Morgana is one of the most powerful supports in League of Legends when it comes to carrying. She’s so efficient at controlling the bot lane and she can easily set up any marksman for success. However, there are picks that make Morgana’s job even easier.

So, which ADCs go well with Morgana in LoL?

Morgana synergizes well with ADCs that can follow up on her crowd control and unleash a lot of damage while the enemies are rooted or stunned. Additionally, Morgana is of huge help to ADCs that don’t have a lot of mobility because of her Black Shield.

Truth be told, Morgana can synergize with any ADC in League of Legends. The champion is useful regardless of the partner or the situation, so she’s great with many different picks.

But in this post, I want to focus on the 5 best ADCs for Morgana in LoL – the ones that give you the highest chances of victory.

Let’s begin!

The 5 Best ADCs for Morgana in LoL 

5. Ashe


Ashe and Morgana go together like bread and butter, seriously! This combo is very efficient at winning the bot lane with the simplest of strategies.

Ashe can improve Morgana in several ways. First off, each cast of Ashe’s W applies enough slow onto the opposing players so that Morgana can easily aim her Q and root them. The same can be said for Ashe’s R which travels through minions and it’s not very difficult to aim.

But this goes the other way around too. Each time Morgana snares an enemy with Dark Binding, Ashe has up to 3 seconds to auto-attack, cast W, and extend the CC duration with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

So, the amount of synergy that these two champions have is actually huge.

Key Synergies:

  • A High amount of crowd control (slows, snares, stuns)
  • Great at setting up team fights
  • Safe playstyle due to a lot of disengaging tools

When it comes to actual fights, Ashe becomes a much stronger pick with Morgana by her side. This is due to Morgana’s Black Shield which can protect Ashe from dangerous magic effects. And this is essential for an immobile ADC such as Ashe because she can’t dash away to dodge the enemy damage or crowd control.

So, Morgana and Ashe don’t have to react to plays. Instead, they can always be the initiators of fights. That way, Ashe and Morgana can always have the upper hand and start fighting with the enemy stunned or rooted.

All in all, this is a great combo to try out in bot lane!

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4. Ezreal


Ezreal and Morgana is another duo that you should definitely abuse for LP. These champions work fantastically together and can easily carry games 2v8. Here’s why.

Ezreal is an all-skill shot champion and he requires a lot of aiming skill for a good performance. This is true for both high and low elo players. However, when paired with Morgana, Ezreal’s job becomes much easier.

Since Morgana has so much crowd control to offer, Ezreal can easily aim his Qs, Ws, and Rs at the stunned/snared enemy champions. All he needs to do is follow up on Morgana’s initiative and his damage is enough to take down any enemy in the bot lane.

On top of that, both Ezreal and Morgana are long-range champions and are amazing at poking. They can go up against any matchup in the bot lane and win it simply because they can play it safely from afar.

Key Synergies:

  • Long range playstyle
  • A lot of burst damage
  • Dominating laning phase

Besides his fantastic damage and mobility, Ezreal doesn’t have defensive abilities in his kit. And this is where Morgana’s Black Shield comes into play.

Because Morgana can protect Ezreal from certain effects, Ezreal can play freely and aggressively throughout the game. And if the Ezreal player is decent, this duo can win almost any game in League of Legends.

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3. Jhin


Jhin has always been a great partner for Morgana. And no matter the bot lane matchup, Jhin can always be the carry Morgana is looking for.

First off, Morgana’s W is the easiest way to mark an enemy champion for Jhin’s own W. This is because Morgana can place the W anywhere and since the ability deals damage immediately, the snare is instantly available for Jhin.

This opens up many doors, especially for setting up kills during the laning phase. Each snare by Jhin can be followed with Morgana’s Q. Similarly, each time an enemy champion steps on a trap and is slowed down, Morgana has a clear shot for her Dark Binding.

During the laning phase, both of these champions work together to establish control. Morgana does this by threatening with CC while Jhin hovers and is ready to follow with huge damage.

Key Synergies:

  • Both champions can snare enemies from range and apply chain CC
  • Dominating presence in lane
  • Great for setting up team fights or ganking other lanes

Morgana’s and Jhin’s crowd control is notorious when it comes to ganking other lanes. For example, they can roam mid with Jhin snaring the enemy mid laner first from the river and Morgana following soon after with her own Q.

Additionally, Morgana’s E is a huge safety benefit for Jhin since he doesn’t have dashes to escape sticky situations. And that’s how she can keep him out of harm’s way.

So, Jhin is one of the best ADCs for Morgana in LoL!

2. Varus


When it comes to a long-range playstyle, Varus is one of the best duos for Morgana in League of Legends. And here’s why.

Varus benefits from everything that Morgana has. Starting from her Q, the 3-seconds root allows Varus to freely aim his own Q and maximize its damage. The same can be said for Morgana’s ultimate which stuns enemies instead.

This is especially important when Varus ditches the regular ADC build and goes for either the lethality Varus build or the AP Varus build because of the one-shot potential.

However, this can go the other way around too.

For example, if Varus catches a target with his R – Chains of Corruption, that creates a perfect opportunity for Morgana to cast her Q or enter the range for her own R – Soul Shackles.

Either way, these two champions have enough crowd control for the entire enemy team if they combine their abilities together.

Key Synergies:

  • Crowd control abilities that work perfectly together
  • Explosive damage throughout the game
  • Simple and easy combo to execute

Besides their synergy in abilities, Morgana can help out Varus with her Black Shield and her items. Any ADC that cannot be immobilized is dangerous, but especially the one that does all the damage from a very long range.

On the other hand, items like Imperial Mandate which you normally build on Morgana help out Varus because they increase his overall damage. So, these two picks are great partners!

1. Caitlyn


And lastly, there is Caitlyn – the best lane duo for Morgana in the whole League of Legends.

The first thing we need to clarify here is how Morgana and Caitlyn synergize with their abilities.

Simply put, Morgana’s Q snares an enemy target and lets Caitlyn place a trap right underneath them. Caitlyn has up to 3 seconds to do this, so it’s an easy mechanic. Once the snare ends and the trap is activated, the target’s crowd control is extended while Caitlyn has a clean headshot.

This alone is a very powerful strategy to win the early game. But since Morgana’s ultimate can also stun their enemies, Caitlyn can use this to set up even more traps.

When Caitlyn and Morgana play together, they usually control the bot lane since level 1. Their long-range playstyle allows them to constantly harass the enemy players and even drive them out of lane. They’re always ahead since their HP is permanently up, so it’s an easy way to win the game from the first minute.

Key Synergies:

  • Caitlyn can set up traps when Morgana snares or stuns an enemy
  • A lot of early game damage
  • Dominating laning phase against any matchup

Once the laning phase is done, Morgana’s and Caitlyn’s power is great. Sure, Cait is not the best late game ADC. But if you create enough advantage early on with this duo, you can always carry the game later on.

So, Caitlyn is the best ADC for Morgana in League of Legends!


Morgana is one of the most fun supports to play in League of Legends and these 5 picks make her even more fun! She has amazing synergy with other ADC picks too, especially Samira and Miss Fortune. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with her!

All in all, I’m comfortable that if you go for any of my 5 recommendations above you’ll find out how powerful Morgana can really be.

Good luck!

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