Who are the best League of Legends female players in 2023?

League of Legends is a male-dominated video game. Over 80% of the LoL player base is male and less than 20% of all players are females.

Girls do not participate in the professional League of Legends scenes like LCS, LEC, and LCK, so they don’t compete on the same level as the boys.

Because of this, it’s very challenging to construct a list of the best LoL female players in the world. 

But in this post, I’ll give you 8 League of Legends female players that have achieved high rank in solo queue on their respective servers and tons of popularity within the community. 

Let’s begin!

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The 8 Best Female League of Legends Players (Pro & Non-Pro)

1. Mayumi

Best League of Legends Female Players - Mayumi

In terms of skill, experience, and dedication, Mayumi might be the best League of Legends female player in the entire world. 

Júlia “Mayumi” Nakamura is a young girl from Brazil who competed professionally in the Brazilian CBLOL league. And she’s the second female player that has ever played on the pro scene with an all-boys team.

Mayumi was a part of the Brazilian INTZ organization since August 2019. She’s a support main and played as a starting support for their LoL team. During her time, Mayumi contributed to a few victories for INTZ and showed us some amazing plays.

But Mayumi soon left INTZ in May 2020 and filed a lawsuit against the organization. The dispute wasn’t made completely public though. And all we know is that Mayumi felt discriminated against and treated badly.

Since then, Mayumi has joined TSM as a streamer and free content creator. Now she spends her days streaming on Twitch and having fun with her fans. 

Mayumi is still a high-ranked League of Legends player and her skill has been consistent through the years. I don’t know if Mayumi will ever play on a professional stage again, but everybody wants to see her there!

P.S. Mayumi’s most played champions on stage were Nautilus and Leona.

2. Caltys

Best League of Legends Female Players - Caltys

Maya “Caltys” Henckel doesn’t have the most extensive professional career in League of Legends. But she is still regarded as one of the best female LoL players in 2023.

Caltys began her pro carrier in 2018. Her main role is bot lane AD Carry, but she’s also played a bit of jungle and top lane. Caltys has switched between a couple of teams since her start, but with Valiance she made her most notable appearance.

Caltys comes from Sweden and she mostly plays on the EUW server. She has multiple active accounts in high-elo she even reached 800LP as an ADC on the Korean server during season 11. In 2022, Caltys reached Master by only playing her favorite champion – Twitch.

Other champions that Caltys likes a lot are Katarina and Rek’Sai. 

Maya is currently a streamer on Twitch where she regularly plays her role. She is a young girl with a bright future and League skills that need no polishing. And when she joins another professional team in the future, you better watch out for her!

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3. Soon Dang Mu

Best League of Legends Female Players - Soon Dang Mu

If you aren’t actively looking for great female League of Legends players, chances are that you haven’t heard of Soon Dang Mu. Soon Dang Mu is a girl from Korea who during season 11 climbed to Challenger on the Korean server playing mostly support.

The Korean server is widely known to be the hardest and the most competitive LoL server in the world. The server is full of extraordinary talent and seasoned professional players from the LCK league.

But Soon Dang Mu managed to hit Challenger despite that. She played on a fresh account and started from Gold. And after 324 games, she reached Challenger with 725 LP and around a 60% win rate.

Soon Dang Mu shared her excitement during a live Twitch session. The community reacted relatively positively to this, praising Soon for her feat. But some Korean pro players viewed this as “nothing special” and gave her no respect. 

But in any case, Soon Dang Mu is currently the only confirmed girl that has reached Challenger on the Korean server. And she has set an example for many 

Soon Dang Mu plays mid lane as a secondary role.

4. Trianna

Best League of Legends Female Players - Trianna

Ksenia “Trianna” Meshcheryakova is a long-time professional League of Legends player. She started her career back in 2016 when she joined the Vaevictis squad as a team manager. However, Trianna would later change to a starting support for the team.

During 2018, Vaevictus Esports was part of the Russian LCL league. The organization didn’t have the best success and at one time faced bankruptcy. They let go of all their players despite the fact that the team was still officially in LCL. And this led to forming the all-female Vaevictus League of Legends team where Trianna played as a support.

Trianna and the all-female Vaevictis squad didn’t have the best success either. In fact, they lost all their matches on stage, despite the hard effort. And after two splits during season 8, the team was removed from the LCL. 

Despite her experience on stage, Trianna is one of the best female players that has ever played League of Legends professionally. 

Up until season 11, Trianna’s solo queue ranked was always around Diamond. Nowadays she isn’t the most active player and her elo is around Platinum. But you can still find her playing and streaming LoL on her YouTube account.

Trianna often played supports such as Leona, Tahm Kench, and Yuumi on her streams.

5. Pokimane

Best League of Legends Female Players - Pokimane

Pokimane needs no introduction. She is the most popular female League of Legends player and streamer in the world. Poki has over 9 million followers on Twitch and she has been an inspiration for many female League players and streamers.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys first appeared on Twitch in 2013 during season 3 of League of Legends. Unlike many other women, Pokimane mains mid lane, and some of her most played champions are Ahri, Syndra, and Lux.

In terms of skill and achievement, Pokimane has always managed to reach at least Diamond when she has actively played the game. She has also participated in multiple Twitch Rivals tournaments throughout the years and has won first place in a few of them.

Nowadays Pokimane doesn’t play too much League. Instead, she streams Valorant, Among Us, and GTA Online. But she is still one of the best and most influential female LoL players ever.

And even if Pokimane never plays LoL again, she will still remain a true icon within the League of Legends community. No one can deny her influence and contribution to the growth of Riot Games and League of Legends.

Some of the highlights of Pokimane’s League career include playing against Faker in solo queue on the NA server and collaborating with other popular LoL streamers such as Yassuo. And if you want to follow her, use the links below!

6. KayPea

Best League of Legends Female Players - KayPea

Speaking of successful female LoL streamers, KayPea makes that list too. She is one of the most consistent League of Legends streamers on Twitch. And in 2023, KayPea is among the most fun Twitch channels you can follow.

Kelsie “KayPea” Pelling started streaming League of Legends in 2013 during season 3. She mostly plays mid lane and her main champions are Lux, Ahri, and Syndra. KP sometimes plays champions like Brand and Ziggs in the mid lane too. And her favorite types of champs are AP mages.

KayPea is Canadian and she plays League on the NA server. Her rank has always been Platinum. And in 2022, she had two accounts in Platinum as well.

Watching KayPea stream League of Legends is a delight. She’s often focused and tries her best to win each game. Her mechanics on the AP champions are on point. And she regularly responds to her chat messages.

That said, I recommend you check KeyPea out!

7. MissBaffy

Best League of Legends Female Players - MissBaffy

MissBaffy is another popular League of Legends streamer that deserves your attention. She’s been a Twitch streamer for some years now, mainly playing ranked solo queue in LoL.

MissBaffy comes from Hampshire, England and she plays on the EUW server. She’s a support main player that often carries games. And within the community, she’s known as a Janna, Pyke, Leona, Lulu, and Thresh player.

When MissBaffy streams LoL on Twitch, she never duo queues with anyone. Back in 2011, she reached Diamond by herself with 0 duo queue games played. She’s been playing League of Legends ever since season 2 and by now her skills are now up for respect.

Baffy’s favorite champion in League is Janna. She has also played tons of Pyke in the past, but now she enjoys champions like Lulu. 

You can find MissBaffy streaming League almost every day. And if you want to check her schedule, click the links below.

8. Lina

Best League of Legends Female Players - Lina

And finally, we have Lina. She comes from England and plays on the EU West server.

Lina is a Vtuber that regularly streams League of Legends on Twitch. Her streams are often all about viewers’ games with her fans. But sometimes Lina also plays ranked solo queue on stream too.

Lina’s rank in League of Legends is Platinum/Diamond. She plays two roles – support and mid. As a support, Lina mostly plays Lulu, Karma, Janna, and Thresh. And in the mid lane, Lina’s main Zoe.

The type of champions that Lina likes to play on stream are AP mages. She’s been playing League since season 5 and she’s great at what she does.

And if you’re interested in Lina, you can check her by clicking on the links below!


Keep in mind that this list isn’t a ranking between these 8 amazing players. Each of these girls has unique strengths, weaknesses, and playstyle when it comes to LoL. They prefer different roles, champions, and ways to play the game.

Some of these players are much more experienced in playing on the professional stage while others are more successful as Twitch streamers. And the LoL rank isn’t always the best indicator of someone’s skill in the game.

In any case, this is just a list of the best female League of Legends players overall. I hope you enjoyed the content!

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