Gragas is an off-meta support that occasionally pops into the role to flip the meta on its head. 

He’s a champion that brings a lot of chaos in the bot lane, so he usually gets paired with aggressive ADCs who are always ready to fight.

In this post, my goal is to give you 5 partners that you can always rely on whenever there’s a Gragas support on your team. All of them have clear and defined synergy with Gragas, so they form a powerful duo with him.

That said, let’s begin explaining them one by one.

These Are the Best ADC Partners for Gragas Supports:

5. Draven


Draven is one of the strongest champions in combination with Gragas not because of pure synergy (even though there’s one) but because both champions are very powerful early on. And when you play this duo, you need to be as aggressive as possible. 

Gragas’ job early on is to poke with Q and look for opportunities to slam the enemy ADC or support with his E. Draven benefits from both of these abilities because he can weave one or two auto-attacks to create a favorable trade immediately.

I’d say that Draven and Gragas always have the potential of scoring a kill, no matter the matchup. Their damage is simply too high during the first few levels and they can get super fed if they play offensively.

Once they reach level 6, Gragas can always push back an enemy with his R and let Draven decimate them with auto-attacks. This works well in the 2v2 fights in the bot lane. But it’s also good for isolating a key enemy target in late game teamfights.

The only thing you have to be careful about is to not use Gragas’s R in combination with Draven’s ulti and vice versa. As you know, Gragas’ ultimate will push away the target out of Draven’s execution, so it’s best to wait and cast the ability later.

Since Draven lacks crowd control, I’d advise you to get Everfrost on Gragas just so you can root enemies and allow him to deal damage longer.

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4. Tristana


Tristana is another of my go-to picks whenever I’m looking to close out games early. She offers explosive damage and can dominate the bot lane as early as level 2.

With her W and E unlocked, all Tristana needs is a bit of CC before she engages. Gragas can do this for her thanks to his E+Q combo which provides damage, knock-back, and even slow.

And so, when Tristana jumps and places a bomb on her target while they’re in CC, she can do unbelievable damage, even on level 2. This damage gets stronger with each level though so you should always try to score a kill during the laning phase.

A really nice synergy you can do on these two champions is to have Gragas push back an enemy with his ultimate. Tristana can then jump behind them (or not) and cast her own ultimate to push that enemy even further behind.

This guarantees that the target won’t find a way out of the situation and you can quickly collect a kill. Getting yourself fed by isolating targets like this is a great strategy you can repeat every minute or so.

In terms of items, I’d advise you to go for a full AP Gragas build which you can read more about through the link.

3. Kalista


Kalista is one of the least played ADCs in League of Legends and there aren’t too many players that lock her in solo queue. However, she does offer a fantastic level of synergy with Gragas that you should be aware of.

For starters, Kalista’s playstyle is all about kiting and outplaying enemies thanks to her passive jumps. Gragas plays a major role in her survivability because he can peel for her thanks to his Q, E, and R abilities.

However, the greatest synergy here is when Kalista presses her R button and Gragas uses this opportunity to knock up multiple enemy champions. He can immediately follow it up with his E (which can also affect more than one target) as well as Q and R for more damage.

The combined crowd control and damage here are enough to guarantee you an ACE. It’s a large part of the reason why Gragas and Kalista win so much when they’re together and have an average of 56% win rate across all servers and elos.

Because Kalista doesn’t lack damage from the mid game onward, Gragas can always opt for a tanky build and buy items like Knight’s Vow or Locket of the Iron Solari in order to protect Kalista a bit better.

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2. Yasuo

Nightbringer Yasuo splash art

The partnership between Gragas and Yasuo is a very popular one. They’ve been picked even in professional matches, most notably by Perkz and Mikyx against SKT in a Worlds match.

The most obvious reason why this combo works is that Gragas offers a reliable knock-up for Yasuo’s ultimate. He can do this by casting R on their target or by simply slamming them with E.

However, many underestimate the power that Gragas and Yasuo have once the mid and late game kick in. 

A single cast of Explosive Cask by Gragas in the middle of the teamfight can allow Yasuo to instantly gap close and capture multiple enemies in his Final Breath, dealing damage to all of them. 

This usually results in a won teamfight simply because enemies can’t do anything to dodge it except Flash away from Gragas’ R before it even happens.

I’d definitely tell you to play carefully early on and not give your opponents too many advantages if you want this duo to remain powerful. Yasuo is a bit difficult to play in the bot lane due to his melee range, so play safe and plan toward the mid game.

For the ultimate synergy, you can always build Imperial Mandate on Gragas and allow Yasuo to deal even more damage after your E, Q, or R.

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1. Samira


Out of all bot lane picks in LoL, Samira is the best ADC you can play with Gragas support. The synergy is just too big to ignore and it’s a reliable strength for consistently winning games on these two champions.

For starters, each time Gragas knocks back an enemy with E or knocks them up with R, Samira can right-click them to extend the airborne duration and deal even more damage. Her passive is super useful in combination with Gragas, so don’t forget to abuse it.

Next, since Gragas can push one or more enemy champions toward Samira with his ultimate, he allows her to enter melee form and quickly stack her own ulti. Then she can chase her resets and completely dominate the teamfight.

The thing I like about Gragas and Samira is how durable they can be even in the middle of the battlefield. Gragas’ passive allows him to heal himself while Samira’s W is an AoE wind wall that can block abilities and attacks for both of them.

That said, I’d also advise you to go for a tanky Gragas build here and prioritize Locket of the Iron Solari for protecting Samira. Believe me, it pays out.

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Remember, the most important thing about playing with Gragas is to follow up on his engages early on and try to punish the enemy team as much as possible. And no matter which ADC you play, it’s key to play aggressively and abuse Gragas’ early game damage.

Good luck!

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