leona on the bot lane will undoubtedly feel oppressed throughout the entire game. She poses a danger for every squishy champion, and it’s fun to see players hide under their turrets so they don’t get locked into her CC.



Last but not least, we have Zyra on this list of the best female supports in League. Zyra is an amazing support when your team lacks damage since she can provide some of the highest DPS with her offensive abilities.

I am a Zyra main myself and she’s my favorite female support champion for various reasons. Apart from her unique playstyle and abilities, she has a very powerful presence and some of the most confident personalities in LoL. 

Picking up Zyra will certainly be a challenge at first because there are so many different ways to place the seeds for different situations. Her damage mostly relies on her plants, so every Zyra player should know how to surprise the enemy by spawning multiple plants at once.

Many players in low elo aren’t aware of the damage of her plants and ignore them, which makes them the perfect targets for our thorny lady. In high elo players are usually more experienced so it’s not as easy to damage them, but it isn’t impossible either.

Zyra’s unique playstyle and extraordinary damage make her very fun and engaging to play. Her bullying nature makes her an amazing ally for offensive ADCs such as Jhin and Caitlyn. 

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Regardless of what the reason is behind wanting to play a female support champion, it’s safe to say that any of the supports on this list is most certainly the right choice.

These ladies have different playstyles, abilities, and personalities, but each of them has the potential to carry their teammates – one way or another.

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