Pyke is one of the best carry supports in League of Legends. His assassin-like ability kit allows him to set up kills like no one else and outplay his opponents as early as level 2.

But even Pyke needs allies to carry games. So, who are the ADCs that go the best with Pyke in the bot lane? 

Pyke favors marksmen that are quick and can follow his engage or champions that benefit from his crowd control.

He has synergy with multiple AP and AD picks, but you need to know the right way to combine their abilities.

Luckily, I dedicate this post to the 7 best ADCs for Pyke in LoL. I’ll explain why they work so well with him and how you can take advantage of their synergy. 

So if you’re looking to take the maximum value out of Pyke in your team, these are the bot laners to look out for!

The 7 Best ADCs/Duo Partners for Pyke in Bot Lane

7. Sivir


Sivir is one of the oldest marksmen in the game. Her kit is easy to understand and not too difficult to master either.

The first reason why you’d want to pair Sivir with Pyke is this – Pyke can stun the enemies and let Sivir freely hit her Q.

This is especially important in the lower elos where your lane partner isn’t always accurate with their skill shots. And having a free shot is always a good thing.

On the other hand, Sivir is a relatively short-ranged marksman. Aside from her Q, her playstyle forces her to be near the enemies and risk her own life.

But when she’s paired with Pyke, Sivir can stand a bit back, wait for him to set up an opportunity, or let him execute everyone for her.

Key Synergies:

  • Great follow-up damage
  • Bonus movement speed buff
  • Safe playstyle that allows you to roam around

Sivir’s ultimate ability is a party-wide buff that grants bonus movement speed. She can use it to speed up Pyke so he can catch up to them either with E or Q. 

Or this can work the other way around. For example, whenever Pyke hooks an enemy champion or stuns one, Sivir can speed herself up and quickly enter range for dealing damage.

Both champions are good at running away too, one due to camouflage and the other due to MS.

Lastly, thanks to Sivir’s E – Spell Shield, she is a relatively safe marksman. And because she can quickly clear waves, Pyke can leave her alone in the bot lane to roam around the map and set up kills for his mid laner and jungler. 

This last part is super useful, so make sure to take advantage of it!

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6. Vayne


Vayne may not have too many benefits for Pyke, but indirectly, she’s one of the best ADCs to pair with him.

A big factor is Vayne’s relentless damage that can always follow up any of Pyke’s engages. Since Vayne is a champion without skillshots and all of her damage comes from auto-attacks, it isn’t hard for her to follow Pyke either.

In a real situation, Vayne is usually a step behind Pyke auto-attacking the hooked or the stunned enemies.

Aside from her Condemn, she doesn’t have any other CC too so Pyke allows her to freely deal damage for several seconds.

During a team fight, Pyke doesn’t need to care about Vayne’s safety due to her ultimate ability – Final Hour which grants invisibility when she uses her Q – Tumble.

Thanks to this mechanic, Vayne can easily reposition and dodge CC/damage, so Pyke can focus on the enemy targets instead.

Key Synergies:

  • Reliable damage in all situations
  • Extremely powerful late game scaling
  • Easy to execute combos

The laning phase of Vayne and Pyke isn’t particularly strong. And most of the time you actually see these two champions being passive.

However, if Pyke and Vayne are up against a relatively easy matchup (Sona + Ashe, for example), they can be aggressive as early as level 2.

Pyke’s crowd control can dominate the laning phase and allow them to establish control early on.

So, definitely give Vayne and Pyke a try!

5. Samira


If you’re looking for a duo partner that can synergize abilities besides auto-attacks with Pyke, Samira should be your choice.

Starting with her passive, Samira benefits from both Pyke’s Q and E. She can right-click the airborne or the stunned targets to dash towards them and deal bonus physical damage.

In the case of Pyke’s Q, she can even extend the airborne duration.

Samira is a powerful bot lane pick that requires an aggressive support such as Pyke.

When Pyke rushes forward and hooks the enemy laner, Samira can instantly follow it up with her dashes and dish out an insane amount of damage.

Moreover, Samira’s W allows her to block all projectiles much like Yasuo’s Wind Wall. This is very beneficial for Pyke, especially when both partners dive deep into the enemy team, ready to outplay them.

In other words, Samira’s W lets them do exactly what they need to do.

But the biggest benefit that Pyke gets from playing with Samira is that she has extremely high AoE damage in her kit.

With her, Pyke has high chances of scoring a pentakill after Samira’s damage simply because the entire enemy team is below 50% HP.

Key Synergies:

  • Great follow-up on both crowd control and damage
  • Protection for Pyke thanks to the Wind Wall
  • High AoE damage that leaves targets ready for Pyke’s execution

There’s no other ADC that can do this as well as Samira, so she’s one of the best bot lane partners for Pyke.

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4. Draven


When a good Pyke player and a good Draven player meet up in solo queue, it’s usually League of Draven!

Simply put, Draven and Pyke is one of the most aggressive combos in the bot lane. Both of these champions are notorious for early game aggression and they both look to dominate the laning phase.

One thing you can do with Pyke and Draven is to always push first and attack as soon as you get to level 2.

For Pyke, this means that he can hook one of the opponents back and even stun them. And for Draven, he can keep attacking with Q while chasing them with W.

Draven is all about dealing direct physical damage, either by building crit or lethality.

This fits Pyke’s idea of winning very well since he needs an ADC that can quickly bring the HP down of his target so he can execute them with R – Death From Below.

On top of this, Draven’s E can oftentimes set up Pyke for success. For example, Draven can bait enemies and slow them down enough so Pyke can land his Q.

After that, the stun is secured and the enemy champion is soon finished.

Key Synergies:

  • Very aggressive playstyle
  • Easy laning phase that promises a lot of kills
  • High chances of winning every matchup and carrying games 2v8

If Draven gets fed, Pyke’s job is very easy during the mid and late game. All he really needs to do is land Qs here and there just so Draven can auto-attack the unfortunate opponents.

His damage is so high that he’s likely to one-shot an enemy champion with a single auto-attack, no matter the build.

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3. Twitch


Twitch is one of my personal favorite champions when it comes to partnership with Pyke. And the two of them are amazing at carrying games together!

First of all, both Twitch and Pyke have invisibility/camouflage effects from their abilities. This isn’t only for gaining more movement speed. It’s actually a broken mechanic when the two champions combine it together.

Here’s why.

Pyke and Twitch can synchronize their camouflages to sneak up on the opposing laners from all possible angles.

This allows them to engage first and catch enemies off-guard. Sweepers and red wards help out a lot, so make sure to pick them up often.

But that’s not all, their camouflage is also great for disengaging and avoiding the enemy jungler. Each time a gank is about to happen, both Pyke and Twitch can vanish and run to safety under their turrets.

The tricky part for their opponents is that they need to get near Pyke or Thresh in order to see them and attack them. But if they flee in opposite directions, it’s really tough to catch them both.

If you want to learn how camouflage and invisibility work in League of Legends, I have an in-depth guide here.

Key Synergies:

  • Camouflage that allows them to always engage first
  • High AoE damage that sets up Pyke for execution resets
  • A great duo for roaming around Summoner’s Rift and ganking other lanes

Aside from that, Twitch is actually a beast when it comes to late game team fights. Thanks to his ultimate – Spray and Pray, he’s able to melt down all 5 of the enemy champions.

This sets up Pyke for his ulti’s resets, so they’re very close to a perfect bot lane combo!

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2. Veigar


Switching over to the AP carries in the bot lane, Veigar is a fantastic duo partner for Pyke. It’s difficult to find a good support for Veigar in the bot lane, but Pyke is one of the best ones you can get.

However, this benefit is not only one-sided. In fact, Pyke players love to play together with good Veigar players. And here’s why.

Unlike many ADCs in LoL, Veigar brings real safety to the bot lane. He doesn’t depend on auto-attacking and he can always keep a safe distance between himself and the opposing laners.

Additionally, Veigar is all about burst damage and not consistent damage. He prefers to one-shot his targets rather than slowly melt them down.

This benefits Pyke because it simply means that he can execute them with Death From Below much sooner than normal.

In terms of abilities, Veigar and Pyke have a few synergies.

Key Synergies:

  • Pyke can hook enemies into Veigar’s wall
  • High burst damage
  • Very easy setup

For example, Pyke can hook a champion with his Q and bring them directly into Veigar’s wall for the stun. Similarly, he can pull back their opponents so Veigar can place his Event Horizon around them and prevent them from escaping.

All of this is a great setup for Veigar’s and Pyke’s damage. Both champions can be pretty lethal, especially if they get a bit ahead. So play the early game smartly and let Veigar scale a bit.

And once he has enough AP through his stacks, you can dominate the Rift!

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1. Yasuo


Finally, the best carry champion in League of Legends for Pyke is Yasuo! And even though he isn’t a marksman, he’s the ADC that Pyke players love to have on their teams!

Yasuo brings a couple of things that Pyke really likes. The most obvious synergy is that Pyke can put a target airborne with his Q and allow Yasuo to activate his ultimate ability.

This knock up effect is short, so Yasuo needs to be quick in activating his R.

However, there’s more to it.

Once Yasuo’s ultimate and Pyke’s Q are synced, their target is essentially immobilized for several seconds. While in the air, Pyke is free to auto-attack the target and even cast Death From Below if necessary.

But if not, he can also dash through the airborne enemy and stun them right when Yasuo’s animation ends.

So, Pyke and Yasuo can chain-CC the enemy carry and eliminate them very quickly. And just like with Samira, Yasuo has his Wind Wall to protect him and Pyke when they dive deep into the enemy’s back line.

Key Synergies:

  • Easy setup for Yasuo’s R
  • Great survivability
  • Amazing damage throughout the game

The laning phase of Pyke and Yasuo isn’t very powerful, mainly because Yasuo is melee and needs to get to level 6. But once his ultimate is unlocked, these champions are notorious for dominating 2v2 bot lane fights.

One advantage that Yasuo has over all marksmen in LoL is that he’s a fighter and therefore much tankier than the rest of the bot lane picks.

His build includes survivability items too, so not pure damage. And if ever Pyke leaves Yasuo alone, Yasuo can do very well on his own.

Here are the best supports for Yasuo ADC in League of Legends.

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Nearly all ADCs in League of Legends can be successfully paired with Pyke as long as both players understand their strengths and weaknesses.

But Pyke is one of the best supports in the game and he can often carry bot players that aren’t on the same skill level as him.

These 7 ADCs go extremely well with Pyke and synergize with his strengths. So definitely try them out!

Good luck!

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