Lux has always been among the best AP supports in League of Legends. She’s a mage that specializes in one-shotting enemies while also being able to protect her teammates from harm.

As a support, Lux is usually paired with explosive ADCs i.e. champions that can capitalize on her burst damage and secure kills while the targets are immobilized. 

And any champion that can either CC or help Lux burst down her enemy is potentially a good partner for her.

However, let me give you a few specific picks and help you decide what you should play whenever you have Lux support on your team.



Ashe should be an obvious choice for any LoL veteran out there. She’s one of the easiest marksmen to play with a fantastic kit full of utility.

The first form of synergy between these two champions is Ashe’s slow in combination with Lux’s skill shots. Each time Ashe auto-attacks or casts her W, Lux can use the slow effect to land her Q and E abilities.

Since both champions have decently long range, they can poke during the early game and push the enemy duo back to their turret. Lux can do this more often since her abilities cost less mana. But even so, Ashe’s W is hard to miss and does a lot of damage too.

On level 6, the basic kill setup is to have Ashe cast her R first so Lux can dump all of her abilities onto the stunned enemy. The combined CC and damage are more than most champions can survive, especially the squishy ADCs and supports in the bot lane.

The cool thing about Ashe and Lux is that both of them have relatively short cooldowns on their ultimate abilities. This simply means that they can perform their combo every 30-40 seconds or so, get kills and get fed, and ultimately take over the game.

Ashe’s offers:

  • Consistent slows
  • Easy engage with her R
  • Reliable stun for Lux’s burst combo

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Ezreal is another fantastic pick you can make when it comes to playing the bot lane with Lux. He benefits a lot from her presence, mostly because she makes it easy for him to land all of his skill shots.

And so, whenever Lux hits her Q+E combo, that’s the perfect time for Ezreal to do his W+Q or W+E combo. This gives you a lot of burst damage even on level 2, so it’s a great way to trade with your enemy and create an HP advantage right away.

Both Lux and Ezreal have considerable range on their abilities which they can abuse to constantly poke and pressure their opponents. This gives them control over the bot lane so their jungler can path towards either for ganks or for securing drakes.

Level 6 is a big power spike for Ezreal and Lux because they can assassinate any champion that Lux snares with her Q. Both she and Ezreal can dump all of their abilities onto a single immobilized enemy to guarantee a kill.

In the mid and late game, this is a kill setup you’ll need to look for as well. Lux should always be ready to cast her Q and catch an unsuspected enemy. And when she does, the fight will essentially turn into 5v4 almost in an instant.

Ezreal’s offers:

  • A lot of poke damage
  • Wombo-combo with Lux’s burst
  • Good scaling for the late game



If you’re looking for a winning combination regardless of the enemy matchup, Caitlyn and Lux should do the trick. It’s just too overwhelming to play against them because of their range and early game damage.

Caitlyn can abuse her auto-attack range and harass the enemy ADC whenever they try to take CS. Lux can do the same thanks to the range of her own abilities. 

And when she hits her E, for example, the ability slows the target enough so that Caitlyn can auto-attack them twice or cast her own Q.

This level of poke guarantees a dominating laning phase. You can capitalize on it by calling your jungler and forcing them to take dragons. You can also team up with him and invade the enemy jungler’s territory to extend your control over the entire bot side.

In terms of ability synergy, each time Lux snares a target with Q, Caitlyn can place a trap underneath them to extend the root and deal extra damage through a headshot. This should be a habit honestly, so be sure to practice it.

Caitlyn’s offers:

  • Dominating laning phase
  • Long range playstyle that fits Lux
  • Ulti that can take down an enemy even if they survive Lux’s burst

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Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune and Lux always have the potential to carry games 2v8 in League of Legends simply because of how much damage they do. They’re a power duo that scales incredibly well and controls every teamfight.

For starters, both champions can poke decently well with their E abilities. The damage also applies slow effects and allows the duo to pressure their opponents. The poke is even stronger when both of them decide to play with Arcane Comet which can honestly tilt the enemy duo in the first 2 minutes of the match.

On level 6, the synergy between MF and Lux allows them to obliterate multiple enemy champions at once. Lux can snare one or two targets so that Miss Fortune can activate her R, Bullet Time. We all know how much damage MF’s ult does, especially to enemies that can’t escape it.

On the other hand, since Miss Fortune lacks mobility as well as protective spells, Lux’s W can help her stay alive in extended teamfights. But make sure to aim it well since it’s a skill shot.

Miss Fortune’s offers:

  • Decent poke damage early on
  • High amounts of AoE damage with R
  • Strong late game scaling

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Jhin is an ADC that usually gets paired with mages such as Lux. He really benefits from her poke damage as well as her crowd control, so you must try him out.

First of all, each E and Q cast from Lux marks the enemy champion for Jhin’s W. So he can extend Lux’s snare from a great range, as well as apply one when the target is slowed by Lux’s E.

On the other hand, when Jhin roots an enemy champion by himself, Lux gets a free shot at them to land all of her abilities. Their synergy works in both directions, so you could say that the two champions complement each other.

The cool thing about Lux and Jhin is that their ultimate abilities have huge ranges. This simply means that even if they don’t slay their targets right away, they can chase them afterward. Jhin can fire his 4 shots one by one and Lux can snipe them with her laser once they’re slowed.

This range also plays a huge role in late game teamfights. As you know, Jhin can always engage in a fight with his R and chase away the enemy team from an important objective. Well, since Lux’s R is a 20-30 seconds cooldown spell, she can also fire it up to help Jhin chunk the enemy team.

All in all, this duo packs a lot of damage and is generally safe to play because opponents are less likely to reach them.

Jhin’s offers:

  • Long range snare and slow
  • Burst damage
  • Kill execution thanks to Galeforce



And lastly, we have Varus. In my opinion, Varus is the single best ADC partner for Lux support in LoL based on synergy only. Their win rate is there to back me up and because they coordinate their spells so well together, they end up winning most games in solo queue.

For starters, both champions can poke incredibly well due to their range. Varus’ arrow can be an overwhelming ability in the bot lane if the player’s aim is good. And he can always combine it with Lux’s slow and snare to guarantee the damage.

Level 6 is where all the magic happens. Varus gets access to Chains of Corruptin, an ultimate that applies root to the first target hit. But since the spell travels through minions, it’s an easy one to land.

On the other hand, Lux unlocks her Final Spark. And once the target is rooted by Varus, she can dump her Q, E, and R onto them to quickly delete them from existence. Not to mention how much damage Varus can do with his W+Q+E combo as well.

Because the playstyle of this duo revolves around this synergy, I’d suggest you play Varus full AP. This will significantly increase your burst potential and make this duo much deadlier.

Varus’ offers:

  • Great poke damage in lane
  • Reliable engage with R
  • Extremely high burst damage


Lux isn’t the most demanding support in League of Legends and she’s quite flexible as a champion. If your team has enough damage and the ADC needs protection, Lux can always switch to a more supportive build.

However, if your goal is to carry games from the bot lane, make sure to build as much AP as possible on Lux and pair her up with the ADC champions mentioned above.

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