The ADC role isn’t known for providing much utility, especially impactful crowd control. 

Sure, some marksmen in League of Legends can provide utility but they’re usually the ones receiving help from the rest of the team. Riot Games designs marksmen that way to avoid having overloaded kits which they’re guilty of, of course.

For example, if a champion can deal damage from range, have mobility, and on top of that CC, it’s tough for all others to compete really. 

And that’s why we have so few ADC picks with stuns and snares in League. 

In any case, since CC is very important for solo queue, here I’ll give you 5 ADC picks that you can use to increase your effectiveness in your games overall.

1. Ashe


Ashe is the queen of crowd control among the marksmen in League of Legends. Her kit is specifically constructed with CC in mind, allowing her to control the battlefield as no other ADC can.

Ashe has 3 sources of crowd control – auto-attacks, her W, and her ultimate ability.

When Ashe auto-attacks, she automatically applies a slow effect to her target thanks to her passive, Frost Shot. This effect doesn’t have a cooldown so Ashe can keep an enemy champion permanently slowed during a fight.

With her W, Volley, Ashe can slow down multiple enemy champions. This ability has a long range, deals decent damage, and it helps Ashe poke her opponents throughout the game. 

And with certain builds, like lethality Ashe, she can practically spam her W and win games that way. 

But the strongest CC that Ashe has by far is her R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow. It’s a global ultimate that stuns the first enemy hit and slows all others nearby. And the stun duration is based on how long the ability has traveled.

In other words, Ashe’s kit is full of immobilizing effects. She can influence a fight in top from the bot lane with her R. But she can start a teamfight by catching one enemy off guard. And she can keep the entire enemy team slowed with her basics and W.

So, Ashe is the go-to ADC if you need CC on your team!

2. Varus


If Ashe isn’t your cup of tea and you still want more CC for your team, the only other marksman that can match her in that regard is Varus.

Instead of 3, Varus has 2 sources of CC – E and R. But they’re as powerful as Ashe’s if you understand how they work.

Varus’ E, Hail of Arrows, is a simple spell that deals physical damage in an area and slows enemies inside it. The area isn’t too large but the slow scales with the ranks of the ability, so it’s very useful later on.

With his E, Varus can sometimes prevent enemies from passing through or discourage the enemy jungler from ganking his lane.

But what makes Varus one of the best ADCs with CC in League of Legends is his ultimate, Chain of Corruption.

Once cast, Varus’ R hits an enemy champion and roots them for 2 seconds. But it also laches to all nearby enemies and if the primary target does not leave the area (with Flash or Cleanse) Chain of Corruption affects everyone, providing AoE snare and damage.

This effect can spread repeatedly if enemies can’t move out of the areas highlighted on their screens. And so, if Varus has partners that can keep the enemy team in close boundaries (with other CC spells) he can keep them immobilized until his team scores an Ace.

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3. Kalista


Kalista has a very impactful crowd control effect but it’s a very tricky one to pull off. It requires coordination with her bonded ally, so she’s not on the same level as Varus in Ashe in terms of CC.

At the start of each match, Kalista can choose an ally to bond with for the rest of the game. After level 6, when Kalista’s Oathsworn ally is nearby (most likely her support) she can use her ultimate, Fate’s Call, to pull the ally in her and make them untargetable.

When that happens, the bonded ally can choose where to dash (with the mouse cursor). And upon landing, they knock up every enemy champion in the area. 

If Kalista’s ultimate sounds complicated, trust me it’s not. In practice, all it takes from you is to press your R button and the rest falls on your support. 

But the difficult part is having someone that can use the second part of Fate’s Call offensively and match your game plan. It’s tough to communicate such things to random support players in solo queue, so that’s why the ability is a bit tricky.

Given the fact that you have supports like Braum or Leona, they can use the knock-up as an opportunity to apply the rest of their CC. This creates a really amazing synergy between Kalista and her support and it often wins teamfights.

Here are a few interesting interactions you can do with Kalista’s ultimate.

4. Caitlyn


Caitlyn’s CC doesn’t come from her ultimate and it’s less impactful than most of the other abilities I mentioned above. However, it’s a very interesting type of crowd control that synergizes with the rest of Caitlyn’s kit.

Cait’s W, Yordle Snap Trap, allows you to put a trap on the ground that lasts for over 30 seconds. Once placed, the trap is visible to enemy champions but if they step on it, they get rooted for an entire 1 second. And you can have multiple traps set up at once.

As a bonus, Caitlyn’s passive immediately activates when this happens, allowing her to use a headshot on the target instead of a regular basic attack. Cait’s headshots can hurt a lot, especially in the late game when she has a couple of crit items in her inventory.

The best way to take advantage of Caitlyn’s traps is to place them underneath enemy champions that are already immobilized.

For example, if your support is Morgana and she has already rooted an opponent with her Q, you can simply put one of Cait’s traps under that opponent. The trap will activate automatically because the enemy can’t move away from it.

Another way to abuse this CC in the late game is to place all of Caitlyn’s traps in a passageway like those around the Dragon pit. This will prevent the enemies from passing through and allow your team to secure more objectives.

5. Jhin


Jhin is another champion with traps in League of Legends but his ones work very differently than Caitlyn’s.

Jhin’s E, Captive Audience, is an invisible trap that he can place on the ground. There’s no limit to how many traps can be set at a time although Jhin can only store a maximum of 2.

Now, when an enemy champion steps on one of Jhin’s traps, they get slowed and marked. The trap activates and starts charging. After a few seconds, it bursts into an AoE explosion that deals damage to the enemies around it.

But in order to take full advantage of his traps, Jhin must also use his W, Deadly Flourish. This is a long-range skillshot that snares the first enemy champion hit if they’re already marked. The combo locks the target inside Jhin’s traps and allows him to damage his target.

However, there’s a far easier way to apply CC with Jhin. Any ally that damages an enemy champion in the presence of Jhin also marks them, so he doesn’t need to wait for enemies to step on one of his traps before he can root them in place.

On top of it, each of Jhin’s 4 ultimate shots applies a slow effect to the target so he can have an easier time aiming the ability. This helps his team indirectly when they’re chasing the same targets, so keep that in mind.


ADC champions usually have only one CC spell in their kits. For example, both Tristana and Vayne can push enemies away. But these abilities aren’t that impactful team-wise. They’re rather helpful tools for those marksmen in clutch situations.

In any case, I hope you found this post informative and valuable. Ashe and Varus are your best ADCs with CC with the rest being on a similar level of effectiveness.

Good luck!

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Last Update: March 2, 2024