Sona is one of the easiest but fun supports you can play in League of Legends. She’s great at enabling her allies to carry the games for her by protecting them and granting them bonus effects throughout the game. But who are the best marksmen for Sona support in LoL?

Sona is an enchanter support and she works best with ADCs that require enchanting. She can provide healing, shielding, bonus movement speed, and bonus damage, so great at assisting hyper-carry marksmen in LoL

However, that’s not all. Sona has great synergy with some off-meta ADCs and even some off-meta supports in League. So, it’s not always easy to find a good carry for Sona.

In this post, I’ll go over my top 5 best ADCs for Sona, explain why they go so well together with her and why you should play them with her. And by the end of the guide, you’ll know what to pick if your duo is going for a Sona support.

Let’s begin!

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The 5 Best Bot Lane Partners for Sona Support in LoL

5. Seraphine


Surprisingly enough, the first bot lane partner for Sona I want a talk about isn’t actually an ADC – it’s another support. However, Seraphine and Sona work fantastically well together, so I definitely recommend you try them out!

The first thing you need to realize here is how Seraphine works. Simply put, her abilities get empowered if their effect is already present. For example, if Seraphine has a shield on her, her W will not only shield but also provide healing.

Now, since Sona’s W is also a healing/shielding spell, Seraphine’s W gets double the value when she’s partnered up with Sona. This simply means that Seraphine’s W will always grant huge shields to her and Sona, regardless of anything that’s going on.

The rest of their abilities work in a similar way.

For example, if Sona slows down a target with her E + auto-attack, Seraphine’s E will always root that target. Additionally, if Sona stuns an enemy champion with her R, Seraphine’s E will extend that stun duration.

Key Synergies:

  • Both champions are powerful AP supports
  • Their abilities can be synced up for greater effects
  • Very safe playstyle from early to late game

Lastly, the advantage of playing Sona and Seraphine in the bot lane is really about empowering your entire team in the late game team fights. Since both champions can do AoE damage, crowd control, and healing/shielding, winning team fights is actually really easy with them.

The only disadvantage you may have is a low damage output, especially if the rest of your team isn’t particularly powerful. However, Sona and Seraphine is an amazing bot lane combo and I love playing it!

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4. Ashe


Ashe and Sona is one of the oldest combos in League of Legends. But their power together isn’t only an ancient bot lane history – it still holds ground against many matchups even today!

First of all, since Ashe is a champion with an “old design”, she’s really dependent on a “supportive” partner in order to succeed. And Sona is the perfect pick for the job.

Sona’s healing and shielding from her W is very helpful for Ashe during the laning phase. She doesn’t have defensive abilities or dashes, so she needs Sona to keep her health while she’s farming.

On the other hand, Ashe is amazing at keeping the target slowed and chasing enemies down. Sona can always help her with E by speeding her up and applying a slow effect on her own.

Moreover, since Ashe’s only physical damage spell is her W, Sona can aid her by increasing her auto-attack damage with her Q. This is an important buff for Ashe and a very useful one when it comes to team fights.

For that, Sona is also helpful because of her abilities. Moonstone Renewer, Ardent Censer, and Chemtech Putrifier all grant Ashe bonus effects just by being next to Sona.

Key Synergies:

  • Very easy playstyle, perfect for carrying games
  • Safety during the laning phase
  • Great crowd control

The last point I wanted to touch upon is Ashe’s and Sona’s CC. Both of these champions have ultimates that stun targets. And so, they can be coordinated to keep their target immobilized for an extended period of time.

For example, Sona can stun the opposing ADC first, allowing Ashe to freely cast her R. But this can work the other way around too. If Ashe hits her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Sona can always follow it up with her R too.

So, it’s a great combo nonetheless!

3. Lucian


Speaking of powerful bot lane synergy, Sona and Lucian embody that. These two champions are fantastic at controlling the bot lane together, but they can also take over the whole map.

Lucian is a high-damaging, mobile ADC that can do everything alone. However, when partnered up with Sona, his power grows a hundredfold.

First, Sona provides fantastic sustain through shields and heals which allows Lucian to play aggressively. And when Lucian does that, he usually dominates the laning phase. This helps the duo establish control early on and transfer that to the rest of the map.

With Sona behind him, Lucian can always dash forward and unleash amazing burst damage. It’s similar to when he plays with Nami because Sona can also increase his damage with Q. She also has movement speed buffs, so she’s an ideal enchanter for him.

Key Synergies:

  • High burst damage
  • Dominating laning phase
  • Their ultimates can be synced together

One of the big reasons why Lucian works well with Sona is due to Sona’s ultimate – Crescendo. Her AoE stun lines up the enemies perfectly for Lucian’s own ulti – The Culling. And if all else fails, these two champions can sync up their ultimates in order to unleash a lot of damage.

In terms of items, Sona provides huge benefits for Lucian. One of the biggest is Ardent Censer which gives Lucian bonus attack speed. But Chemtech Putrifier is also a helpful tool for Lucian, especially when needs to take down healing champions or tanks.

All in all, Lucian is one of the best ADCs for Sona in League of Legends!

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2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is personally my favorite ADC to play together with Sona. And whenever I have Sona support in my solo queue games, I always lock in MF for true domination!

Miss Fortune is an ADC that offers a lot of damage but little no survivability. She has an explosive playstyle full of burst damage but she isn’t too good at surviving in team fights. And that’s where Sona comes into play!

Sona can protect Miss Fortune with heals and shields, allowing her to do insane amounts of damage. This statement is true for any point in the game, no matter whether we’re talking about the laning phase or late game team fighting.

But keep in mind that during the early game, Miss Fortune and Sona aren’t the strongest duo. Their best asset is poke damage and they can definitely drive the opposing players out of the lane. 

However, MF and Sona shouldn’t play too aggressively since they don’t have the best defensiveness and none of them have dashes/jumps for escaping enemy ganks.

Key Synergy:

  • A lot of poke damage early on
  • Great AoE damage later on
  • Sona’s ultimate is a perfect setup for MF’s ultimate

The biggest synergy between Sona and Miss Fortune happens when they sync up their ultimates. Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time can annihilate the entire enemy team if Sona stuns them first with Crescendo, so that should be the aim of every MF and Sona duo.

Other than that, this combo can adapt to many different situations, so definitely try it out sometimes!

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1. Nilah


Ever since Nilah entered Summoner’s Rift, Sona’s win rate has jumped through the roof. And it’s evident why!

Nilah has a couple of mechanics that improve Sona and their synergy together. First off, Nilah’s passive grants bonus experience to Sona so they both level up faster than the opposing team. This opens up opportunities for 2v2 fights in the bot lane with a level advantage.

Additionally, each time Sona uses her W to cast a shield or a heal, Nilah’s passive improves it. Both Nilah and Sona get more healing/shielding while they’re near each other. This is very important because Nilah is a melee ADC and she needs to stay healthy as she’s farming.

Luckily, Sona’s and Nilah’s survivability is very high even in the laning phase as long as they’re together.

Key Synergies:

  • Amazing survivability throughout the game
  • Great at engaging and setting up team fights
  • Their ultimates can be used together

Aside from Nilah’s passive, these two champions synergize with the rest of their abilities.

For example, Nilah’s passive can act as a shield for Sona and block a lot of critical attacks. On the other hand, their ultimates can be used one after the other for maximum effects. If Nilah pulls the enemies closer in, Sona can immediately follow this with her own AoE stun.

All in All, Nilah is the best ADC for Sona in LoL and the combo works super well together!

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Depending on the patch, meta, and even matchup, different ADCs can have different results when paired up with Sona. For example, even Veigar can be a good bot laner for Sona if the two players know their strengths and weaknesses.

However, the 5 champions in this list will give you the biggest advantages you can get with Sona, so make sure to play some of them in your own games.

Good luck!

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