Seraphine is an easy-to-play and easy-to-master support in League of Legends.

She has a laid-back playstyle that lets you carry games with amazing crowd control and healing/shielding. But even Seraphine needs a good ADC in order to win games in LoL.

So, what ADC goes well with Seraphine support?

Seraphine is an amazing enchanter so she can aid most ADCs in the bot lane.

However, Seraphine has the most synergy with long-ranged marksmen as well as champions that have a lot of damage but also require a lot of healing/shielding.

If this doesn’t seem too clear, please don’t worry. In this post, I’ll do my best to explain why some champions work very well with Seraphine while others less so.

And I’ll give you 5 recommendations for playing together with Sera in the bot lane.

So, let’s check the 5 best ADCs for Seraphine in League of Legends!

The 5 Best ADCs for Seraphine in League of Legends

5. Ashe


When it comes to an efficient way of carrying games from the bot lane, Ashe is the perfect champion to go for.

She’s very good at controlling both the laning phase and the late game team fights, especially with a support such as Seraphine.

The first thing we need to clarify here is that Ashe benefits a lot from Seraphine’s protection

Sera’s healing and shielding from her W – Surround Sound makes it easy for Ashe to farm in the early game and scale up.

And this is especially important since Ashe isn’t the strongest laner and struggles to win against aggressive marksmen.

Second, Seraphine benefits a lot from playing with Ashe because of her slow effects. 

If you didn’t know, Seraphine’s E which is normally a slow effect actually turns to snare or stun if the target is already slowed.

And since Ashe can slow targets with her auto-attacks, W, and even R, she’s the perfect partner for Seraphine.

Key Synergies

  • Easy playstyle
  • Great crowd control
  • A lot of safety thanks to long range abilities

On the other hand, both Ashe and Seraphine can use their ultimates from long range to either set up a fight or finish it successfully.

Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be the perfect initiating tool while Seraphine’s Encore can be the spell that outplays everyone. But this can work the other way around too.

Because of all this, Ashe can easily be the number 1 ADC on this list. However, some marksmen are simply better at caring games than Ashe, so that’s why she’s on number 5 instead.

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4. Twitch


If you’re looking for a hyper-carry champion to pair up with Seraphine, Twitch should be your choice. The rat is an incredibly powerful ADC when he’s backed up by a support that doesn’t let him die, which Seraphine does very well.

First of all, the laning phase of Twitch and Seraphine is surprisingly safe. They can easily get engaged by aggressive laners such as Draven and Pyke.

But if Seraphine keeps her cooldowns up, no one can touch Twitch while he’s farming.

Once level 6 kicks in, Twitch’s and Seraphine’s power grows tremendously.

They can always start a fight by Twitch sneaking up on the enemy duo while Seraphine sets up the stage with E and R. After that, it’s all about Spray and Pray and healing/shielding.

When it comes to ability synergy, these two champions aren’t notorious for it. Sure, Twitch can slow down a target so Seraphine can root it, but that’s about it.

Instead, playing this duo is all about casting a good Seraphine ultimate so Twitch can line everyone up with auto-attacks thanks to his own ultimate. That’s the biggest synergy you should go for here.

Key Synergies:

  • Safe laning phase
  • Easy set up for team fights
  • Potential to carry games 2v8

Luckily for Twitch, Seraphine usually goes for items that further improve his carry potential. Some of these include Moonstone Renewer, Chemtech Putrifier, and Staff of the Flowing Water, all of which grant Twitch useful effects.

3. Draven


Theoretically speaking, Draven may be the strongest ADC partner for Seraphine. And if the two players are on the same page, these champions can hard-carry each game in League of Legends.

It’s important to understand the goal of this duo – keep Draven alive at all costs and let him auto-attack as much as possible. And there are reasons why.

All of Draven’s damage comes from his basic attacks. He doesn’t have dashes and jumps and no crowd control abilities in his kit.

The same can be said for his healing if Draven plays with the lethality build. And that’s why Seraphine is responsible for all of this!

Seraphine can protect Draven by healing and shielding him throughout the laning phase and in key moments.

She’s also great at crowd-controlling enemies, especially with her empower E and her AoE charm on R. This frees up Draven and allows him to auto-attack his targets with hard-hitting spinning axes!

Key Synergies:

  • Very aggressive playstyle
  • Potential to always carry games
  • They can win fights even when outnumbered

When it comes to their ultimates, Seraphine and Draven don’t have the best synergy.

This combo is more about raw power rather than ability sync up, so know what to expect. However, Seraphine can line up targets for Draven’s R, so there’s that.

And when you combine all of this together, you get a very aggressive playstyle that’s always looking to dominate the bot lane and carry from there. So, it’s very fun!

2. Jhin


I already mentioned that in order to fully unlock Seraphine’s power it usually takes a matching long-ranged ADC. And Jhin fits that profile perfectly.

What Jhin offers is a follow-up for Seraphine in every regard, especially when it comes to doing more damage or extending the duration of crowd control.

For example, each time Seraphine slows or roots an enemy champion with her E, Jhin can quickly aim his W to provide a longer snare duration.

Similarly, Jhin can always damage the enemy targets with his ultimate after Seraphine catches them with Encore, regardless of where he’s standing.

On the other hand, Seraphine has a couple of different ways of helping out Jhin too. Because she’s a long-ranged champion herself, it’s for her to attack an enemy champion and mark it for Jhin’s W.

Additionally, Seraphine can use the slow effect from Jhin’s E to snare or stun the target. However, Jhin’s traps aren’t that reliable, so be aware of that.

Key Synergies:

  • Long range playstyle
  • Great crowd control
  • Amazing at setting up winnable team fights

Another reason why Jhin can easily carry games with Seraphine by his side is the safety she provides.

Seraphine can keep Jhin’s HP bar at 100% since level 1, which is very important for an immobile ADC such as Jhin.

All in all, Jhin is a fantastic ADC for Seraphine in LoL!

1. Varus


And finally, we have Varus – the best ADC for Seraphine in the entire League of Legends!

Now, it doesn’t actually matter whether Varus goes for the regular ADC build, the lethality Varus build, or the full AP one-shot Varus build. This combo is bonkers regardless of the items and runes the players run!

When you play Seraphine and Varus together, it’s all about setting up kills with Chains of Corruption and Encore. In fact, these champions are so matching that each cast of their ultimates usually nets them kills.

Here’s why it works so well.

Varus can one-shot an enemy champion even if he isn’t building items for it. His ulti allows him to increase the damage of his Q and root enemies in place.

Seraphine’s ultimate can help him extend this CC duration and allow him to safely aim his Q.

Additionally, both Varus’ and Seraphine’s ultimates are great tools for controlling a 5v5 team fight. The two abilities can be applied to all 5 of the enemy champions which is perfect for carrying games from the bot lane.

But that’s not all.

Seraphine provides an amazing safety during the laning phase which is key for Varus because he’s immobile. Her presence is enough to discourage enemy players from harassing Varus since she can always heal him up.

Key Synergies:

  • Powerful game-changing ultimates
  • Long range playstyle
  • Great at setting up team fights around the map

So, when Varus and Seraphine are together, they usually play the game to their rules. They can always start the fights themselves but they’re also very good at reacting to them.

And that’s why Varus is the best ADC for Seraphine in League of Legends!


The great thing about Seraphine is that she also goes very well with mages as well as ADCs. For example, Seraphine and Swain is a very powerful combo with lots of damage and crowd control.

And I recommend you try it out!

If you want to know the best ADCs for your main support champions, please use the search bar up on Runetarium. I have posts on nearly all supports in LoL, so make sure you check them out.


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