Rell is one of the most underrated support champions in League of Legends. You rarely see her in solo queue and she’s seldom taken full advantage of. However, Rell mains know how broken she can be especially when paired with the right ADC in the bot lane.

Rell’s biggest strength is crowd control and the ADCs that synergize the most with her are the ones that benefit a lot from her CC. For example, both Samira and Yasuo can take full advantage of Rell’s knock-ups and stuns, so they’re perfect partners for her. But there are other ADCs too.

In most matchups, Rell will prove a great support pick because of how useful she can be to the entire team. 

But one thing you shouldn’t do is to pair Rell with ADCs that only look to farm during the early game. In that case, you won’t see Rell’s true strength and she’ll be forced to roam and gank around the map.

That said, here I picked the 6 ADCs with the biggest synergy with Rell in LoL. I’ve explained how they work together and all the things you need to be aware of before jumping into the game. So, take a look!

Top 6 Best ADCs for Rell in LoL

6. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

The first ADC I want to recommend here is Miss Fortune. She’s an explosive pick with tons of AoE damage that can be lined up perfectly with Rell’s crowd control.

First of all, Miss Fortune has a decent laning phase where damage is never a problem. She lacks mobility and defensiveness but Rell can protect her well during this time. And once MF gets to level 6, she becomes a true menace in the bot lane.

The best synergy between Rell and Miss Fortune happens when Rell immobilizes multiple enemies with her W > E and MF unleashes her R. This setup can be pretty easy to do but it all depends on Rell’s aim.

To help with that, MF has her E which is an AoE slow effect. It’s a good strategy for Miss Fortune to always start the fight with Make it Rain and have Rell jump on the slowed enemy champions. This guarantees the knock-up and the stun which then opens up an opportunity for Miss Fortune’s ultimate and more kills overall.

That said, Miss Fortune and Rell are good both at 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane and at late game team fights. And the way to execute their combo is pretty much the same.

I really enjoy playing Miss Fortune with Rell because of how well she can peel for me. The stuns are great for kiting and because she’s a tank she can absorb so much damage.

There are two items that I really want to recommend here and they’re Evenshroud and Zeke’s Convergence. They will both give her more damage when Rell immobilizes an enemy champion.

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5. Tristana


The next ADC that shines when paired up with Rell is Tristana. She’s another explosive marksman with tons of raw damage and the potential to eliminate single targets out of the fight.

The thing that I really love about Tristana in combination with Rell is the aggressive playstyle she brings. Because of Tristana’s level 2 power spike, she and Rell can look for an all-in as soon as the 9th minion is slain.

With Rell’s AoE knock-up and stun, as well as Tristana’s jump and bomb, the kill potential on level 2 is super high. And unless the enemy jungler is there to stop you, you should always try to score.

What this does is that it establishes control in the lane very early on. The great thing about this duo is that they can repeat the all in every 15 seconds or so. Depending on the matchup, they can get a lot of kills during the laning phase and snowball the lead for the late game.

When it comes to 5v5 team fights, Rell proves to be the perfect protector of Tristana. Thanks to her defensiveness, she can be the shield that Tristana lacks. 

Bodyblocking spells and attacks is what Rell should always do for Tristana, as well as crowd-controlling enemies so that Tristana can deal damage.

Again, the items that work well for Rell are Zeke’s Convergence and Evenshroud, but you can also include Knight’s Vow to make Tristana even tankier.

4. Kalista


If you’re looking for a pure synergy marksman for Rell in the bot lane, Kalista might be the best one for it. She’s simply fantastic in combination with Rell and can easily dominate the entire enemy team.

Kalista is an ADC that depends on her support for peeling in almost all situations. Well, Rell is a great champion for that. She’s tanky enough to endure long enough in a team fight and keep stunning enemies to keep them away from Kalista.

What this gives Kalista is the freedom to hop around, reposition, and keep dealing damage. A good Kalista player is comfortable being the only carry on the team if his team is helping him during a fight. And you won’t find a better support than Rell for it.

During the laning phase, Kalista’s and Rell’s power isn’t that great. Sure, they can always engage and set up a fight if an opportunity arises. But in most cases, Kalista’s looking to farm during the early game and only engage when the ally jungler is there.

On the other hand, when the enemy jungler comes to gank, Rell and Kalista always have the potential to win the 3v2 fight. Depending on how well they kite around, they can outplay the enemy team and establish control in the bot lane.

For this, I really recommend having Exhaust on Kalista instead of Heal, and Ignite on Rell. These two Summoner’s Spells offer the most pressure in the lane, so they’re great for getting more kills overall.

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3. Nilah


Nilah’s playstyle is one of the best ways to take advantage of Rell’s kit. And there are so many synergies between these two champions!

First of all, Nilah fits Rell because she can match her in everything Rell does. For example, each time Rell jumps in with her W and immobilizes the enemy laners, Nilah can immediately dash and get into range for dealing damage.

If things go south, Nilah has her W to block important attacks from the enemy team. This increases Rell’s survivability too which is already high enough.

Once Nilah and Rell get to level 6, there’s an amazing synergy between their ultimate abilities too. Both Apotheosis and Magnet Storm pull enemies toward Rell and Nilah, lining them up perfectly for damage.

During a late game team fight, Nilah’s and Rell’s ultis can be vital points for winning. Nilah’s entire damage can depend on whether the enemies are in the range of her auto-attacks, but with this combo she has that secured.

One thing that Nilah struggles with is poke comps in the bot lane. For example, Morgana and Caitlyn can easily drive her out of range even with Rell’s help.

To counter this, Nilah and Rell should play aggressively and look to set up 2v2 fights in the bot lane early on. If the enemy duo can’t block or avoid stuns, the success is pretty much guaranteed. 

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2. Yasuo


As an off-meta ADC, Yasuo is a great pocket pick that can often surprise the enemy team. And in combination with Rell, his strengths receive a massive boost throughout the game.

For starters, Yasuo’s synergy with Rell can be easily seen through her knock-up. Rell’s initial cast of her W knocks up all enemies in the target location making them airborne for 1 second. During this time, Yasuo can cast his ultimate on all affected enemies.

Rell’s ultimate ability also has a short airborne effect which Yasuo can use for his Last Breath. Rell’s Magnet Storm has a large AoE radius so it’s possible for them to sometimes get all 5 enemy champions affected by their ultimates.

But that’s not all. 

A really cool benefit that Rell receives from Yasuo is his ability to dash around. So when she connects to Yasuo with her E, his dashing could make it easy for her to stun the enemies. 

Normally, it’s all up to Rell to move behind the enemies to position herself for E. But with Yasuo, he can be the one moving behind them and Rell simply press her E button.

As with Nilah, the early game of Yasuo and Rell might struggle due to their melee range. However, once the mid game kicks in, their power grows tenfold. 

Depending on the players’ skill and knowledge, they can win the 2v2 fights early on. But these two champions really shine in 5v5 team fights.

Here, Evenshroud and Knight’s Vow are the must-have items for the duo.

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1. Samira


And the ultimate best ADC for Rell in League of Legends is Samira. These two champions work extremely well together and complement each other in many different aspects.

First, Samira’s passive allows her to take full advantage of Rell’s crowd control. Each time Rell stuns a target, Samira can right-click them for additional damage. And when Rell knocks up an enemy, Samira can even keep them airborne for longer.

This synergy plays a huge part in the success of the duo and it’s one of the biggest reasons why they have such a high win ratio together. It helps them dominate the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane and establish control over the entire map.

What’s especially helpful for Rell here is that she always has a reliable partner in Samira wherever she engages. Samira has a dash and can instantly follow up on Rell’s crowd control. And while the enemies are immobilized, Samira can quickly charge up her ultimate.

This leads me to my next point – Rell’s ultimate is the perfect setup for Samira’s ultimate. Because Rell can keep all enemy champions close together, Samira’s Inferno Trigger can annihilate them.

On the other hand, Samira offers even more defensiveness for Rell. Her W is a Wind Wall that blocks all projectiles and can save Rell’s life on more than one occasion. It’s especially helpful for countering the enemy jungler’s gank and disengage when it’s needed.

All items that I previously mentioned, Evenshroud, Knight’s Vow, and Zeke’s Convergence, should all be present in Rell’s inventory. They will boost Samira’s damage and safety and allow her to be the best ADC in the game.


The 6 ADCs on my list are all synergy-based picks that go very well together with Rell regardless of the patch, meta, or matchup. And if two players understand each other’s champions, it’s not difficult for them to win game after game, especially in low elo.

However, there are multiple other champions that benefit from Rell too. For example, Varus is a great pick to match with Rell and take advantage of his one-shot damage.

That said, don’t be afraid to try some of these picks and experiment for yourself. GL & HF!

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