Economics is a broad and very complex topic. It helps to gain perspective and wisdom directly from the experts via the best economics podcasts. From NPR’s Planet Money to Freakonomics Radio, there’s sure to be something for you here, whether you’re a student in college or want to expand your stock portfolio. Check out our top picks below.

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Top Economics Podcasts

Planet Money

As a central hub of knowledge for all societal topics under the sun, NPR has a wonderful economic podcast called Planet Money. Its purpose? To cover the vast number of subtopics within economics, helping listeners understand “the forces that shape our lives.” It’s an exciting intellectual adventure and provides a window into genuinely understanding the world at large. The hosts include Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Karen Duffin, Jacob Goldstein, Sarah Gonzalez, and Kenny Malone.

The Indicator from Planet Money

A direct subsidiary show of Planet Money, The Indicator is “a little show about big ideas.” It delivers quick insights into the interconnected worlds of business, money, the economy, and work. Sound bytes for the sound mind.


EconTalk is a collaboration between Russ Roberts of Shalem College in Jerusalem and Stanford’s Hoover Institution. It brings in a cadre of expert guests in various fields, including psychology, philosophy, economic history, and more. Its topics also vary widely, from personal anecdotes to large-scale economic systems. A genuinely illuminating listen for anyone at any level of economic know-how. 

Freakonomics Radio

This podcast explores “the hidden side of everything” and is hosted by Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner. The episodes of this weekly economics podcast provide foundational knowledge on topics you thought you knew and those you didn’t think you’d be interested in. An eclectic mix of subject matter forms the basis for this weird podcast with a lot of pizzazz. Dubner interviews high-profile guests such as Nobel laureates, professors, and entrepreneurs at different stages of the game. This is a highly recommended podcast for those interested in undiscovered material.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

Peter Schiff educates his listeners about the free market. Politically unaligned and unbiased, Schiff’s podcast focuses on economic data analysis, financial news, and both national and global markets. He is highly knowledgeable with in-depth experience across the board as a financial broker/dealer, economist, author, and regular guest on national news. 

Slate Money

This podcast is all about business and finance. Hosts Felix Salmon, Emily Peck, and Elizabeth Spiers all join in a roundtable discussion about the most salient news in these worlds today. It’s a show from Slate, the famous media hub. 

The Flip Side

A show by Barclays Bank, this podcast is a dynamic and engaging continuing conversation between two of the bank’s analysts who represent opposing viewpoints on the global economy. Its goal is to find solutions to polarizing economic issues, and it does so with verve and finesse. This podcast is hosted by Jeff Meli and Brad Rogoff. 

New Books in Economics

This podcast features interviews with hundreds of scholars and is part of the New Books Network, an international hub for knowledge about the world economy. The Network hosts several different podcasts covering over 15,000 scholars in total. The podcast’s primary focus is interviewing authors of economics books about their works. 

Economics Detective Radio

This is another wide-ranging economics podcast. Its topic coverage is massive, penetrating such subjects as different kinds of markets, ideas, institutions, and more. The format is long-form interviews released as a weekly podcast. Find out more about economic theory, the history of thought, money and banking, international trade, and so much more. It appeals to professional economists and amateurs and is hosted by Garrett Petersen.

VoxTalk’s Economics

Learn about new research in the field of economics by leading economists on this intellectually stimulating new podcast. Hosted by Tim Phillips, it’s an exciting expedition into the world of global economic thought. 

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The economy is a web of ideas, institutions, and financial currencies that make up a vastly complex international trade market. All of the podcasts we’ve recommended here cover either the American or the global economy, and each has its strengths in affording us new knowledge about the new and new knowledge about the old. Financial markets trace back to the bazaars from the East and Orient, and there is something ancient and simultaneously modern about learning about money. 

Come join in on one or more of these podcasts to discover something you may not have been aware of, and come away with fresh insights on making money and business a regular part of your lexicon.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024