Zyra is a powerhouse mage support that can deal a tremendous amount of damage, especially in the early game. Although she’s not as popular in professional play nowadays, players who abuse Zyra in the solo queue know just how big her strengths are.

Since early-game is her best time to shine (unless you’re going for Dark Harvest), Zyra needs an ADC that will follow up on her poke from the very start. Therefore, Zyra benefits the most when her bot lane duo plays a long-range, hard-engaging champion.

ADCs that have the potential to burst the enemy in seconds have very high synergy with Zyra. However, dealing sustained damage and just poking the enemy until their HP reaches zero goes very well with Zyra’s annoying plants, too.

So, in the following list, you’ll find out which seven champions have the best synergy with Zyra and what exactly makes them so strong together. 

Pair Zyra with These ADCs/APCs in the Bot Lane:

7. Ashe


Ashe is a blind-pick kind of champion, one you can play no matter what your team comp is. However, Zyra benefits from Ashe’s slows, which makes it easier to hit skill shots and root enemies.

On the other hand, Ashe gets a high advantage from Zyra’s CC chain and slow, and can kite her enemies more easily. Since both of these champions are very immobile, they gain security from each other’s stuns, slows, and knock-ups.

Both Ashe and Zyra can slowly poke their enemies and deal sustained damage during the laning phase. Before level 6, Ashe can farm more freely due to Zyra’s plants harassing their enemies, and by sitting in the thorny garden Ashe is pretty safe from divers, too.

Ashe W

After level 6, the element of surprise of Ashe’s arrow combined with Zyra’s burst damage from her W>E>W>Q>R can take out almost any champion that opposes them on the bot lane.

Even making the enemy retreat and bringing them to recall is a win for this duo. After this, they can safely take turret plates by Ashe cleverly using her E – Hawkshot and Zyra using her plants to tank some of the turret shots.

In the late game, Zyra should mostly set up CC chains for her teammates, including Ashe, and let them finish off their opponents.

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6. Draven


There probably isn’t a single support in League that doesn’t profit from having Draven on the bot lane, and Zyra’s no different. Draven is the kind of champion that can deal high damage to his enemies on his own. However, when paired with Zyra they are a nightmare to deal with.

The amount of pressure the enemy laners get from this combo is over the charts. Draven and Zyra benefit from each other’s bullying nature. Zyra can peel for Draven throughout the entire laning phase, and Draven is one of those champions that can take advantage of that.

These two have some of the biggest burst damage in the game. Even when the jungler is camping the bot lane, Draven and Zyra can almost always survive and even win 2v3.

Draven Q

Once Zyra roots an enemy, there’s little to no chance of survival. Combined with Draven’s insane burst damage, the duo will find a kill with each successful CC.

One downside to playing Zyra with Draven is the high possibility of Zyra ‘stealing’ the kill. Of course, this is possible no matter what ADC is paired with Zyra. In the case of Draven, however, he loses a lot more gold when he doesn’t get the kill because of his passive.

Nonetheless, Draven definitely goes well with Zyra’s zoning, poke, peel, and engage. And, Zyra gets the same from Draven. Especially in the early game and pre-level 6, they can set up kills pretty easily and burst down the enemy ADC.

5. Varus


Varus is yet another champion that goes very well with Zyra. In the laning phase and pre-level 6, Zyra’s root makes it very easy for Varus to hit his Q, so there can always be a follow-up on Zyra’s damage.

After level 6, both Zyra and Varus can make the enemy immobile for long enough to secure a kill. Furthermore, since both Zyra’s E and Varus’ R are mid/long-ranged, they can safely burst their enemy from a distance.

The size of Zyra’s ultimate is also similar to Varus’ ultimate, which makes it almost certain that the enemy bot lane duo will get caught up in both ultimate

Varus Q

Moreover, Varus is just as immobile as Zyra with no defensive spells apart from his ultimate, so he benefits greatly from Zyra’s plants. Her plants can not only zone out the enemy laners, but they can also block skillshots. This is incredibly important when playing against Thresh or Blitzcrank, for example.

Overall, Varus+Zyra is a very strong laning pair with high poke capability. Even in team fights in mid- and late-game, Zyra can deal high AOE damage and CC with help from Varus. 

Since Zyra’s ultimate has a small delay, if Varus manages to hit his ultimate first, it promises a combination of a hard CC lockdown, long enough to slay the opponents and win the team fight.

4. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is an amazing ADC with very high poke and burst potential. So, it’s no wonder why she has such a strong synergy with Zyra, too.

One of the deadliest combinations in the game is the AOE burst damage from Miss Fortune’s and Zyra’s ultimates. The synergy of these two can turn around team fights when timed correctly.

During the early game, Miss Fortune’s slows allow Zyra to hit her Q and E skill shots more easily. By the end of this combo, the enemies are usually left with half HP already. 


Therefore, winning in the early game is almost a given for this bot lane duo, especially once MF and Zyra reach level 6. Just getting caught in Zyra’s roots can be deadly for the enemy in a matter of seconds.

Unless getting constantly camped by the enemy jungler, this duo will always make the enemies retreat, push the lane, and get the bot lane turret first. 

Also, it’s safe to say that Miss Fortune and Zyra aren’t just a good bot lane duo. They can also be an amazing addition to any team whether it’s in team fights or to secure objectives.

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3. Ziggs


Lately, Ziggs has been a very popular champion in the bot lane. He does very well with high-damage and control mages such as Zyra because of his burst and poke potential

Both of them provide the team with mid to long-range damage while remaining safe. Zyra’s crowd control over the enemy gives Ziggs everything he needs to hit his skill shot abilities.

Zyra also helps Ziggs push the enemy minion waves faster, which lets him save his mana until they decide to burst down their enemy. Also, unless he’s low on mana (which shouldn’t happen often), Ziggs can always follow up and take advantage after Zyra roots an enemy. 

Ziggs E

This is yet another example of a hard-pushing bot lane duo. Zyra and Ziggs can take turrets incredibly fast thanks to Ziggs’ passive, and Zyra can zone out enemies with the help of her plants.

When securing objectives such as drakes and Baron, the combination of Ziggs’ and Zyra’s ultimates will make the fights in the pit almost always end up in their favor. No self-aware jungler will try to steal the drake or Baron from these guys, and if he does, he’ll be met with certain death.

This is why this duo is incredibly powerful throughout the entire game, even though Zyra is considered an early-game champion.

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2. Caitlyn


Caitlyn is objectively speaking the biggest bully on the bot lane. Paired with Zyra, these two make some of the most oppressive duos in the entire game. 

The constant poking from Zyra’s plants goes perfectly with Caitlyn’s long-range abilities. Furthermore, Caitlyn’s base attacks have one of the longest ranges in the entire game.

Zyra rooting an enemy with her E is the perfect setup for Caitlyn’s trap and burst damage. This way, the duo can secure a kill against any champion with low mobility. Caitlyn can also try to punish enemies trying to step on Zyra’s seeds on the ground by placing a trap on top of it.

Caitlyn E

Although Caitlyn’s and Zyra’s ultimates don’t synergize as much with each other as with other champions in this list, they are very powerful in different ways. 

For instance, Zyra’s knock-up from her ultimate will result in Caitlyn having some time to set up traps beneath the feet of the enemies and follow up with her long-range damage. 

And, Caitlyn’s ultimate will take down any enemy that somehow manages to get away from Zyra’s Stranglethorns and their immense combined damage

Enemies that face Caitlyn and Zyra are bound to have a hard time from the very start of the game. Their pre-level 6 can out-damage and win 2v2 in almost every case.

1. Jhin


Jhin and Zyra are one of the strongest bot lane duos in the entire game. Jhin is the best ADC for Zyra for multiple reasons. 

Jhin is the kind of ADC that likes to get an early lead from the start of the game. Since Zyra is at her peak during this early phase, she provides him with the necessary CC and strong damage output. This is one of the reasons why their synergy is so strong.

If they do manage to get a lead early on, Jhin and Zyra can even carry the entire team straight from the bot lane.

Also, throughout the game, Jhin is the kind of champion that benefits more from short trades instead of prolonged ones because of his passive reload time. Zyra’s zoning with her plants gives him the amount of space he needs while continuously poking the enemies.

Jhin E

Let’s break down their abilities now to explain how their kits complement each other.

First, Jhin’s W mark can be triggered by the attacks from Zyra’s plants alone, even if she misses the skill shot. The root from Jhin’s W is even easier to hit if Zyra’s seeds are activated with her E – Grasping Roots, because of their slowing effect. 

Second, the chain CC here is also very powerful. When Zyra does root an enemy with her E, Jhin can always follow up with his own root and then continue dealing damage. 

Third, both of these champions can deal damage through their traps and seeds. While Zyra’s seeds are visible to enemies, Jhin’s traps aren’t, so Zyra can trick her enemies by putting down a seed on top of Jhin’s trap. When enemies step on the seed to destroy it, they will trigger Jhin’s trap as well

Last but not least, Jhin’s and Zyra’s ultimates can work in each other’s favor, depending on the situation. Jhin’s slow from his Curtain Call is more than helpful to Zyra in enabling her to hit her skill shots with ease. 

At the same time, Zyra’s ultimate provides an enormous AOE knock-up which works wonders for Jhin’s ultimate, too.


Zyra is a pretty versatile champion offering AOE crowd control, AOE damage, poke, engage, and disengage. Her biggest disadvantage is her low mobility, which is why she isn’t as viable lately.

At the same time, Zyra has a special play style and it may take a while to get used to dealing damage and positioning her seeds. It’s also challenging to think about how the entire team can benefit from her kit and time her abilities perfectly.

Any of the seven champions on this list have very good synergy with Zyra. And, obviously, these aren’t the only bot lane champions that Zyra is good with. Ezreal, Jinx, Samira, and Nilah can also be viable picks for Zyra, too.

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