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Podcasts are not always about storytelling and news reports. Sometimes they take everyday tasks and transform them into actionable lessons. Some of the best cooking podcasts available in 2023 can turn the novice cook into a professional chef.

You can listen to the best cooking podcasts on your own time, which allows you to follow while you cook. So before grabbing your earbuds and the eggs, check out our great list of the best cooking podcasts.

Cooking Podcasts for the Home Chef

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Some people are naturally equipped with the skills to rock delicious meals daily. For the rest of us, professional help, expert tips, and guided recipes are irreplaceable assets.

Our list of the best cooking podcasts to help you feel more confident behind the stove.

Home Cooking with Samin & Hrishi

Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway created a mini-series devoted to cooking at home while restaurants were under the COVID shutdown. Nosrat has excellent ideas to create delicious dishes with the food you have stocked in the pantry. Hirway, on the other hand, has no tips for cooking, but the musician and podcaster adds a little humor to the recipe.

Local Mouthful with Joy Manning and Marisa McClellan

In the Local Mouthful, two good friends and kitchen wizzes have been sharing home cooking recipes, tips, tools, and inspiration for the last seven years.

This best food podcast helps you choose the best ways to combine different ingredients to create a masterpiece in the kitchen.

Preheated with Andrea Ballard and Stefin Kohn

The Preheated podcast is a platform where two friends, separated by thousands of miles, get together frequently by video to do what they love most: bake.

Andrea Ballard and Stefin Kohn meet over video chat to create a fun, exciting, and inspirational cooking podcast that helps the listeners learn to cook while enjoying the banter between two good friends. 

This is the perfect food podcast to tune into if you are looking for delicious desserts for the holiday season or just something to offer your family after dinner.

The Splendid Table with Francis Lam

Take a deep dive into the difference in cultures and cuisines by listening to the Splendid Table podcast.

Host Francis Lam is an award-winning food writer and an expert in the world of culinary creations and food culture. In each episode, Lam takes the listeners’ questions and provides easy-to-understand answers and solutions, helping his audience understand the deeper meaning of good food and how they eat.

Kitchen Counter with Roger Anderson

The Kitchen Counter is a fantastic cooking podcast hosted by a talented home chef with 25 years of cooking under his belt.

Roger loves cooking, not just because he enjoys eating the foods he makes but because he wants to inspire other home chefs to eat healthier, spend time with family, and save money by choosing the best ingredients.

This cooking podcast is aimed at new home cooks, helping them learn the basics of cooking by offering tips, advice, and tricks from the most talented people in the industry. It focuses on great home cooking recipes and dives into the equipment you need, appliances that work the best, and techniques for developing the most decadent dishes.

The Cookalong Podcast with Cindy Lyndin

Host Cindy Lyndin is many things, but a professional chef isn’t one of them. Cindy has learned all her cooking skills through family members and many years of practice. 

Cindy is a household cook who hosts a podcast designed for listeners to follow along in real-time. In each episode, you are provided a list of ingredients and all the tools needed to create each recipe. 

Listen to Cindy’s instructions as she makes the dish herself and creates a different dish during every show.

Fire and Water Cooking with Darrin Wilson

If you are a fan of BBQ and grilling, the Fire and Water Cooking podcast is right up your alley. The host, Darrin Wilson, combines the art of grilling with sous vide cooking, bringing fire and water together to create one delicious dish.

Darrin is not a professional cook but he is a passionate one. After working many years in the restaurant industry, he learned his way around the kitchen, eventually coming up with some of his own tips and tricks he shares in every episode.

Start Cooking with Kathy Maister

Kath Maister creates in-depth episodes to help even the most novice chef find their way around the kitchen.

The Start Cooking podcast has 60 episodes that guide you through some of the world’s easiest recipes. You will learn the basics for becoming a great cook with meals that take just minutes to make.

Cooking Outdoors with Gary House

Follow host Gary House as he walks listeners through backyard grilling adventures. Gary will show you how to use every outdoor tool to make the most enjoyable meals.

In each episode, you will be advised on cooking using fire pits, foil, camp cooking, BBQs, smokers, and more. 

Dinner SOS: By Bon Appetit with Chris Morocco

In the cooking podcast Dinner SOS, host Chris Morocco and his rotating panel of food experts listen to callers in a food crisis and offer them two solutions. From there, the caller picks one of the quick fixes and lets the listeners and the pros know if they could save dinner for that night.

This is a fun and engaging podcast for anyone who can use extra help in the kitchen.

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Final Thoughts

Thanks to the wonderful world of podcasts, access to information on every topic is easier than ever. For food people looking for great dinner ideas, one of the cooking podcasts above can provide you with what you need for ultimate cooking success.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024