Taric is an extremely efficient support champion that specializes in protecting his allies. He offers shields, heals, and immunity to damage, so all his ADCs need to do is deal damage. But which ADCs are the best for Taric in League of Legends?

The perfect synergy happens when Taric plays with ADCs that can unleash a lot of damage while fighting next to him. Taric needs to be in close proximity to his ADC because his abilities have short ranges. This is especially important for his ultimate ability which also takes 2.5 seconds before it activates.

And so, if you want to find the ideal partner for Taric, just look out for marksmen who aren’t afraid to get near the enemy team while doing damage. This may include even Yasuo, but he’s better with supports that have knock-ups.

Here are the top 5 ADCs for Taric in the bot lane.

The 5 Best ADCs for Taric in LoL

5. Vayne


Vayne is a great late game AD carry, powerful enough to 1v5 the entire team. Vayne requires supports that can keep her alive while she’s auto-attacking and kiting, so Taric perfectly fits that job description. 

Starting from the laning phase, Taric can aid Vayne by constantly shielding and healing her. His Q and W create a relaxed environment for Vayne so she can keep on farming safely and scaling.

However, trading with Taric by her side is also what Vayne needs to take advantage of. Because she can rely on him to keep her HP up, Vayne can play aggressively and harass the enemy laners.

Once Taric decides to go forward and stun the opponents with his E – Dazzle, it’s Go-time for him and Vayne. Vayne can freely auto-attack while the enemies are immobilized and even extend the CC with her own E – Condemn. The two abilities can be deadly if combined the right way, so use them carefully.

Key Strengths:

  • Amazing late game power
  • Great kiting potential
  • High survivability

As far as late-game team fights are concerned, Taric is simply amazing at helping Vayne kite and keeping her alive. His stun is on a short cooldown, he can grant her armor, and his ultimate turns Vayne invulnerable.

In other words, Taric removes many of the dangers that all Vayne players face just by being next to Vayne.

In terms of items, Taric usually buys those that help Vayne either by enhancing her damage or by redirecting the damage to him.

4. Draven


Draven is the completely opposite of Vayne. Rather than focusing on scaling for the late game, Draven is all about dominating the laning phase and establishing control early on.

Whenever he’s with Taric, Draven can play as aggressively as he wants. With the bonus shielding and healing, Draven can win trades against any ADC in the bot lane. And if his opponents make the mistake of matching him head-on, Draven and Taric can easily pick a lot of kills early on.

When it comes to securing kills, Draven and Taric synergize there too. For example, each time Taric hits his stun, Draven can instantly start auto-attacking and overwhelm the opponents with damage.

On the other hand, Draven can slow down enemies with his E so Taric can aim his stun. This is a key mechanic to learn if you’re a duo because it can net you a lot of gold. And when your jungler comes to gank, it provides an easy way to chain-CC your enemies and take them down.

Key Strengths:

  • Aggressive playstyle
  • Dominating laning phase
  • Always potential to carry the game

If the early game is successful, Draven becomes a beast later on. Depending on his build (go for lethality Draven), Draven can have enough damage for all 5 of the enemy champions. 

All Taric needs to do is look after Draven, run behind him, and cast abilities according to the situation. Q, W, and E should always be cast around Draven with him being the key target for Taric’s R.

Runes and items can also help here. For example, Taric can opt for the Guardian keystone instead of Aftershock. And the Locket of the Iron Solari mythic item should always be the first item in his inventory.

3. Kalista


Kalista is arguably one of the most difficult ADC to carry with in League of Legends. Part of the problem is the fact that she doesn’t have anything defensive so she’s too dependent on kiting. But when Kalista is paired with Taric, that’s not a problem at all.

Taric brings a lot of survivability to the table, making Kalista a very defensive champion. His Q and W give her heals and shields so Kalista doesn’t need to be afraid of playing aggressively. And this is true for the early game as well as the late game.

In the laning phase, Kalista and Taric do a decent job against many matchups. Their goal usually is to get to level 6 safely, and then try to set up fights with Kalista’s R – Fate’s Call which is one of their greatest synergies together.

When Kalista pulls Taric with her ultimate, Taric can choose to dash forward and knock up the opponents. This perfectly sets them up for his own stun which is otherwise tough to hit. Remember, Taric is an immobile champion, and is not always easy for him to get in range.

Key Strengths:

  • Safe laning phase
  • Always potential to carry a game even when it’s 2v8
  • Great at kiting and outplaying opponents

In the late game, all of Taric’s abilities help Kalista in one way or another. While she’s hopping away from the enemy champions, Taric can stun them and keep her alive, giving her the opportunity to auto-attack and deal damage.

Knight’s Vow is one of the best items you can get on Taric when playing with Kalista. It allows you to redirect some of the damage done to her onto you. It will allow her to stay longer in a fight and potentially outplay the enemies.

All in all, Kalista is a great ADC pick for Taric in the bot lane!

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2. Samira


If you’re looking for an exceptional synergy, Taric in Samira is the combo for you. They are great for nearly everything, so you’ll never regret locking them in.

First of all, Samira benefits a lot from Taric’s crowd control. Each time Taric stuns an enemy champion, Samira can simply right-click them to dash into range of her auto-attacks. She also deals bonus damage so trading with Taric’s stun is always a win-win situation.

In terms of matchups, Taric and Samira is a winning combo except against poking champions and comps with a bigger range than them. 

For example, Morgana and Caitlyn can dominate them early on because Taric and Samira can never reach them. Morgana has her Q and E to make Taric obsolete while Caitlyn can endlessly poke Samira. So, ban champions like these!

Key Strengths:

  • Insane AoE damage
  • High survivability
  • Always able to come back

Samira’s and Taric’s synergy is best seen in late game team fights. Once Taric stuns a target or two, Samira can quickly get in range, get an S grade on her ultimate, and unleash an insane amount of damage. Taric is there to grant her shields, sheals, and invulnerability, turning Samira into an undying juggernaut that can slaughter anyone in sight.

Samira is already an unstoppable champion thanks to the Wind Wall on her W. But when this ability gets combined with Taric’s R, Samira becomes one of the toughest champions to stop.

As for items, Zeke’s Convergence is a very useful one here. With it, Taric will give Samira bonus on-hit damage whenever he stuns a champion making Samira’s job of slaying enemies way easier.

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1. Tristana


Tristana may not be the strongest ADC in League of Legends. In fact, she’s far from being a carry you can depend on. But whenever Tristana is paired with Taric, she becomes one of the greatest carries in the entire game!

To understand their synergy, we first understand how Tristana prefers to fight. She wants to jump in on an immobilized champion, throw a bomb, and auto-attack until they’re dead.

Well, Taric makes that possible every 10 seconds or so. With Taric being a great tank in LoL, he’s quite comfortable at walking up to the enemies’ faces and stunning them with E. And when he does that, Tristana is free to jump and finish them off.

Key Strengths:

  • Amazing all-in potential
  • Strong laning phase
  • Exceptional at carrying late game team fights

So, Taric’s stun creates an opportunity for Tristana to one-shot their enemies. But that’s not all!

Because Tristana can rely on Taric to save her, she can always play aggressively with her jump. For example, Tristana can jump in between the enemy team to finish off a target and Taric can use his ultimate to keep her alive. Playing against an ADC that can one-shot you while not being able to stop them is pretty unfair, so that’s what happens here.

Moreover, since Tristana’s playstyle revolves around repositioning with her W, helping her kite and keeping her alive isn’t a hard thing to do when you’re Taric. She’s always in range for your W and Q and she can keep enemies away herself.

All of the items I mentioned already, namely Locket of the Iron Solari, Knight’s Vow, and Zeke’s Convergence, can drastically improve Tristana’s power. So, Taric should always build them!


Not too many bot lane champions are bad matches for Taric. In fact, you can pair Taric with most ADCs in League and he’ll do okay. However, the 5 picks I recommended here are all exceptional partners that get huge benefits from being near Taric. And they can easily carry!

All in all, I hope I convinced you to try out these picks and gave you ideas on how you can increase your synergy with random Taric players in solo queue.

GL & HF!

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