For any podcast lovers out there, you already know there’s a show for just about anything. All genres and topics are on the table when it comes to podcasting. If you enjoy role-playing and improv podcasts, why not try a Dungeons and Dragons podcast? 

Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing tabletop game created by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, usually played in groups of three or more people. A Dungeon Master acts as the game’s storyteller and referee, guiding players with compelling narration and voicing characters in the fantasy world. D&D players work together using their individual character’s abilities, utilities, and rolling dice to defeat enemies and save the day! 

Dungeons and Dragons can be fun to play and also fun to watch! Expert D&D players are skilled at the tabletop game and are great improvisers. It can be exciting to watch a D&D game, referred to as a campaign, go on for multiple sessions.

This is why a D&D podcast can be so much fun to listen to. Most podcasts feature professional D&D players, actors, writers, comedians, and entertainers. Read on to discover the best D&D podcasts to entertain you for hours on end. 

How to Create a Compelling Podcast

Want to record your own D&D sessions and make them into a podcast? It can be as easy as recording from your computer. We’ve got tips on the best equipment you can get for podcast recording, even if you’re a total beginner to audio equipment, and how to record with two or more people

Where Can I Find D&D Podcasts?

To find the best D&D podcasts for you, you can access them on both computer and mobile. To listen to podcasts, use the Apple Podcast or Google Podcast app or other options like Stitcher, Spotify, and SoundCloud. These are some of the most popular podcast-listening apps. Some podcast shows also post their episodes in video format on YouTube.

Best D&D Podcasts 2023

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Dragon Talk

The official Dungeons and Dragons podcast, this show features exclusive interviews and previews with celebrities and personalities in the D&D world. Look no further for all D&D, video game, movie, television, and tabletop role-playing games news!

Critical Role

One of the most popular D&D podcasts, no Best D&D Podcast list is complete without mentioning Critical Role. Dungeon Master Matthew Mercer leads a cast of voice actors (including Marisha Ray, Travis Willingham, Brian Posehn, and Laura Bailey), comedians, and entertainers in a world of glorious imagination and storytelling. There are multiple seasons of Critical Role, with a new campaign each season. 

Join the Party

Join the Party promises genre-pushing storytelling that’s both fun and hilarious to listen to. There’s a Monster of the Week, campaigns spread across seasons, with jam-packed fantasy and sci-fi throughout. 

Mythic Thunderlute

For a shorter D&D podcast episode, Mythic Thunderlute is a wild ride. Each episode is tightly edited, and after the group plays, sound effects, a music soundtrack, and full musical numbers are added! This show is perfect for musical and fantasy lovers alike. 

Critical Hit

Critical Hit tells the continuing stories of five adventurers seeking fortune and glory in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. This live campaign is an easy listen for anyone new to the D&D world or seasoned vets. 

Greetings Adventurers

Hosted by GeeklyInc, Greetings Adventurers is an ongoing DND podcast now on its second campaign. With hundreds and episodes, it’s sure to entertain for hours on end. 

Dungeons and Daddies

Another famous D&D podcast, Dungeons and Daddies is a group of four dads who are new to the world of D&D. With humor and some improv skills, they look to rescue their sons in a world of magic and fantasy. 

Learn how to dominate Dungeons and Dragons from the best D&D podcasts listed on our site

Not Another D&D Podcast

DM Brian Murphy leads a group of unlikely adventurers: Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz, and Caldwell Tanner. Together, they embark on an epic quest to save the world after some legendary heroes screwed it all up. 

Dungeon Delve

The official live-play D&D podcast from Dungeons and Dragons themselves, Dungeon Delve is available in audio and video format. DM Chris Perkins, who is the principal story designer for Dungeons and Dragons, hosts live play sessions with the D&D team. 

Girls Guts Glory

From a female point of view, DM Kelly D’Angelo adds plenty of twists to this live play game, joined by Kelen Coleman, Kimberly Daugherty, Erika Fermina, Allie Gonino, Alice Greczyn, and Rachel Seeley.

Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons

Hilarity ensues in Dumb-Dumbs & Dragons, a live-play D&D podcast from Dumb-Dumbs & Dice. Comedy improvisers who have never played D&D before are thrust into a campaign and have to make things up as they go along. Hosted by DM Tom McGee, improvisers Tyler Hewitt, Laura Hamstra, and Ryan Plante are joined by some fun guests each episode.


After reading about the best D&D podcasts out there, give one a listen! It’s an immersive adventure zone filled with entertainers and comedians who are there to make you laugh and have fun. 

The best part about these Dungeons and Dragons podcasts is that they’re for people of all skill levels. If you’ve never played D&D before, then falling into a new campaign on a podcast season can help you learn the game. 

And for skilled D&D players, listening to a podcast can give you inspiration for your next campaign and tips on how to play certain characters. And the audio format of a podcast makes it easy to listen to wherever you go! We hope you’ll check out our top picks for the best D&D podcasts and listen in on a campaign filled with fantasy, mystery, and compelling storytelling. Listen to a podcast show today and have fun!

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