Braum is one of those supports in League of Legends that everyone loves to play with. He’s an incredible pick when it comes to protecting his ADC and allowing them to carry. But in order for Braum to reach his full potential, he needs an ADC partner that matches his playstyle.

Braum synergizes the most with ADCs that can quickly follow up on his engage and help him stack his passive – Concussive Blows.

Additionally, all hyper carries in LoL can be good partners for Braum because he can protect them during the laning phase and the late game team fights.

In terms of ability synergy, there are a few champions that really match Braum. But in terms of pure potential for winning games, there are many.

In this post, I selected 7 ADCs that have both ability synergy with Braum and an increased potential of becoming super carries. They all have a positive win rate in solo queue across all servers and elos, so here’s why you should give them a try as well.

Pair Braum with These 7 ADCs in LoL:

7. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Every League player knows Miss Fortune’s strongest and weakest points – high AoE damage and low mobility/survivability. She’s an incredible carry when it comes to team fights but she can be easily shut down during the early.

Well, Braum plays an important role in MF’s success. During the laning phase, MF can safely farm under Braum’s protection. He can either bully the enemy laners or simply absorb damage for her.

Miss Fortune’s E – Make it Rain isn’t only a tool for poking the opposing duo. Each time she slows the enemy ADC with it, it’s an opportunity for Braum to jump in with his W and start stacking up his passive.

Additionally, each time Braum uses his ultimate to set up a fight, it’s the perfect time for Miss Fortune to cast her own R – Bullet Time. Because Braum’s ulti does a knock-up and a slow, it gives MF enough time to fully cast her ultimate and decimate the enemy team.

In a team fight, Braum must always stay around Miss Fortune for peeling and kiting. MF doesn’t have any dashes and it’s easy for the enemy team to stop her damage.

However, Braum can jump to Miss Fortune and cast his E – Unbreakable to block all attacks while she’s casting Bullet Time. This is a powerful synergy that always has the potential of carrying your team in a fight, so don’t forget about it.

It’s also important to add a few extra safety lines for Miss Fortune as Braum. For example, going for Guardian instead of Aftershock can prove valuable since Braum should play around Miss Fortune. Similarly, Locket of the Iron Solari is a great mythic for keeping MF alive.

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6. Ezreal


Ezreal is one of those ADCs that don’t necessarily need a protector but only a support for applying crowd control. And Braum fills that position perfectly. 

With Ezreal, you don’t actually aim for ideal synergy although there’s lots of it. The playstyle revolves around Braum chasing enemies instead and Ezreal dealing damage from the back line.

When it comes to taking advantage of Braum’s passive, Ezreal is a master of it. Ezreal’s Q contributes to the Concussive Blows stacks and can quickly stun the target. Similarly, Ezreal can reset his auto-attacks with E which also adds another stack of Braum’s passive.

In other words, each time Braum goes for a Q + AA combo, Ezreal can almost instantly finish up the job and stun the affected enemy champion. This allows the duo to play very aggressively and trade effectively early on.

The true synergy between these two champions happens when Braum uses his R to knock up two or more opponents and Ezreal decimates them with his own R. The knock-up and the additional slow from Glacial Fissure are perfect for lining up Trueshot Barrage.

Even though Ezreal has good mobility thanks to his E, Braum’s E can save him from more than a few critical spells. On the other hand, Braum benefits from Ezreal’s E because he can always jump to him with W and escape harmful situations. 

So, disengage is never a problem for this duo.

Here, I’d more than anything recommend Zeke’s Convergence. It’s a powerful item that will boost Ezreal’s damage after Braum immobilizes a target. So, don’t forget to buy it!

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5. Sivir


Sivir is another ADC you don’t necessarily pick for synergy but for the pure potential for winning. And let me tell you why that is so.

First of all, the only way Sivir and Braum synergize is with Braum’s R and Sivir’s Q. These two abilities can be lined up for an extra effect. But unless Sivir is lethality, her Q won’t do too much damage to the knocked-up enemies. 

However, Sivir is one of the hardest-hitting ADCs in League of Legends. And given the right support, she can excel to be the only carry in your team.

In the late game, Sivir’s W plays a huge part. Her auto-attacks can ricochet between enemy champions and even apply critical strike. The closer the enemies are the better, so that’s where Braum comes into play.

Braum’s primary job whenever he’s partnered up with Sivir is to apply slow, stuns, and knock-ups on as many targets as possible. This allows Sivir to dish out as many basic attacks with W as possible and spread her damage all around.

That said, the biggest strength of this duo is late game team fighting. It’s incredible what these two champions can accomplish together if Sivir keeps on dealing damage while Braum keeps an eye on her and protects her.

However, Sivir also offers safety during the laning phase. Sivir’s kit allows her to quickly clear minion waves so she and Braum can avoid ganks from the enemy jungler all game long.

Items like Locket of the Iron Solari and Knight’s Vow can really help out here, so don’t forget to build them.

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4. Samira

The Best Supports for Samira in LoL

If you’re looking for a true synergy that’s powerful and explosive, Braum and Samira have exactly that. This duo can make the game seem unfair for so many matchups in the bot lane, so I really recommend trying it out.

First, Braum plays an important role in Samira’s success because of his crowd control. Samira is a short-range marksman that depends on her enemies to be in close proximity for her basic attacks and Qs. And they’re necessary for stacking up her ultimate.

Well, with Braum being amazing at keeping enemies slowed as well as stunning them left and right, Samira can always walk up to them to deal damage. 

Second, Samira can get fantastic uses out of her passive whenever Braum stuns or knocks up an enemy champion. Samira’s great at following up on CC because she can dash to the target as well as prolong the airborne duration all while dealing bonus damage.

So, each time Braum casts his R on one or more enemy champions, Samira only needs to right-click them in order to keep them in the air longer and deal extra damage to them.

And third, Samira benefits a lot from Braum’s protection, especially when she’s between the enemy team dealing damage. For this, Braum’s W can give Samira bonus armor and magic resist and his E can block key spells from the enemy team.

If you feel like you need more protection, the rune Guardian can be a good one for Braum. But with Samira’s Wind Wall both champions can protect themselves against any opponent.

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3. Kalista


Kalista is another bot lane pick that synergizes very well with Braum. And she’s got a pretty unique kit that boosts Braum’s effectiveness even more.

There are two rules for succeeding at Kalista and Braum. First, Braum needs to be consistent with crowd-controlling the enemies so that Kalista can stack her spears and deal even more damage.

And second, Kalista needs to make good use of her ultimate to save Braum or let him engage. This is even more important since the whole synergy of this duo is around casting Fate’s Call at a perfect time and reactivating it for a knock-up.

If you think about it, Braum is the ideal champion to use Kalista’s ultimate. Since the initial hit provides a knock-up, it immobilizes the targets for Braum’s R – the second knock-up. Combined, the two effects can keep the enemy champions in place for over 3 seconds, which is a huge benefit during a team fight.

During the laning phase, Kalista and Braum may have troubles against aggressive comps. Kalista shines in the late game but she’s pretty weak early on. So, Braum needs to be extra careful about spending his abilities and keeping Kalista live while she’s farming.

Of course, Locket of the Iron Solari and Knight’s Vow are a must here for Kalista’s safety. Her mobility can sometimes be enough, but it’s good to be on the safe side.

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2. Twitch


As an ADC, Twitch is all about sneaking up on the enemy team and unleashing huge AoE damage. He needs a support that can enable him to do this, so Braum naturally fits that job description.

Twitch gets two major benefits from being partnered up with Braum.

First, Braum’s engage, especially his R – Glacial Fissure, sets up the stage perfectly for Twitch’s Spray and Pray. While the enemy champions are knocked up and slowed, Twitch can devastate them with his ultimate and win the team fight single-handedly.

On the other hand, Braum’s defensiveness, especially his E – Unbreakable, allows Twitch to play aggressively and avoid a lot of damage. For example, Braum can even jump to Twitch with W and protect him with E while Twitch is blasting with Spray and Pray.

All of this works very well together and the execution isn’t difficult at all.

One thing that could set this duo back is a poking bot lane comp that doesn’t let Twitch farm. Braum has tools to absorb damage and protect Twitch, so he needs to play carefully. In return, Twitch should spend the early game focusing on farming and scaling for team fights.

Here, Zeke’s Convergence is also a must because it perfectly fits the synergy between these two champions. By buffing up Twitch, you double your chances of winning the team fight and thus the game.

1. Lucian


Out of all marksmen in League of Legends, Lucian is the best one for carrying Braum as a support. And even since the early days of the game, these two champions have been a super strong combo!

Thanks to his own passive, Lucian has the strongest synergy with Braum’s Concussive Blows. Because Lucian can auto-attack twice after using an ability, he can apply two stacks of Braum’s passive almost instantly.

In other words, Braum can stun an enemy champion extremely fast if Lucian is around him. This works out extremely well for them in the 2v2 fights in the bot lane. And it’s not unexpected for Lucian and Braum to play very aggressively during the laning phase, trade, and score a bunch of kills.

Additionally, when both champions are level 6, their ultimates can be synergized too. For example, when Braum knocks up the enemies with R, Lucian can immediately cast his own ulti into the immobilized targets. This guarantees his damage and often nets a kill.

As a duo, Braum and Lucian are comfortable together at nearly everything. They can win most 2v2 fights in the bot lane but they can also roam around and gank other lanes. With Braum’s CC and Lucian’s explosive damage, they can take control of the entire Summoner’s Rift.

As for items, Locket of the Iron Solari, Knight’s Vow, and Zeke’s Convergence are the recommended ones for Braum. Lucian needs to only focus on damage and the duo is set for victory!


Truth be told, any bot lane pick, either meta or off-meta ADC can work very well with Braum. Because Braum is such an effective support, he can allow most champions to scale up and carry the game. However, the 7 ADCs I showed you here give him the same advantage too.

I hope you found at least one champion on this list that you can synergize with Braum in your own games and increase your chances of victory. Good luck!

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