Senna is one of the most unique supports in League of Legends. As a marksman herself, she doesn’t do well with all ADCs in the game.

In fact, some of Senna’s biggest synergies are with AP and even melee champions. She needs a partner that can complement her abilities and playstyle.

So the best ADCs or bot lane partners in general for Senna support in LoL are:

  • Jhin – burst damage and poke (~52% win rate)
  • Seraphine – crowd control and sustain (~53% win rate)
  • Swain – zone control and durability (~54% win rate)
  • Karthus – global pressure and high damage (~55% win rate)
  • Ashe – vision and control (~52% win rate)
  • Nilah – 2v2 fight power and lane domination (~53% win rate)
  • Twitch – stealth and kill pressure (~52% win rate)

As you can see, different champions boost Senna’s power in different ways and to different degrees. I’d highly recommend you play one of them if you’re looking for synergy with your Senna support or at least to make sure you win the bot lane.

Now let’s dive deeper and see which champion would better fit you.

These Are the Best ADCs for Senna in LoL:

7. Jhin – Burst Damage, Poke

Jhin in League of Legends

Jhin and Senna together offer a combination of heavy burst damage and prolonged trade potential. Their synergy revolves around their powerful poke and crowd control abilities. 

With his long-range W, Jhin can control the enemy bot lane duo and set up opportunities for Senna to strike. His Dancing Grenade (Q) followed by a Deadly Flourish (W) allows him to trade from a safe distance.

For example, Jhin can start the fight by bouncing his grenades off of minions and marking the enemy ADC. And if he roots the marked opponent he’ll set a chain reaction in motion where Senna can immediately root them afterwards and dish out tons of additional damage.

Senna can stay pretty safe while poking effectively too. Her Piercing Darkness (Q) can both deal damage and provide necessary healing for Jhin, although it takes skill to line it up this way. And since her Last Embrace (W) roots enemies, it allows Jhin to do his burst combo.

Their ultimates also work well together, creating opportunities for sniping low-health enemies. Jhin’s Curtain Call combined with Senna’s Dawning Shadow can be used to pressure enemies on the entire bot side, punishing them whenever they attempt to get the Dragon.

Key synergy points:

  • Long range poke and crowd control
  • Sustained healing from Senna’s Q
  • Root chaining using Jhin’s W and Senna’s W
  • Long range on both ultimates

6. Seraphine – Crowd Control, Sustain

Seraphine in League of Legends

Seraphine’s Echo (passive) combined with her High Note (Q) can dish out heavy poke damage from a safe distance. 

When paired with Senna, the duo’s poke potential becomes… broken. Their range advantage and healing abilities provide great control of the bot lane since the first minute of the game.

Senna can add to the poke damage while healing Seraphine, keeping them in the lane longer and allowing Seraphine to continue her rhythm of poke and crowd control, all while safely farming and one-shotting entire waves of minions.

Their CC abilities also have great synergy, with Senna’s root from Last Embrace setting up opportunities for Seraphine’s Beat Drop (E) to stun the opponents. And vice versa. But Senna’s root can also open up an opportunity for Seraphine’s R. 

Their ultimates can heavily impact team fights when used the right way. Dawning Shadow and Encore offer a combination of healing, shielding, and crowd control that’s often too much for any enemy. 

But these abilities can also be used separately. For instance, Seraphine can use Encore at the start of the fight to charm as many enemies as possible. And Senna can use her Dawning Shadow to execute those enemies that have gotten out of range.

Key synergy points:

  • Long range poke
  • Lots of healing and sustain from both champions
  • CC chain with Senna’s W and Seraphine’s E and R
  • Powerful ultimates for team fights

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5. Swain – Zone Control, Durability

Swain in League of Legends

Swain and Senna are a potent bot lane duo known for aggression and control. The pair can effectively zone out opponents, using a combination of Senna’s poke and Swain’s CC. 

Swain’s Nevermove (E) and Vision of Empire (W) help the duo always move first into position. But since Swain’s E is an easy ability to connect, it also sets up easy trades for Senna and her  Piercing Darkness (Q) and Last Embrace (W).

Senna’s Q offers sustain for both herself and Swain, providing the necessary health for Swain to farm safely early on and to remain a strong front-line threat later on. And her W can also root enemies, setting up opportunities for Swain to pull enemies with his E.

Lastly, Swain’s and Senna’s ultis complement each other well. Swain’s ability to absorb damage can buy Senna time to use her ult, providing a necessary shield while dealing damage to the enemies. 

She can aid him by providing CC and sustain which is all Swain really needs to carry a game. That’s why Swain is one of the best bot lane partners for Senna in LoL.

Key synergy points:

  • Effective zoning with Swain’s E and W, Senna’s W
  • Sustained healing from Senna’s Q
  • Chain CC using Senna’s W and Swain’s E
  • Powerful ultimates for team fights, lots of sustain and damage

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4. Karthus – Global Pressure, High Damage

Karthus in League of Legends

Karthus and Senna make a unique bot lane pair that’s heavy on damage. 

Karthus’s Lay Waste (Q) is an excellent tool for zoning enemies, and it matches well with Senna’s long-range poke abilities. Together, they can pressure the enemy bot laners constantly.

Senna’s healing capabilities play a vital role in this duo. Her Piercing Darkness (Q) helps sustain Karthus, whose playstyle often involves taking substantial damage thanks to his short range. This is especially important in the early game when Karthus is relatively weak.

By hitting her W, Senna allows Karthus to land his Q repeatedly until the target is rooted. During this time he can also place his wall (W) and provide additional slow for both of them to deal damage.

But what I love the most about this duo is their ultimates. Karthus’ R and Senna’s R are some of the most impactful cooldowns on Summoner’s Rift.

Both Requiem and Dawning Shadow can punish low-health enemies around the map and give this duo huge advantages throughout the game. The scaling these two champions have is seriously insane, so I recommend you try them ASAP.

Key synergy points:

  • Excellent poke and zoning abilities
  • Senna’s healing provides sustain for Karthus in the early game
  • Reliable crowd control with Senna’s W and Karthus’s W
  • Global pressure and execution with both ultimate

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3. Ashe – Vision, Control

Ashe in League of Legends

Ashe and Senna have excellent synergy due to their ability to control the bot lane from level 1. Ashe’s Volley (W) and Senna’s Piercing Darkness (Q) can both harass enemies from a safe distance and pressure them throughout the laning phase.

Senna’s healing allows the duo to stay in lane longer and collect more XP and gold. With Ashe’s Hawkshot (E), the duo can have vision even without lots of wards which can keep them safe from jungle ganks.

Ashe’s ultimate, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, has great synergy with Senna’s W and R. A well-aimed arrow can stun an enemy, setting them up for Senna’s root, leading to a chain of crowd control that can lock down an enemy.

And the combined damage from Senna’s R and auto-attacks with Ashe’s W and auto-attacks is enough to take down almost any enemy in LoL, even tanks. 

When Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow stuns a fleeing enemy on low HP, Senna can use her R to finish them off and secure the kill. And since both ultimates have global range, they can impact fights happening in the top lane even.

Key synergy points:

  • Long-range poke
  • Vision control from Ashe’s E
  • Decent crowd control from Ashe’s W, R and Senna’s W
  • Powerful ultis for crowd control, damage, and healing

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2. Nilah – 2v2 Fight Power, Lane Dominance

Nilah in League of Legends

Nilah and Senna have a different dynamic in League than Senna and most other ADCs. Since Nilah is a short-range champion, Senna needs to play very carefully since level 1.

So using Senna’s healing well is crucial in this duo. This allows Nilah to be aggressive and take start fights by dashing forward with her E. Against most bot lane duos, Nilah and Senna can easily win by dishing out so much damage, even during the laning phase.

And if things go south, Senna has her E and Nilah her W to shield each other from harm and escape the situation. Both champions scale very well in the late game, so even if they don’t dominate early they can do so later on.

Their ultimates together can also change the course of any team fight. 

Senna’s Dawning Shadow provides a global presence, offering both damage to enemies and shields to allies. This couples well with Nilah’s ultimate which deals significant damage while pulling enemies closer to each other so that Senna’s R can pass right through them.

Key synergy points:

  • They can win a 2v2 skirmish against most bot lane duos
  • Sustained healing from Senna’s Q
  • Rewarded for playing aggressively in lane
  • Great ultimate combo for damage and disruption

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1. Twitch – Stealth, Kill Pressure

Twitch in League of Legends

Judging by all available facts, Twitch is the best ADC partner for Senna support in the bot lane. Together they can pressure enemies and secure kills in unique and unexpected ways.

Twitch’s stealth from his Q, Ambush, allows him to always open up first and surprise the enemy ADC and support. This frees Senna to position herself correctly, apply W, and keep auto-attacking and Qing throughout the fight.

Senna’s healing is also crucial for Twitch’s aggressive playstyle because it allows him to take risks and go for more kills. Together, they can have lots of pressure in lane and create situations that favor their aggressive approach.

Meaning, they don’t have to take fights when the enemy duo wants to fight. Instead, they can always start fights when they want to.

You can perfectly sync Senna’s R and Twitch’s R as well. Dawning Shadow can reach across the map to shield Twitch during his surprise attacks and also add damage to enemies. Twitch’s Rat-Ta-Tat-Tat can quickly decimate enemies in team fights, especially with the additional shield.

And in my personal opinion, Twitch is the best ADC for Senna all around. These champions work extremely well together, even in Master elo.

Key synergy points:

  • Twitch’s stealth for ambush set-ups
  • Sustained healing from Senna’s Q
  • High kill pressure with Twitch’s aggressive playstyle
  • Helpful ultimate from Senna for Twitch in late game teamfights


Choosing the right ADC partner for Senna can significantly boost her performance and impact the outcome of the match. All ADCs and bot lane partners complement her playstyle, leading to a stronger bot lane presence and overall map control.

So, whether it’s the high burst of Jhin, the crowd control of Seraphine and Swain, the sheer damage of Karthus, the battlefield control of Ashe, the lane dominance of Nilah, or the sneaky pressure of Twitch, the key is to play to the strengths of your chosen partner.

And most importantly, have fun on the Summoner’s Rift!

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