There is a vast selection of spiritual podcasts available for Christians to listen to in 2023. Whether you are looking for a Bible study or a powerful sermon, we have collected the best Christian podcasts for your convenience. Most of these are on Google Podcasts and the Apple Podcast app.

The Best Christian Podcasts

The best Christian podcasts are listed here on our site.

The Authentic Christianity Podcast

In The Authentic Christianity podcast, hosts Scott Ingram, Aaron Gallagher, and Tucker Wallace discuss culturally relevant religious topics every Wednesday.

Each episode looks into biblical principles and the everyday struggles of Christians in today’s society and gives their opinions and faith-driven responses to each issue.

The main goal these three men set out to accomplish is returning the Christian faith to authentic Christianity based on the Bible’s historical authenticity.

That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs is a Christian author who hosts the That Sounds Fun podcast. She discusses topics such as great books she read, faith-guided conversations, stories of recent travels, and more for some good Christian fun.

These stories highlight how God is good and relevant in our everyday lives. Annie is funny, kind, and dedicated to her faith. The podcast is an enthusiastic and spiritual podcast that makes you feel personally involved in every conversation.

Catholic Stuff You Should Know

The Catholic Stuff You Should Know podcast is one of the most popular Catholic podcasts available today. It was born after Pope Benedict XVI reached out to the younger generations, requesting they use advancing technology to bring the Christian faith to others. 

This Catholic podcast is not your typical show since the hosts are simply four friends with no previous entertainment experience talking about Catholic life. They take a light-hearted approach to exploring the Catholic religion and educating interested listeners about this unique denomination.

Theology in the Raw

Theology in the Raw is one of the best Christian podcasts discussing pop culture and theological issues the world faces today. 

This raw, unedited, and unapologetic Christian podcast will have you thinking about the Christian worldview. Each episode offers information from expert guests to challenge your traditions, opinions, and views.

The BibleProject Podcast

The BibleProject podcast was created to help followers experience the Bible as a modern guide to Jesus.

Each episode in this Christian podcast discusses topics in the Bible, breaking them down into easier-to-understand sections. The host will then help listeners find ways to choose the best path to spiritual enlightenment, finding God, and a more faith-based way of life. 

Christian Prayer & Meditation 

The Christian Prayer & Meditation podcast is a platform for followers to practice worship in audio form. Mike Decker is a pastor for Palm Harvest Church in California and is widely known by his hashtag #HelloPastorMike.

In each episode of this spiritual growth podcast, you will hear sermons, worship, guided meditation, prayer, and more from the pastor and his team of dedicated Christians to guide your spiritual practice.

Help Me Teach the Bible

Nancy Guthrie is a Bible teacher, author, and host of the Christian podcast Help Me Teach the Bible. In each episode, Nancy sits down to talk with some of the greatest preachers and Christian teachers today for an informal Bible recap. 

This podcast is designed to help equip teachers of the religion to better communicate biblical and spiritual truths to followers. Nancy aims to educate Christians on discovering Jesus through the Old Testament.

Harvest: The Greg Laurie Podcast

Greg is Harvest Christian Fellowship’s pastor and the Harvest podcast host

In this podcast, Greg is determined to save the power of the gospel message in all aspects of life. In each episode, you will follow the pastor in sermons and conversations about practical and compelling insight into the culture, faith, current events, and how the living proof of the gospel could be your saving grace.

Young girl listening to one of the best Christian podcasts out there.

Final Thoughts

We hope you check out our list of the best Christian podcasts available today.

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Last Update: March 4, 2024