As an enchanter in League of Legends, Renata Glasc is usually paired with a hyper carry in the bot lane. She’s a unique pick offering many benefits, including shielding, crowd control, and even a death-reversing mechanic.

But how do you actually take full advantage of Renata in the bot lane? Which ADCs synergize the best with her?

The best ADCs for Renata Galsc are the heavy damage dealers. With Renata, an ADC can play very aggressively and rely on her W – Bailout to avoid dying. That’s why Renata works extremely well with marksmen that can do lots of AoE damage in team fights and don’t rely on defensiveness or mobility too much.

In this post, I’ll give you 6 such examples. Each of these picks has favorable win rates with Renata Glasc in solo queue across all servers and elos in League of Legends.

So, let’s begin.

Pair Renata Glasc with These ADCs in League of Legends

6. Nilah


Strengths & Weaknesses

Safety during the laning phase.Struggles against heavy-poke duos.
Ability synergy in a team fight.Relatively weak early game.
Bonus experience and bonus shields.May rely on ganks to get things going.


Nilah can become a team fighting machine and outplay any opponent. Her playstyle is often compared to that of Samira, but I daresay she’s an even better ADC. And among the best supports for Nilah is Renata too.

Nilah and Renata Glasc usually focus on farming and staying safe during the early game. This is due to the fact that Nilah is a melee ADC and often gets bullied by ranged marksmen. Yes, Renata can occasionally shield her to help her out, but it is something to be aware of.

Make no mistake, Nilah and Renata Glasc can win the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane as early as level 3. However, both partners need to be above 80% HP and play really well to pull this off, especially against certain matchups.

Once they both unlock level 6, Nilah’s and Renata’s power grows tenfold. Both champions are exceptional at assisting their jungler to secure the Dragon and they both shine in team fights.

Nilah’s and Renata’s ultimates can be used in combination to magnify their powers. When Renata casts Hostile Takeover, Nilah can use this to dash in and cast Apotheosis. And the combo works the other way around too.

One of the greatest advantages that Nilah gets from Renata is the death-reversing mechanic and the bonus attack speed from Bailout. This simply means that Nilah can engage in a team fight and deal lots of damage without the fear of getting killed.

It can be pretty hard to stop Nilah with Renata by her side, so abuse this duo as much as you can!


  • Nilah can use her W to shield Renata Glasc.
  • Don’t use Nilah’s and Renata’s W in combination but one after the other.
  • You can cast Renata’s R right after Nilah pulls everyone with her own R.
  • You will always get level 2 first, so try to punish your opponents right away.

5. Draven


Strengths & Weaknesses

Aggressive playstyle.Low safety.
Lane control.Dependant on early game success.
Tons of damage.Easy to shut down.


In comparison to Nilah, Draven has totally different playstyle in the bot lane. And if you’re into the aggressive ADCs that secure the lane power early on, Draven is your guy.

The biggest benefit that Draven offers Renata is high damage. No matter the build, Draven’s axes take 10 to 30% of the enemy’s HP from level 1. And often all Renata needs to do to win a fight is cast W on Draven.

During the laning phase, Draven and Renata can get lots of kills. This is easily done by Renata catching the opponents with her Q – Handshake and buffing Draven with her E – Loyalty Program. Draven is an ADC that really needs crowd control and Renata offers that too.

If things go south, Renata can always use her W – Bailout to turn around the fight. These two champions are amazing at countering ganks because they can often win even 2v3 fights.

One thing I really like about playing Draven with Renata Glasc is how relaxed the gameplay actually is. You can literally run into the enemy team and start auto-attacking them knowing that Renata can AoE CC them with her R and deny your death with her W.

In the late game, Draven’s and Renata’s power reaches its zenith. Both champions scale very well and can easily carry games 2v8.

So, definitely try this duo out!


  • Include these items in your build: Shurelya’s Battlesong, Ardent Censer, and Mikael’s Blessing.
  • Try to hit level 2 first and play aggressively early on.
  • Don’t be afraid to take the 2v3 fight when the enemy jungler comes for a gank (be careful though and kite well).

4. Samira


Strengths & Weaknesses

Great at 2v2 skirmishes.Short range.
Always potential to carry.Weak against poking comp.
A lot of defensiveness and survivability.Struggles against heavy CC teams.


Samira’s playstyle matches that of Renata Glasc in many aspects.

First of all, Samira can use Renata’s crowd control to dash to the enemies and deal extra damage. This is due to Samira’s passive which takes advantage of Renata’s Q and R.

Second, Samira is a notorious champion when it comes to 2v2 skirmishes and 5v5 fights. She deals so much AoE damage but she’s also prone to getting focused due to her being in the middle of everything.

Well, Renata’s Bailout is the perfect spell for this situation because it can save Samira from dying and allow her to 1v5 the entire enemy team.

And third, Samira’s W – Blade Whirl can often be the ideal defense for Renata too. Since Renata is immobile, champions like Ashe or Morgana can often catch her off guard. But if Samira stays close to Renata and reacts with her Wind Wall, Renata’s safety is guaranteed.

So, what you need to do with these champions is look for kill opportunities around Renata’s Q. Samira can follow up on that CC and unleash damage.

Once you’re both level 6, the kill potential rises tenfold. Renata can either use her ultimate to engage a fight or cast it when Samira gets into trouble. In either way, she creates the perfect situation for Samira because it keeps her enemies immobilized and unable to hurt her.


  • My recommended items: Chemtech Putrifier, Mikael’s Blessing, and Zeke’s Convergence.
  • Abuse Samira’s passive each time Renata Glasc immobilizes enemies.
  • Use Samira’s W to block crowd control abilities and escape ganks from the enemy jungler.
  • Don’t cast Renata’s R when Samira doesn’t have stacks on her ultimate and can’t follow it up.

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3. Kog’Maw


Strengths & Weaknesses

Easy playstyle.Weak early game.
AoE damage that’s hard to miss.Easy to shut down.
Amazing at carrying in the late game.Depends on gold and XP to carry.


Kog’Maw is one of those champions that only works with a certain type of supports. And one of the best champions to pair him with is Renata.

Kog’Maw is a scaling champion and you don’t want to play too aggressively early on. Instead, you should approach the laning phase as calmly as possible. You want to farm and avoid fights you don’t want to have. And most importantly, you don’t want to push without vision.

The reason behind this is that both Renata Glasc and Kog’Maw are immobile champions. They don’t have dashes and they can’t escape sticky situations. Often, their only option is to fight back (even in the 2v3 fights) but early on you’ll be too weak to do anything.

The great thing about Kog’Maw and Renata is that once the mid game kicks in, they can be pretty dangerous to the entire enemy team. Kog’Maw spikes up with one or two items and is comfortable being the only damage dealer on your team. And with Renata there to buff his attack speed, he can be unstoppable.

Kog’Maw doesn’t necessarily depend on Renata’s crowd control but he definitely benefits from it. Her Hostile Takeover can allow him to quickly assassinate multiple enemy champions, so Renata should use it carefully in the late game.

And lastly, the greatest synergy between Kog’Maw and Renata Glasc is that Kog can walk into the enemy team without the fear of dying. His damage is enough to slay at least one champion and abuse Renata’s Bailout.

And if you’ve never faced a fed Kog’Maw with Renata by his side, you don’t know how hard it is to actually do anything. So, I totally recommend this combo!


  • Build protective items for Kog’Maw such as Mikael’s Blessing, Redemption, and Staff of Flowing Waters.
  • Renata should always be around Kog’Maw to help him farm and deal damage.
  • Use Renata’s R to let Kog’Maw deal damage freely in a team fight.

2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Strengths & Weaknesses

High AoE damage.No mobility.
Great synergy with ultimates.No defensive abilities.
Strong early, mid, and late game.Struggles against assassins.


If I could describe Miss Fortune’s playstyle in League of Legends with one word, that would be “explosive”. But really, she can torment enemies and one-shot them all at once, no matter whether we’re talking about the AP Miss Fortune build, the lethality MF build, or the traditional ADC/crit build.

In other words, when you’re playing Miss Fortune with Renata Glasc, you should be a bit more aggressive. This doesn’t necessarily mean the early game, but once you both get to level 6, it’s time for action.

Miss Fortune and Renata have great synergy between their ultimates. When Renata Glasc casts Hostile Takeover on multiple enemy champions, it creates the ideal opportunity for MF to cast Bullet Time. And we all know what that can do to a team fight!

So, I’d say that the real power of Renata and MF can be seen in the late game. Both champions scale extremely well and they can become the carries your team needs. And Miss Fortune is never short of damage.

On the other hand, MF gets a lot of bonuses from being around Renata. For example, Bailout can save her on more than one occasion while the extra attack speed is great when you’re going for the crit build on MF.

So, these two champions are great together in the bot lane!


  • Renata Glasc should always build Mikael’s Blessing for MF because she doesn’t have any way to block the enemy’s CC.
  • Staff of Flowing Water can help MF deal even more AP damage.
  • Use Renata’s R and Miss Fortune’s R in combination to annihilate the enemy team.

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1. Twitch


Strengths & Weaknesses

Scales extremely well.Short range (when farming).
1v9 carry potential.Requires knowledge of positioning.
A lot of safety thanks to his camouflage.


There’s a reason why the best ADC for Renata Glasc in LoL is Twitch. And if you’ve never faced two good players in solo queue on these champions, you don’t know what struggle really is!

Twitch is a hyper-carry ADC that does a lot of AoE damage during the mid and late game. Sure, his early game is weak but thanks to Renata’s W – Bailout, he can stay pretty safe. And if he focuses on farming and scaling (at least the first 10 minutes), his power spike is almost guaranteed.

What I love about having Renata as a support when I’m playing Twitch is the freedom she provides. For example, I can camouflage with my Q and sneak around the enemy’s team without the fear of getting stomped. With Spray and Pray, I can decimate all 5 champions, and if they do jump on me, Renata’s W is there to save me.

Normally, you want to be very careful on Twitch, and positioning in team fights is really important. However, since he always has enough damage to finish up an enemy’s HP bar (thanks to his E), it’s easy for him to abuse Renata’s Bailout and live forever.

If you want to spice things up, you can always go for the AP Twitch build. In that case, the playstyle will change a bit. This is because you should abuse roaming on AP Twitch instead of staying in lane and farming. And Renata can accompany you as well!


  • Use Renata’s W to boost Twitch’s damage while Spray and Pray is active.
  • Don’t be obvious when the following Twitch while he’s in invisibility.
  • Always start team fights with Twitch appearing from the side while Renata uses R to prepare the ground for him.


If you’re wondering whether you can pair your main ADC with Renata Glasc, you probably can even if you don’t see it on my list. Remember, the 6 marksmen you see here are the ones that go the best with Renata in the bot lane, but they aren’t the only ones.

If you know how to play your champion and your duo is decent at Renata Glasc, you can always make it work. Just make sure to get your runes and items right, and you’re good to go.

Good luck!

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