League of Legends has all sorts of champions. From invisible assassins to dragons that can summon stars – LoL has over 150 unique characters to choose from.

And in this post, I’ll focus on the 10 amazing League of Legends champions that come with their pets on Summoner’s Rift!

Keep in mind that League doesn’t have too many champions with pets. In fact, the actual number is pretty small. Also, some pets are more impactful on the gameplay than others.

Similarly, some champions allow the players to fully control their pets while some pets act on their own.

No matter the case, here are the 7 best champions with pets in LoL and why they’re so!

Top 10 Best Champions with Pets in LoL

10. Lulu, the Fae Sorceress


Many things can be said about Lulu, including “a friend of Pix”. Pix is a little faerie fellow that Lulu has met on one of her adventures. So Pix’s existence as a pet of Lulu in LoL has a lore reason too.

Pix follows Lulu from the start of each game until the end. Pix is an untargetable unit in League of Legends and can’t be damaged, stunned, or controlled in any way by any other players except Lulu.

However, Lulu can’t fully control Pix either. Pix acts as an attached unit and Lulu can only command it to a certain degree.

When Lulu casts an ability, Pix does what Lulu wants, whether that’s repositioning or another action.

For example, when Lulu auto-attacks, Pix auto-attacks too. He launches additional magic bolts toward Lulu’s target, dealing damage in the process. 

Similarly, when Lulu uses her E on a champion (no matter if it’s an enemy or an ally), Pix stays attached to that champion for several seconds.

And if Lulu auto-attacks or casts her Q, Pix will mimic these actions from the position of the champion he’s attached to at that time.

All in all, even though Pix isn’t a fully controllable pet, he’s still an interesting companion to have in League of Legends!

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9. Bard, the Wandering Caretaker


Bard is another interesting champion in League with pets that act similarly to Lulu and Pix. Bard’s friends are called Meeps and they’re actually spirits that wander around Summoner’s Rift. 

Meeps spawn periodically and their number is determined based on Bard’s passive and his stacks. When Bard moves to close proximity to a Meep, he collects it. Once collected, the Meeps move together with Bard and attack when he commands. 

So unlike Lulu, Bard can have multiple pets at his side. However, they’re also untargetable units and enemy players can’t do anything to harm them or remove them from Bard’s side.

Normally, Bard’s Meeps deal bonus magic damage when he auto-attacks. This damage scales with 30% of Bard’s ability power. So, the more AP Bard has, the more damage his Meeps actually deal.

However, the more Meeps Bard has at the moment, the stronger Bard is as well. For example, when Bard collects 5 chimes, his Meeps start to slow the target for 1 second.

At 10 chimes, the Meeps deal splash damage around Bard’s primary target. And at 15+ chimes, the cone radius increases.

Like Veigar, Bard’s stacks are unlimited. However, he can only possess up to 9 Meeps at a given time. So, no unlimited power for Bard!

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8. Elise, the Spider Queen


Elise isn’t called the Spider Queen for no reason. Her pets are spiders that accompany her throughout each game of League of Legends. They’re very unique and function a bit differently than the other pets on this list.

First of all, Elise can only summon her spiderlings when she enters Spider Form. If you aren’t aware, Elise’s R allows her to shift between Human Form and Spider Form even since level 1.

And based on the form she has currently on, she has a different set of abilities.

Now, the number of spiderlings that Elise can summon is determined by the rank of her ultimate. On level 1, Elise can only summon 2 spiders when she shifts into Spider Form.

But once she reaches level 6 and unlocks the second rank of her ultimate, she can have 3 spiders instead.

Similarly, each additional rank of her Spider Form allows Elise to have one more spiderlings at her side. And on level 16, Elise can have up to 5 spiderlings when she changes into a spider herself.

Now, in order for Elise to be able to spawn the maximum amount of spiderlings, she needs to use her abilities in Human Form. However, only abilities cast on targets (champions, monsters, or minions) actually count.

So, you can’t refill your spider army simply by spamming spells with Elise.

And lastly, Elise’s pets die instantly when she shifts into Human Form, regardless of their number or the amount of health they have.

Even though Elise’s pets aren’t the strongest of units, she’s still one of the best champions with pets in League of Legends!

7. Yorick, the Shepherd of Souls


Yorick is a one-of-a-kind champion in League, to say the least. Not only is he able to control multiple pets at a given time, but he has 2 unique types of pets too. 

The first type of pet that Yorick has are called Mist Walkers. Yorick can spawn a Mist Walker with his Q – Last Rites/Awakening. However, the number of Yorick’s Mist Walkers is determined by his passive – Shepherd of Souls.

To clarify things, Yorick periodically spawns graves for his enemies or the jungle monsters. Graves are also spawned when enemy champions die near Yorick. And when Yorick uses his Q, the graves are activated and the Mist Walkers spawn.

Yorick can have up to 4 Mist Walkers at a time.

Yorick’s Mist Walkers deal bonus damage and can get an increased movement speed. Also, when Yorick uses his E on the target, all of his Mist Walkers jump to that same target in an attack.

Yorick’s second pet is Maiden of the Mist and she is his ultimate ability. Once spawned, the player can fully control the Maiden. But if there’s no command, the Maiden will follow Yorick instead.

The great thing about Maiden of the Mist is the fact that she raises Mist Walkers on her own. Yorick can simply send her on a lane and Maiden will push the waves for Yorick. 

And that’s why Yorick is one of the best champions with pets in LoL!

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6. Kled, the Cantankerous Cavaliers


Kled and Skaarl are an infamous duo in League of Legends. Not only are they always featured together in every splash art, but they were also designed to work together in an actual game too.

So, Kled always starts the game together with Skaarl. And they both share the same health bar. If you haven’t noticed by now, Kled’s HP bar has two parts in LoL. The red one represents Kled’s own HP while the purple one is Skaarl’s HP.

Kled moves and attacks while mounted on Skaarl. However, if enemy players bring Kled to his own HP, Skaarl will flee the battle and abandon Kled. Kled then becomes dismounted, adjusting his auto-attack range and abilities.

Additionally, all of Kled’s abilities that require his pet Skaarl become unusable, including his ultimate.

After a certain time, Skaarl can reappear and unite with Kled. Kled can also attack and fight and speed up this process.

Actually, Kled is one of the weakest champions when he isn’t accompanied by Skaarl. And like I mentioned above, this champion was designed to always be united with his pet. 

All in all, Kled has very interesting mechanics with Skaarl. He’s a unique champion that deserves your attention!

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5. Zyra, Rise of the Thorns


Many players don’t think of Zyra as a champion with pets but she certainly is. She might not have the flashiest or the most overpowered pets in League of Legends, but her plants/seeds are definitely worth noting.

The first thing to know about Zyra’s plants is that they’re unmovable units. Zyra’s passive periodically spawns plants in random locations around her. And the player can use Zyra’s W to spawn up to two plants in a chosen location.

Once Zyra uses her Q or E on one or more plants, they bloom into flowers called Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers. These Thorn Spitters and Vine Lashers are actually Zyra’s pets because they attack the nearest enemy (prioritizing champions).

Zyra’s flowers have only auto-attacks, their damage is only magic, and it scales with 15% of Zyra’s ability power.

However, if Zyra uses her R to onto her seeds or flowers, she heals them and makes them enraged. As a result, the Thorn Spitters and the Vine Lashers attack with an increased speed, and their size is increased by 25%.

That’s why Zyra’s pets can do so much damage after she uses her ultimate. And depending on her build, she can really carry a team fight only with her flowers.

So, Zyra’s flowers make her one of the best champions with pets in LoL!

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4. Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void


Malzahar is among the champions in League of Legends that absolutely depend on their pets. Without his pets, Malzahar is simply an incomplete champion.

And if he didn’t have his voidlings, Malzahar would be a pretty weak champion!

Malzahar’s pets are relatively easy to understand. With his W – Void Swarm, Malzahar spawns a number of voidlings based on the number of spells he’s used before.

For example, if Malzahar Q and then W, he would spawn a total of two voidlings. But if Malzahar uses W first, then he only spawns one voidling.

In that case, each subsequent cast of Q or E would spawn another voidling automatically until the first voidling is alive.

However, it’s practically impossible to spawn a large number of voidlings with Malzahar. In the best-case scenario, you can have up to 3 voidlings at a time.

Malzahar’s pets can attack anyone but they prioritize enemies affected by Malefic Visions (E) or champions. They deal magic damage but they also have an AD scaling ratio of 40% pets.

So technically, Malzahar can build full AD and his voidlings would do more damage.

And lastly, Malzahar’s pets deal 50% reduced damage to jungle monsters if they aren’t affected by his E. So, it’s not too easy to play Malzahar jungle!

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3. Azir, the Emperor of the Sands


In the third place, we have Azir. Azir is a champion that’s also designed around using pets for various sorts of things. And his power would be unimaginably low without his soldiers.

Azir’s Sand Soldiers are untargetable units spawned from his W – Arise! At level 1, Azir has no other choice but to take his W. Arise! can store up to 2 Sand Soldiers at a time.

And Azir can choose when and where to spawn them.

Once a Sand Soldier is up, he stays available for 10 seconds. However, if the Sand Soldier is near an enemy turret, he only lasts for 5 seconds. Similarly, when Azir moves too far away from his soldiers, they instantly disappear.

Azir’s Sand Soldiers deal magic damage that scales with 60% of Azir’s AP. They auto-attack instead of Azir and follow his command whenever he uses his Q to reposition them.

Also, Azir can use the position of each soldier to quickly dash to them with E.

Aside from these Sand Soldiers, Azir can also spawn a turret called Sun Disc. Sun Discs are also categorized as pets in League of Legends and they help Azir by dealing damage to his enemies.

However, they can’t be moved to a new location, so we often don’t think of them as pets.

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2. Ivern, the Green Father


Out of all champions with pets in League of Legends, Ivern’s pet is perhaps the easiest to understand. Not only does his pet come from his ultimate ability, but it’s also a pet that doesn’t impact the game for the enemy team in any significant way.

Daisy is a large green golem that spawns whenever Ivern uses his ultimate. She follows Ivern and helps him fight, but she’s a fully controllable pet.

This means that the Ivern player can continually press the R button to change Daisy’s position or target of attacking.

Daisy has base physical damage on her auto-attack but these numbers scale with 30% of Ivern’s AP.

Additionally, if Daisy hits an enemy champion 3 times, the third auto-attack will launch a shockwave, dealing more damage and knocking everybody up in the direction.

This powerful attack comes from Daisy’s passive – Daisy Smash! This is her only ability because she doesn’t have any active spells that the player can use.

And Ivern’s opponents can monitor this effect by watching the icon on Daisy’s target.

Once Daisy is spawned, she lasts 60 seconds or until she’s slain. Ivern can’t do anything to prolong Daisy’s duration, but he can cast shields on her to keep her HP up.

And that’s all you need to know about Daisy and Ivern in League!

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1. Annie, the Dark Child


And finally, we have Annie! Annie is the most recognizable champion when it comes to pets in LoL. And she’s the first champion that became famous for her use of her pet – Tibbers!

Tibbers is Annie’s teddy bear. Before level 6, Annie carries Tibbers in her arms and he doesn’t help her in any way.

However, once Annie unlocks her ultimate, she can summon Tibbers in a chosen direction to deal high amounts of magic damage and potentially stun all enemies there.

Once Tibbers is up and running, he works similarly to Ivern’s Daisy.

The Annie player can fully control Tibbers either by spamming the R button or by holding ALT while right-clicking. Tibbers has a huge HP bar and he can even heal himself if Annie gets out of combat.

In terms of damage, Tibbers deal initial damage when Annie uses her R. However, he burns all enemies around him with magic damage too. His auto-attacks also deal magic damage that scales with Annie’s AP.

Tibber’s duration is 45 seconds. But if Annie gets enough ability haste, she can recast Tibbers again when he disappears.

When Annie uses her E to shield herself or another ally, Tibbers also against a shield. This helps Annie keep Tibbers longer in a fight.

If you want to know more, click here to check my complete guide on how to play Annie and carry games!

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Those were the 10 best champions with pets in League of Legends! 

However, other champions have pet-like units in LoL too. For example, Shen’s sword is categorized as a pet, even though it’s clearly not a pet!

Aside from them, there are many champions connected with pets but they don’t actually have pets in-game. For example, Braum is featured everywhere with poros, but his champion design does not include them.

All in all, I hope this post was interesting and informative to you!

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