In the current state of League of Legends, Annie support isn’t such a prevalent pick. She’s mostly forgotten due to her undefined strengths, but that doesn’t make her a bad support in any case.

In my opinion, Annie works fantastically well as a support. She offers burst damage as well as protection with her shield. Annie can turn around fights and set up kills for her ADC partners easily with combos like Flash + Tibbers.

But which are the bot laners that go well together with Annie? What kind of ADCs should you play with her?

In general, Annie synergizes the most with ADCs that can instantly follow up on her engage and start dealing damage while her enemies are stunned. 

So let’s go over the 7 such champions and explain why you should prioritize them over others.

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These Are the Best Bot Partners for Annie Support:

7. Draven


Many inexperienced bot lane players would not think of even one synergy between Annie and Draven. But there are so many of them!

For starters, Draven is a champion that always plays aggressively, regardless of the matchup. When he’s backed with a support like Annie who can protect him and offer him both CC and damage, Draven can dominate and control the entire laning phase.

Normally, Draven last-hits the minions and occasionally runs forward to trade with his Q activated. Whenever he does this, Annie can shield him with her E to grant him more movement speed, damage reduction, as well as bonus magic damage to his attackers.

On the other hand, Draven’s aggression frees Annie and allows her to play offensively as well. For example, she can move forward together with Draven and constantly threaten the enemy duo with damage and stuns.

At level 6, this duo becomes much more powerful because they can sync up their ultimates. If Annie catches even a single enemy with her Tibbers, Draven can immediately auto-attack once and cast his R so that it can pass two times through the immobilized target.

This almost always guarantees a kill.

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6. Kai’Sa


With Kai’Sa, you don’t have the same aggressive playstyle as with Draven. However, the synergy with Annie is there and it comes in multiple forms.

Early on, Kai’Sa can focus on CSing and getting as much damage as possible. In unfavorable matchups, Annie should play offensively and trade with the enemy duo to allow Kai’Sa to keep her health up.

Once Annie and Kai’Sa are ready to collect a kill, a Flash + stun from Annie is usually enough of a setup for them. Annie and Kai’Sa can also sync up their E abilities to give Kai’Sa bonus movement speed so that she can get in range and start auto-attacking.

The biggest synergy between these two champions comes on level 6. When Annie catches one or more enemy champions with her ultimate, she allows Kai’Sa to immediately use her own ulti and get in range even if she was initially far away.

The stun helps the duo quickly burst down one target and turn the fight in their favor. It’s a really powerful synergy that can always eliminate a key member of the enemy team if Annie provides the stun.

The combined damage of these two is more than most champions can bear.

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5. Kalista


Kalista is one of the best ADCs you can play in combination with Annie if your only goal is a wombo-combo. I’m not going to lie, this synergy has the potential to win games even if you’re behind, so it’s worth trying it out.

It all starts on level 1 when you should bond Kalista with Annie so that you can her ultimate later on. During the laning phase, you mostly play passively and try to get to level 6 safely. And if the opponents overstep, you can punish them with Annie’s damage and CC as well as Kalista’s E.

On level 6, Kalista and Annie can win most 2v2 fights in the bot lane as well as set up excellent ganks for their jungler. This happens with Kalista activating her ultimate and Annie dashing in between the enemy duo to knock them up which she can instantly use to stun them with her Tibbers.

The combined crowd control of Kalista’s knock-up and Annie’s AoE stun is more than enough to get the enemy duo killed. Not to mention that the combo leaves Kalista free to deal damage as well as the jungler if he’s here.

In the late game team fights, the same strategy can be applied to win 5v5 fights. If the enemy team makes the mistake of staying grouped, especially in front of key objectives such as Baron and Dragon, you can easily take them out all at once.

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4. Varus


Varus is another ADC that helps Annie get in range of her enemies and utilize her kit maximally. It also requires level 6 but it is a powerful form of synergy that allows the duo to win even when they’re behind.

To be precise, since Varus’ R, Chain of Corruption, can travel through minions and only affects enemy champions, it’s an easy spell to aim and hit successfully. It applies root to the first opponent hit and can even spread to enemies nearby, so it’s a perfect setup for Annie.

In other words, Annie can use Varus’ engage to immediately stun the affected target with Tibbers. Both champions can perform burst damage while the enemy is immobilized, especially when Varus goes AP.

What this means is that Varus and Annie can combine their ultimates to overpower any champion in League of Legends. The AoE crowd control and damage are simply too much and they can repeat the process every minute to get kills left and right.

One thing this duo may struggle with is the early game aggression from the opposing duo. They can also be countered with items like QSS, but players often forget to buy them, especially in lower elos.

Other than that, Annie and Varus can poke well and initiate fights in the late game when their team is around them.

3. Ashe


The synergy between Ashe and Annie is an obvious one to anyone who has ever played League of Legends. It’s also a predictable one for the enemy team, but you can definitely find ways to surprise them.

The basic combo between Annie and Ashe happens when either of them casts R onto one or more enemy champions and the other follows with their ultimate immediately. Both abilities apply stuns and allow Ashe and Annie to score kills while the enemy can’t even fight back.

It doesn’t really matter who initiates the fight first, but in most cases, it should be Ashe. This is due to the fact that her Enchanted Crystal Arrow can travel through minions and it has a speedy animation. And for Annie, it’s difficult to get in range if the enemies are free to run away.

In any case, Ashe and Annie form a powerful combo that can take over the entire game. Before level 6, they mostly play for CS. But post level 6, they can start roaming and gank the enemy mid laner or team up with their jungler and take over the entire bot side.

This is also why Ashe and Annie can carry late game so easily. Their crowd control allows them to peel and kite even the most mobile enemies in LoL, especially when Annie shields Ashe and grants her bonus movement speed.

All in all, I really recommend you try this bot lane duo and witness their synergy first-hand.

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2. Tristana


Unlike Ashe and Varus who primarily focus on synergizing their ultimates with Annie’s Tibbers in order to achieve a greater effect, Tristana doesn’t really rely on it. Instead, she’s much more similar to Draven and Kai’Sa who benefit from Annie’s CC regardless of how it’s applied.

For example, if Annie manages to stun the enemy ADC as soon as level 2, Tristana is ready to jump in with W and start blasting them with E. While the target is immobilized, Tristana can pump so much damage that she’s likely to get a kill.

This strategy gets only better with each level. So Annie’s job as a support is to engage a fight, catch one or more enemies in her stun and have Tristana finish them off. This can be repeated every 20 seconds or so until Tristana is fed enough to take over the game.

In terms of itemization, it’s important for both champions to go for offensive items that grant burst damage. For Annie, this may include Luden’s Tempest and Shadowflame while for Tristana Kraken Slayer or Galeforce.

All in all, the playstyle that this duo offers is generally more aggressive than the rest on this list, so you want to coordinate with your bot lane partner and punish your enemies for every mistake they make.

1. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

Finally, the best-performing ADC partner to play with Annie support is Miss Fortune. This duo is very explosive and focuses on pumping as much burst damage as possible. 

Early on, Annie plays a vital role in MF’s survival thanks to her shield, as well as her crowd control which can interrupt enemy engages and ganks. Miss Fortune can safely trade with her Q and E, so the duo doesn’t need to overextend before level 6.

Once they have both of their ultimates available, it’s time for blasting opponents left and right! When Annie stuns the opponents with her Tibbers, Miss Fortune can activate her Bullet Time to quickly take them down.

We all know how deadly Miss Fortune’s R is, especially when enemies are trapped inside and can’t get out.

Since this is Annie’s and Miss Fortune’s biggest synergy, they need to prioritize it in late game fights too. It can be a key thing around objectives such as Rift Heralds and Dragons, so you need to practice coordinating it.

There aren’t specific runes and items that can influence the success of this synergy, but you should always focus on offensive items rather than defensive ones, especially if you’re behind. Damage is key here.

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The great thing about Annie support is that most ADC picks benefit from having her and they can all use her CC to outplay their opponents. However, the 7 picks on this list is what I’ve found to work the best, even in high elo. 

The important thing to remember is that Annie is primarily a mage and you shouldn’t play too defensively as you would on Soraka, for example. Always try to engage the fights first and have your ADC follow you with additional damage.

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