Blitzcrank is one of the most fun supports in League of Legends. His ability kit is still innovative even after 10 years of his official release, allowing him a crazy level of synergy with many different ADCs in the bot lane. So, who are the best partners for Blitz and why?

Blitzcrank goes very well with ADC champions that can follow up on his engage. When Blitzcrank pulls an enemy with Q and knocks them up with E, his partner has to be ready to either continue the crowd control or instantly pump as much damage as possible.

In this post, I’ll give you 7 such picks, ranging from all different playstyles as an AD carry in LoL. Some of them are more aggressive early on while others start to shine in the late game.

Regardless, Blitzcrank is a fantastic support for all the champions on this list and he allows them to carry games even in high elo. So, check them out!

The 7 Best Partners for Blitzcrank Support in LoL

7. Jinx


One of the most common ADC picked into Blitzcrank is Jinx. There are tons of reasons why these two champions go well together, so let’s go over them.

First, Jinx and Blitzcrank can synergize their crowd control by combining Blitz’s Q + E combo with Jinx’s own E – Flame Chompers. When an enemy is pulled by Blitzcrank and knocked up, Jinx can throw her snare underneath Blitz’s target to instantly root them.

Moreover, this extended crowd control always opens up a kill opportunity for Jinx. While the enemy stands in one spot, Jinx can dish out all of her damage and freely aim her W too.

During the laning phase, Jinx and Blitzcrank can repeat this combo and get a number of kills that same way. It works especially well against champions that don’t have mobility or spell shields such as Nami and Twitch, for example.

Because of this, the laning phase of Blitzcrank and Jinx is usually very aggressive. It’s all about finding those hooks and lining up the rest of the crowd control while dealing damage. Sometimes Jinx can even slow down the enemy with W so Blitzcrank can pull them with Q.

Since the kill potential of this duo is always high, they’re also very effective at roaming and ganking other lanes. They can always accompany their jungler when he’s invading and threatening objectives such as Scuttle Crab or the Dragons.

In the late game, a single hook from Blitzcrank usually means a 5v4 team fight in the duo’s favor. Jinx’s damage in the late game is insanely high, so she can always eliminate the pulled targets in a matter of seconds.

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6. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is another ADC with a fantastic level of synergy with Blitzcrank. She’s a lane-focused champion that’s looking to dominate their opponents and establish control early on, just like Blitz.

One of the combos that really give this duo an edge is the slow from Miss Fortune and the hook from Blitzcrank. When MF casts her E – Make it Rain and slows down the opponents, she creates a perfect opportunity for Blitzcrank to use his Q – Rocket Grab.

In other words, Blitz and MF can get a lot of kills in the bot lane if Miss Fortune slows down the targets for Blitz so it’s easier to aim his Q. And once the enemy is pulled and knocked up, Miss Fortune can simply auto-attack them to death as well as spam her Q.

Once they unlock level 6 and the ultimates are ready, this combo gets even scarier. Each pull by Blitzcrank can be combined with a knock-up and a silence effect, leaving the target unable to do anything in order to survive MF’s ulti – Bullet Time.

Obviously, Blitz’s and MF’s synergy works incredibly well at the start of the team fight. In the late game, Miss Fortune’s damage is always high and can even threaten the entire enemy team. So all Blitzcrank needs to do here is look for Qs when the enemies are slowed by MF’s E.

One time that can boost the duo’s power is Evenshroud and you should definitely consider it unless you’re going for a full AP Blitzcrank build

On top of this, you can also add Zeke’s Convergence to further boost Miss Fortune’s damage output.

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5. Tristana


In the right hands, Tristana is one of the most broken AD carries in the entire League of Legends. And when paired up with Blitzcrank, her carry potential goes through the roof!

The first thing to remember here is that Tristana is an aggressive ADC. The laning phase usually goes with her jumping on the enemy ADC at level 2. And her support is there to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

However, Bltizcrank can do an even better job.

On level 2, Blitzcrank can pull the enemy ADC or support and knock them up. This sets up Tristana perfectly because she can jump on top of the immobilized target, plant a bomb, and start auto-attacking.

The amount of damage this combo has even during the early game is seriously insane. It can be used to get kills over and over again, even in 2v3 situations when the enemy jungler comes to gank. And that’s how Blitzcrank can feed Tristana and transform her into a giant carry.

But since Tristana always jumps into melee range and doesn’t have defensive abilities herself, it’s up to Blitzcrank to protect her from harm. And there are a couple of tools for this.

First, the keystone Guardian can prove very valuable it protects both Bltizcrank and Tristana. Next, Locket of the Iron Solari is an effective shield that Blitz can put on Tristana.

And lastly, Knight’s Vow can also be helpful in certain scenarios, especially when Blitzcrank plays for kiting and peeling Tristana.

4. Varus


If you’re looking for a wombo-combo duo in the bot lane, Blitzcrank and Varus are among the best ones because there are tons of ways to synergize their abilities.

One of the most basic ones is for Varus to slow down the enemies with his E so Blitzcrank can have an easier time aiming his Q. And once the enemy is pulled, Varus can quickly apply 3 stacks of Blight and demolish the target.

Another way of utilizing both champions is for Varus to engage first by catching one opponent with his ultimate ability. Chain of corruption travels through minions, so it’s an easy tool for applying crowd control in the bot lane.

Once Varus roots a target, it’s pretty easy for Blitzcrank to simply continue the crowd control. He can use E and R while the enemy is immobilized to save his Rocket Grab for the enemy’s Flash.

So with the amount of crowd control and instant damage Blitz and Varus have, it’s not a surprise for them to get over 10 kills each laning phase. Their combo actually works even better if Varus is AP or goes for a full lethality Varus build because he can one-shot targets.

In the late game, both Blitzcrank and Varus can be initiators for their team. A single grab or chain usually means death for the opposing players, so their threat is always high.

There aren’t too many items that offer synergy between Varus and Blitzcrank. But when they’re together, they usually both build damage items and demolish their opponents that way.

3. Caitlyn


Everybody knows Caitlyn as the lane-bully that stomps nearly every other ADC in League of Legends. And Blitzcrank has tools that make Cait’s job a lot easier overall.

For starters, Caitlyn can place a trap underneath the hooked enemy whenever Blitzcrank uses his Q. This sets up Caitlyn’s damage and she’s free to weave a couple of headshots onto the trapped enemy.

With Blitzcrank being a constant threat to the opposing duo, Caitlyn can also play a lot more aggressively than usual. She can step even further and zone her enemies, denying gold and experience from the minion waves.

Once they both get to level 6, Caitlyn’s and Blitzcrank’s kill potential almost doubles. Not only can they synergize their hooks and traps, but the extended silence from Blitz and Caitlyn’s ultimate ability are both tools to make sure their enemies don’t escape.

Because of this, Caitlyn and Blitzcrank are also effective at roaming and ganking other lanes. They can easily set up a gank on the mid lane, regardless of who their mid laner is. Similarly, they can help out their jungler whenever he’s securing the Scuttle Crab or the Baron.

Here, I’d also advise for items such as Evenshroud and Zeke’s Convergence. Caitlyn’s power falls off in the late game so it’s a good strategy to keep buffing her damage as Blitzcrank throughout the game.

2. Kalista


Kalista is usually paired with a melee support that can effectively crowd control her targets and protect her during team fights. And Blitzcrank does that beautifully!

The first form of synergy that you’ll notice between Kalista and Blitzcrank is when Blitz pulls and knocks up an enemy champion and Kalista has all the time in the world to auto-attack them and stack up her spears. 

Later she can consume them and give her target no chance of escaping. Moreover, she can keep on hoping ahead of the pulled and knocked-up target so even Flash can’t crate enough distance for escaping.

Obviously, this combo is possible from level 2, so Kalista and Blitzcrank can easily net multiple kills during the laning phase. Kalista isn’t the strongest ADC early on, but she can win every fight against an immobilized target.

After level 6, Kalista’s and Blitzcrank’s engage potential doubles. Kalista can use her R – Fate’s Call to pull Blitzcrank towards her and save him from harm. But Blitzcrank can choose to dash forward, knock everybody up, and continue the CC with his own AoE silence.

Once the mid game kicks in, Blitzcrank and Kalista become one of the most feared duos in League of Legends. Their damage becomes so high that each Rocket Grab almost guarantees a kill which opens up opportunities for securing objectives such as Dragons and Baron Nashor.

Since Kalista is comfortable being the only carry on the team, Blitzcrank should always work on items that help her out.

For example, Locket of the Iron Solari and Knight’s Vow are the two must-have items for Blitzcrank. They help Blitzcrank when it comes to kiting and peeling for Kalista.

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1. Samira


Samira and Blitzcrank complement each other in many different ways. And when they’re together, they’re one of the toughest duo to shut down in the bot lane.

Blitz and Samira are strong since level 1. Since Samira’s passive allows her to dash and deal extra damage to an immobilized target, Blitzcrank’s Q becomes an even bigger threat for their enemies during the laning phase.

But Samira can also use her passive when Blitzcrank casts E to increase the duration of the airborne effect on the target and deal more damage overall.

Because of this, it’s always recommended for Bltizcrank and Samira to play aggressively early on. There aren’t too many champions that can counter them (ban Morgana), so it’s advised to abuse their power as much as you can.

After level 6, it becomes even easier to win the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane. With an AoE silence by Blitz and an amazing ultimate by Samira, no one can escape or survive their combo.

This level of control over the bot side of Summoner’s Rift is really fantastic and can easily be spread onto the whole map. 

For example, once Blitzcrank and Samira take the tier 1 turret in the bot lane, they can roam top or mid and do the same. If the enemy team tries to stop them, Samira and Blitzcrank can disengage and even turn the fight in their favor with their Blade Whirls and Rocket Grabs.

That said, Samira shines in team fights, especially when there’s someone to set it up and protect her. Blitzcrank’s CC is more than enough for engaging in a fight, but items like Locket of the Iron Solari are must-haves for keeping Samira alive.

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If you’re an AD carry player and wondered how you could synergize with your Blitzcrank support, I hope my guide here gave you a few ideas. All champions on this list are good partners and give Blitz an edge when it comes to setting up kills and carrying games in League of Legends.

And if you’re a support player, I can also recommend you check my AD Blitzcrank bruiser build to see how else you can carry games with this champion.

Good luck and have fun!

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