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There’s nothing like getting lost in your favorite book. Finding the next great book to dive into is a thrilling experience. Our list of the best book podcasts can help you find your next big read. 

Here are our picks for the best book podcasts to listen to in 2023. 

Best Book Podcasts 2023

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The Penguin Podcast

The Penguin Podcast is Penguin Publishing’s official podcast, published fortnightly. Primary host Nihal Arthanayake interviews the authors behind the latest and greatest books. Along with a bevy of other guest hosts, this podcast provides insight into popular works and discussions on today’s world of books. 

KCRW Bookworm

From KCRW, Bookworm is a podcast show that offers intellectual, accessible, and provocative conversations on literature. Host Michael Silverblatt talks to different authors in each episode about their works and the influence of their work. For in-depth discussions on art, look no further. 

If Books Could Kill

If Books Could Kill is a show about the “airport bestsellers” and why they’re so popular. Those books fly off the shelves and to the top of bestseller lists, but something feels off about them. Michael Hobbes and Peter Shamshiri discuss a new book in each episode, and their well-researched episodes provide tons of interesting insight into both culture and the world of literature. 

London Review Bookshop Podcast

In a weekly podcast recorded at the London Review Bookshop, a different roundtable of authors and literary aficionados come together to discuss the latest book. This live recorded podcast of literary events occurring at the London Review Bookshop covers a wide range of topics, from fiction to politics and more. 

Books & Boba

Hosts Marvin Yueh and Reera Yoo’s main goal with their podcast show, Books & Boba, is to highlight Asian-American authors. For much-needed representation in the American literary space, this show will help you discover new authors and books to read from tons of genres. Each episode focuses on a particular author or book, with monthly news updates published as well. 

New Yorker Fiction Podcast

If you’re a book lover and a fan of The New Yorker, this is the perfect podcast for you. The New Yorker Fiction Podcast is hosted by New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman. Authors read excerpts of their fiction work and join Treisman for a one-on-one conversation. Anyone looking for a new book can enjoy this podcast as a sample read and gain more insight and detail about the book. 

Book Riot: The Podcast

The editors of offer lighthearted, fun discussions on what’s new in the literary world in Book Riot: The Podcast. You’ll learn what’s new and what’s worth talking about in the world of reading. Episodes are published weekly, so you’ll never miss essential book news! 

The Maris Review

Maris Kreizman, the author of Slaughterhouse 90210, hosts The Maris Review, a weekly interview show with new and seasoned authors. Each week, Kreizman talks to authors you should know about, and they discuss all things books and pop culture. 


Hosts Britney and Brad bring you AudioShelf, a weekly podcast for lovers of all things literature. This podcast is available in an audio format on all podcasting platforms and in video format on YouTube. Britney and Brad bring you weekly interviews, book reviews, and the latest news in the literary world. 


Love your public library? The Brooklyn Public Library in New York City has its own book podcast, Borrowed. With its unique stories, Borrowed centers on the lively NYC borough of Brooklyn and the many things that happen in its public library. Get whisked away to somewhere new, with interviews from library attendees, to fellow book people. Episodes are published every other week. 

Well-Read Black Girl

If you’ve ever heard of the Well-Read Black Girl Book Club, founder and writer Glory Edim brings you the Well-Read Black Girl podcast. Edim sits down with best-selling authors and engages in deep, honest, insightful conversation. They discuss not only books but also the intersection of art, justice, and literature and pay homage to the literary legends that paved the way. 

NPR’s Book of the Day

Need help finding your next great read? NPR has got you covered. Their podcast, NPR’s Book of the Day, offers daily book recommendations on best-sellers, trends, and books you may never have heard of. It’s the perfect podcast for discovering new releases and books that fly under the radar. 

Reading Through Life

On Reading Through Life, Sarah Hartley and Mia Sutton are two friends who love to read and love talking about the books they’ve read. They would love to live inside a library, and to them, nothing beats being surrounded by a stack of books to read in a cozy reading nook. So snuggle up on the couch and listen to them talk about all things books, including monthly book news, favorite books of the year, and newly discovered reads.

Book Fight!

Editors of Barrelhouse Magazine and authors Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister host the podcast Book Fight! Together, they talk about books and writing and debate literary education. This podcast won a 2015 Philadelphia Geek Award for Best Streaming Media Project. Even if you don’t read often, you can still enjoy the show, as they offer a full synopsis of books and provide explanations that are easy to follow. 

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Where to Find Book Podcasts to Listen to

You’ll need to use a podcast host website or app to find a podcast show to listen to. On mobile devices, these could be apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud, Acast, and others. Some literary podcasts also post in video format on video streaming platforms like YouTube.

So for any book people looking for a new book or interested in book reviews and the latest in book news, check out any of the podcasts we’ve recommended. Happy listening and happy reading!

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