If you ever searched “Who are the most popular champions in League?”, you would undoubtedly see Ezreal in every list. So, it’s no wonder that in his collection there are plenty of exceptional skins. Also, he’s the very first champion ever to receive an ultimate skin

This marksman is all about showing off skill and at the same time is really fun to play. But, he’s even more fun when you have a cool skin that makes you stand out on the Rift. 

From Striker and Explorer to a Protector in the Star Guardian and Porcelain universe, there’s nothing Ezreal can’t do. So, let’s dive into the list and find out what is the best Ezreal skin in League of Legends!

16. Explorer Ezreal

Explorer Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 13.10.2010
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

Explorer Ezreal is an old, kind of outdated skin for this marksman, and has been classified as a Legacy skin. 

Since this is a Legacy skin, it’s only available to drop from a hextech chest or in My Shop. Therefore, it’s going to be hard, but not impossible, to get this skin (if you actually want it).

Not only does Explorer Ezreal have the same base animations as the original, but also his outfit doesn’t suit him at all. At the same time, this skin is priced at 750 RP instead of 520 RP, which is hard to understand why. 

Overall, it’s a very old skin and not worth the money, if you’re asking me. There are other cheaper Ezreal skins that look way better. A good reason to purchase this skin would be if you’re a skin collector or an Ezreal main.

The only scenario where it might be good to play with this skin is if you like the original ability animations and if all the new effects distract you from the gameplay. This Reddit user gets it.

Undistracting animationsNo new ability animations or particles
Pricier than other old skins

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15. Nottingham Ezreal

Nottingham Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 16.03.2010
  • Price: 520 RP
  • Loot: 220 Orange Essence

Dating all the way back from Spring 2010, Nottingham is the very first skin for Ezreal and is classified as a Legacy skin. Here, Ezreal is depicted as a forest elf, dressed in a green outfit.

Nottingham Ezreal won’t really stand out on the Rift. In fact, his green outfit even kind of blends with the Rift’s environment. This is actually pretty convenient for the skin’s lore since Ezreal is described as a “rogue paladin” here. 

Not standing out on the Rift can even be a good thing, gameplay-wise. Since Ezreal is a squishy champion, anything that helps him not stand out as a target can be useful.

This skin is very cheap and simple and I actually happen to like Ezreal’s aesthetic here. But, to be objective, this old skin can’t compete with the newer polished ones with all the unique animations.

Undistracting animationsNo new ability animations or particles
Legacy skin not available in shop

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14. Ace of Spades Ezreal

Ace of Spades Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 20.05.2015
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

In the Highstakes skin line, we see Ezreal with his Ace of Spades skin all dressed up in baroque style. Also, that smirk he has in the splash art is enough to realize what to expect when purchasing this skin.

Ace of Spades Ezreal’s outfit sure looks extra enough to make you one of the sharpest-dressed players in-game. But, compared to other skins, it’s not that good. 

Its price doesn’t match the product that you’d be getting, as there isn’t a single new animation. Even the recall is the same as in the original. 

I must say, however, that I like his blonde flowing hair here. It’s giving me the vibe of a blonder young Leo DiCaprio.

Baroque style outfitNo new ability animations
Undistracting animations

13. Debonair Ezreal

Debonair Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 05.08.2014
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

Debonair is another simple but sleek skin for Ezreal. The tailored, elegant suit fits our charmer exceptionably. 

The best part about this smooth, polished Ezreal skin is that it also has eight different chromas. That’s eight different suits in eight different color combinations! That’s a lot of special treatment for a skin dating all the way back to 2014.

I’d say this skin is pretty worth it for its price of 750 RP, even more so if you plan on also purchasing the chromas. But if you’re expecting to get new ability animations with it, you should look somewhere else (preferably down this list).

Smooth, polished outfitBase animations and particles
Plenty of chromas to choose from

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12. Frosted Ezreal

Frosted Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 18.07.2010
  • Price: 520 RP
  • Loot: 220 Orange Essence

Although the name of this skin is Frosted Ezreal, apart from his outfit, there are no particles or animations that go with the theme. But, I’d say that’s understandable if you check the skin’s price.

Frosted Ezreal is wearing a deep blue outfit and his hair is silvery with hints of blue. It’s probably one of the best hairstyles Ezreal has ever had, too. 

The 2018 visual update didn’t give us new icy abilities for Frosted Ezreal, either. Although I have mixed feelings about this, it’s actually nice to have ‘simple’ and familiar abilities that you’re already used to seeing on the Rift.

If you haven’t noticed already, most of the professional esports players also play with all these older skins that only change Ezreal’s outfit, but not his abilities. That’s because these have the cleanest and least distracting ability animations, duh!

Cool-looking outfit (pun intended)Old skin with no new particles

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11. Striker Ezreal

Striker Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 24.06.2010
  • Price: 520 RP
  • Loot: 220 Orange Essence

Striker Ezreal is yet another pro players’ favorite. I’ve probably seen at least a dozen professional games where this skin was featured. 

But, although Striker Ezreal provides familiarity and clarity with its base animations and particles, it just doesn’t look as good as all the newer, more expensive skins.

Here, we see Ezreal dressed as a soccer player in a white-blue jersey and blue shorts. His hair is recognizably blonde, but with blue-framed glasses as an accessory.

Striker Ezreal is, however, a legacy skin. This means you can’t get it through the in-game store any time you want. There are special events that may release the skin for a short while, before locking it back in the legacy vault again. Or, if you’re lucky, you might get it from a hextech chest or in My Shop!

Striker uniform for EzrealOld skin with no new animations
Legacy skin not available in store

10. TPA Ezreal

TPA Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 23.05.2013
  • Price: 750 RP
  • Loot: 450 Orange Essence

Now this is a skin worth your while for sure! TPA Ezreal has a foam finger on his left hand which replaces his gauntlet. 

It’s very refreshing and fun to see a champion like Ezreal shooting all of his spells with his very stylish foam finger. And, this outfit even makes the emotes in-game funnier! Apart from his outstanding outfit, TPA Ezreal has the same animations as the original, base skin.

But, like all good things in life, this skin isn’t easy to get. TPA Ezreal is locked up in the Legacy vault, so if you want it, you’ll have to wait for its vault to get reopened.

TPA Ezreal is also loot-eligible, which means there’s always a chance to obtain it from a hextech chest or in My Shop. 

Fun Foam Finger outfitNo new animations
Not available in store

9. SSG Ezreal

SSG Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 20.07.2018
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Ezreal is such a popular champion that he has not one, but two World’s skins. SSG Ezreal is the gift to Samsung Galaxy’s Haru, honoring his performance in the 2017 World Championship.

At first look, it’s instantly noticeable how the blue color dominates Ezreal’s outfit and abilities. The animations of each ability have a blue hue more or less. Furthermore, this is one of the rare skins where Ezreal doesn’t have his recognizable blonde hair.

SSG Ezreal’s E – Arcane Shift probably has the best-looking animation here. When Ezreal blinks, the vanishing animation is followed by twirls of smoke. This makes the blink almost look like a ninja vanish, after which he reappears at the target location.

The ultimate ability is also blue-styled with the logo of the team in an arrow-like shape. All in all, this skin is gorgeously intertwined with the SSG aesthetics. If you’re a fan of the team, then this skin would be a real treat for you.

Gorgeous blue aestheticsLegacy skin – not available in store
Interesting ability animations

8. Arcade Ezreal

Arcade Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 24.08.2016
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

I know many might not agree, but I really don’t understand the hype around the pixelated, Arcade skins. And I’m a 90s kid, so I was there when arcade games were still a thing. So, let’s get into all the good and bad parts of Arcade Ezreal.

First, the abilities’ pixelated animations all look glitchy and just unpleasant to the eye. Also, most of the abilities are pink, even the ones like Ezreal’s W and E, which are usually gold/yellow. And I know pink and purple ARE the aesthetic of the 80s arcade, but I’m just not feeling it here.

The only ability that I actually like on Arcade Ezreal is his ultimate – Trueshot Barrage. This one is cyan and yellow and somehow looks even bigger than in its base animation

I must admit, however, that the sound effects for this skin are all on point. And the recall animation is still very fun even after you watch it a million times.

Legit arcade sound effectsKind of glitchy abilities
Fun recall animation

7. PsyOps Ezreal

PsyOps Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 03.09.2020
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

PsyOps is a very decent, not too-flashy Ezreal skin that dresses our marksman in dark combat armor. The skin has some smooth ability animations with clear sound effects.

In the PsyOps alternate reality, Ezreal really takes up the look of a stealthy rogue with his black stealth suit. His abilities are a nice, smooth blend of red and blue, which adds to the PsyOps supernatural fighter aesthetic.

Each ability has a very distinct and clear sound when it hits a target, as opposed to when it doesn’t. However, the most satisfying one would have to be PsyOps Ezreal’s Ultimate. Its sound effect is so enjoyable, almost sounding like a fantasy shotgun when it hits an enemy.

The one detail that isn’t that good on PsyOps Ezreal (to say it mildly) is his wacky hair. I mean, what is with that strand of hair pointing upwards? Less (hair gel) is more, Ezreal.

Nice futuristic and clear abilitiesAtrocious hair
Stealthy rogue look

6. Pajama Guardian Ezreal

Pajama Guardian Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 21.11.2018
  • Price: 1350 RP (or 742 RP if you own Star Guardian Ezreal)
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Out of all five Star Guardians that also got a Pajama Guardian skin, four are female. Apparently, Ezreal is the only male champion that’s feminine enough to pull off the ridiculous onesie look.

I, for one, am not a fan of this ‘Variant’ skin, as Riot called it. In fact, I hate Variant skins. 

Although these come with a discount if you own the original skin (or vice-versa), they still lack originality and are literally bringing us 10+ years back to when Riot only made outfit changes for the champions without even considering their abilities.

Pajama Guardian Ezreal is just too fluffy looking for me. I cringe every time I see those cat ears on his hoodie. And this is coming from a (girly) girl. 

Other than that, the abilities are the same as the Star Guardian ones, so they are pretty good. I really like the bright starry animations that are also present in Ezreal’s auto attacks. 

Bright starry animationsBad alternative of the Star Guardian skin
Discount for Star Guardian Ezreal owners

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5. Prestige PsyOps Ezreal

Prestige PsyOps Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 03.09.2020
  • Price: Special Pricing
  • Loot: 125 Mythic Essence

Now I know I’m a sucker for the Prestige skins’ aesthetic, but this one really looks much better than its original skin. Prestige PsyOps Ezreal has some gorgeous gold animations blended with reddish hints of the futuristic PsyOps look.

The abilities are very flashy and distinguishable, which makes this skin really stand out on the Rift. Ezreal in his Prestige white and gold outfit certainly doesn’t look like a rogue anymore, but he does look like a professional combatant for sure!

The sizzling sparks and golden vapor surrounding Ezreal are really making sure his presence is noticed. And, his hairstyle is (slightly) improved, so there’s one more reason this Prestige skin is on point!

Prestige PsyOps Ezreal is an obvious improvement from his original PsyOps skin overall. I enjoy Ezreal’s base yellow/gold ability animations, so maybe that’s why I like the stunning gold animations here, too.

Stunning Prestige outfit and animations
Clear sharp sounds

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4. Pulsefire Ezreal

Pulsefire Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.06.2012
  • Price: 3250 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

With Pulsefire Ezreal, Riot marked the beginning of Ultimate skins and realized just how willing players are to pay for a special, one-of-a-kind skin.

With each point on Ezreal’s Ultimate on levels 6, 11, and 16, Pulsefire transforms our marksman’s outfit by giving him an upgrade on his futuristic suit. That means he gets four outfit changes during one game if the game lasts long enough.

The abilities are all futuristic-looking, with my favorite being the laser shooting animation when Ezreal uses Arcane Shift near an enemy. The bright blinking animation is also pretty cool here. 

Pulsefire Ezreal’s hair has the best styling, too. Out of all skins, this is where his hair flows so gorgeously, it literally sways me.

Nowadays, Pulsefire Ezreal might be looking a bit outdated, especially if we consider how amazing the newer Ultimate skins are. But, in 2012, this skin sure was fire. Who knows, maybe Riot will give us a visual update on this unique skin soon?

One-of-a-kind Ezreal skinA bit outdated style
Multiple outfit changes throughout a game

3. Star Guardian Ezreal

Star Guardian Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 29.10.2020
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

The sparkly Star Guardian Ezreal skin is a fun and cute addition to our marksman’s collection. The twinkling stars and bright particles really make this skin one of the boldest and clearest on the Rift.

Star Guardian Ezreal wears a white outfit with gold outlines. He’s rocking a Super-Saiyan kind of hairstyle, which doesn’t look too bad on him, either.

He also has a pet – a bright, glowing, and flying cat-like creature. However, you can only see it flying alongside a floating Ezreal while he’s exiting the base, when he’s recalling, or in his ultimate – Trueshot Barrage.

In Star Guardian Ezreal’s ultimate, the projectile animation is of his flying pet with its wings spread wide, leaving a sparkling, bluish trail behind.

And, last but not least, not only does the recall animation feature Ezreal with his Star Guardian pet, but it also shows them merging into one. This culminates in Ezreal getting his radiant Star Guardian wings, illuminating him as well, and flying upwards as he recalls.

Cute starry abilities
Beautiful recall animations

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2. Porcelain Protector Ezreal

Porcelain Protector Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 26.01.2022
  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Loot: 1520 Orange Essence

Porcelain Protector Ezreal is one of the best skins right now for our Prodigal Explorer. It has one of the most stunning animations, new entertaining emotes, and a bunch of chromas to choose from!

Each ability animation in this legendary skin is truly amazing, but the ultimate definitely takes the cake. As Ezreal casts his ultimate, a large, white/blue spirit tiger’s head appears, roaring. The projectile that then flies in the target direction is also blue and white.

The second best is probably his W – Essence Flux animation. The orb’s animation that marks an enemy champion or turret is now a rotating white/blue flower. Of course, the rest of the abilities are lovely as well.

The one thing that could’ve been better is Ezreal’s passive animation. It isn’t too noticeable while playing, as it only gives Ezreal a glowing tail and cat ears, which I’m not really a fan of.

All three Porcelain Protector Ezreal’s emotes feature his spirit tiger pet, which gives us some of the most adorable animations ever. The dance emote with the cat vibing and head bobbing is probably the best one yet.

As I’m trying to be objective in the making of this list, it pains me to put Porcelain Protector Ezreal in the second place. Subjectively speaking, this skin is the number one Ezreal skin and beats all the rest (so far).

Stunning animations with white and blue Porcelain aestheticPassive animation not too visible
Spirit tiger pet 
Fun and entertaining emotes

1. Battle Academia Ezreal

Battle Academia Ezreal Splash Art
  • Release Date: 15.05.2019
  • Price: 1820 RP
  • Loot: 1520 Orange Essence

Battle Academia Ezreal is unquestionably the best Ezreal skin. His sharp, clear abilities combined with the funny voice lines outmatch any other skin on the list. 

Furthermore, BA Ezreal gets a Super Saiyan look when he stacks up his passive, with his hair flowing and glowing brightly. I believe this is something anime lovers will definitely enjoy seeing. 

Each ability has a distinct, futuristic-looking blue/red animation. The best part is that these animations aren’t distracting at all and their smoothness might even improve your gameplay.

Battle Academia Ezreal also has the best emotes out there. His Konosuba dance alone makes this skin worth every penny.

However, the rest of the emotes are pretty entertaining, too. The joke emotes, in particular, show Ezreal texting with a girl which has various endings.

Another enjoyable addition to this skin is his confident walking style when he’s leaving the base. 

All in all, Battle Academia Ezreal has undoubtedly the best visuals and effects out there. The teen anime vibe you’ll get while playing with this skin is only a bonus, really.

Super Saiyan passive look
Fun and entertaining emotes
Clear visuals of the abilities

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Ezreal is one of the few champions that has all kinds of skins: a prestige skin, two legendary skins, and an ultimate skin. No matter which skin you choose, you can’t really go wrong.

Although his older skins are pretty outdated with the base animations and such, the newer ones make up for it. These skins are so amazing, which made it really hard to choose a favorite. 

I would have to say Star Guardian, Porcelain Protector, and Battle Academia Ezreal are all top-notch skins. Playing with either one of these will really immerse you into their respective alternate realities and make your time on the Rift more enjoyable.

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