Alistar is one of the best tank supports in League of Legends. His strengths lie in his ability to absorb damage from enemies and crowd control them so that his teammates can do all the damage for him.

Because of that, Alistar’s best partners are usually ADCs that can immediately follow up on his W+Q combo and use the knock-up effect either to extend its duration or deal extra damage.

But since Alistar is a useful support pick overall, players aren’t really forced to play those ADCs. In fact, Alistar can be matched with a dozen different picks, so let me show you a few of them here.

Check the 7 best ADC partners for Alistar support in LoL!

7. Sivir


Starting off with Sivir, she’s a simple ADC that you can rely on whenever you see Alistar support in your team. She doesn’t have complex mechanics and you can easily carry games with her if Alistar is willing to give a helping hand.

For starters, each time Alistar does his Headbutt + Pulverize combo, Sivir can cast her Q. It guarantees that the boomerang will hit its targets two times (forward and backward), so it’s a great way of starting off a fight or a trade.

During the laning phase, Sivir is generally a passive ADC and her offensiveness is limited due to her short range and the lack of mobility spells. However, with Alistar’s engage, the duo can effectively trade and collect kills even before level 6, especially in lower elos.

With their ultimates unlocked, Sivir can become the initiator of fights by giving Alistar bonus movement speed. With the extra MS, Alistar can quickly find a target for his W+Q combo and set up a kill for Sivir.

This is definitely a more teamfight-oriented bot lane duo and you should craft a gameplan with that in mind. Sivir benefits from having teammates around her and the entire team benefits from having Alistar around them. So, use them that way!

Recommended Items

Thornmail item

As far as items are concerned, Thornmail should be the number one priority for Alistar. Not only does the item give him all the necessary stat but it will also apply Grevious Wounds to Alistar’s opponents.

Grievous Wounds directly counter healing in League of Legends, so it’s a useful stat for getting more kills per game.

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6. Vayne


Vayne is another mid/late game ADC champion. She doesn’t have an impressive laning phase but she does shine when big teamfights around neutral objectives start to break out.

For instance, Vayne is simply amazing at kiting multiple enemy champions when her ultimate is unlocked. It gives her invisibility each time she presses Q, but Alistar can also peel for her thanks to his crowd control.

Besides the knock-up, Alistar can also stun an opponent with his E which Vayne can use to reposition and use her own E on the same target to extend the stun duration. Not to mention that while Alistar is affected by his own ulti, he can absorb so much damage for Vayne.

In other words, Alistar and Vayne are a dynamic duo, very flexible in teamfights which makes them able to win against any team composition. And if you use their cooldowns on the right targets and at the right times, you can definitely overpower any opponent.

There are tons of small synergies you can do on these two champions. For example, Alistar can Headbutt an enemy into a wall so that Vayne can immediately stun them with Condemn. And you should do this as often as possible to create more kill opportunities.

Recommended Items

Knight's Vow

Since Vayne needs to be protected at all times, the best item Alistar can get is Knight’s Vow. When used on Vayne, it will transfer a portion of the damage she takes over to Alistar. So it’s a must-have for late game teamfights.

5. Twitch


Twitch and Alistar may not have the biggest synergy in League but they do function very well together. Their win rate has always been positive which is a great reason why you should give them a try.

First of all, Alistar’s knock-up is useful for Twitch because he can drop his W. Both are area-of-effects abilities so Twitch can apply a few stacks before enemies get away from his Venom Cask.

Early on, the engage is pretty simple but powerful. While Twitch is camouflaged, Alistar can engage with W+Q and then Twitch can appear and start auto-attacking. This guarantees that the enemy will be ahead in the fight, especially if you catch the enemies off-guard.

In the late game teamfights, Alistar’s job is mostly to push enemies away from Twitch and keep him safe while he’s spraying with his ultimate activated. He can do so thanks to his CC, so this is a big reason why this duo wins so much.

Recommended Items

Mikael's Blessing

Twitch is generally a safe ADC champion thanks to his invisibility. However, since his biggest strength is his ultimate, it’s important for Alistar to let him attack without getting stop during it.

And so, even though Mikael’s Blessing isn’t a standard item for Alistar, he can pick it up to cleanse Twitch from CC and allow him to continue auto-attacking with Spray and Pray.

4. Lucian


Unlike the previous 3 ADCs on this list, Lucian is a marksman that focuses on the early game way more than the late game. His laning presence is incredibly strong, especially with an offensive support such as Alistar.

Level 2 gives this duo a big spike. This is because Alistar can knock up the two opposing laners with W+Q and Lucian can quickly dash in with E and cast his Q through both of them. We all know how much damage Lucian can unleash early on, so playing for the level 2 advantage is always a good strategy to have.

However, this combo can be performed every 10 seconds or so. Don’t hesitate to be aggressive on these two champions because most champions can’t match it. Try to pressure as much as possible and get fed early on.

During the mid game, Alistar and Lucian can be super effective in 5v5 teamfights thanks to their mobility and damage. Alistar’s CC can help Lucian kite and Lucian’s damage is enough to take down all of Alistar’s opponents.

Recommended Items

Zeke's Convergence

If there’s one item that helps this duo it’s Zeke’s Convergence. It should be a priority for Alistar because of how much it improves the duo’s burst damage.

After Alistar performs his knock-up combo (or stuns an enemy) Zeke’s Convergence will increase Lucian’s damage as Alistar’s accomplice. So, abuse this item as much as possible!

3. Kalista


Kalista may not be the strongest ADC champion on this list, but she has a strong synergy with Alistar. And it should be an obvious one to any bot lane player.

The wombo-combo of this duo is possible from level 6. Since they can bind themselves with Kalista’s dagger, Kalista can use her R, Fate’s Call, in combination with Alistar which creates a powerful kill setup.

In other words, Alistar can dash in thanks to Kalista’s ultimate and knock multiple enemies up in the air. Then, he can immediately cast his Q to knock those enemies up for the second time. This gives his team 2 or 3 seconds of chain CC that can’t even be cleansed.

During this time, it’s up to Kalista and the rest of the teammates to apply as much damage as possible.

Once the enemies are free, Kalista can jump around and kite for herself. However, if the enemy team is very mobile (assassins), Alistar should be around her to push them away and keep her safe while auto-attacking.

Recommended Items

Sunfire Aegis

Since Kalista’s R allows Alistar to jump in between enemy champions, he’s likely to stay around them for the rest of the fight. And because of that, Sunfire Aegis is an excellent item to have.

Sunfire Aegis burns all enemies around you and it can really increase Alistar’s damage output, something that most enemies don’t even consider.

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2. Yasuo


Yasuo is an off-meta ADC pick that you don’t often see in the bot lane. However, if there’s a time to play him and carry from that role, it’s when Alistar is the support.

Yasuo’s laning phase should be approached very carefully. He’s at a disadvantage in the bot lane because he’s a melee champion against one or two ranged champions. He’s likely to get poked and bullied, so try to CS as safely as possible.

Alistar can help by playing a bit more aggressively, pushing, and knocking up champions whenever Yasuo needs to CS. Their knock-ups can be effective tools for trading, but you shouldn’t expect too much damage early on.

However, level 6 is when the magic happens. Since Alistar’s W+Q combo makes enemies airborne, it allows Yasuo to activate his ultimate, Last Breath. Once activated, He’ll keep the knocked-up enemies in the air a while longer while also dealing damage to them.

This is a big reason why Yasuo and Alistar work well in the bot lane. Alistar provides a reliable knock-up that can always be applied. And Yasuo offers more damage and sustain than most ADCs, especially in the late game.

Recommended Items

Evenshroud item

There’s one item that fits this duo particularly well. Evenshroud is a mythic item that Alistar can build because each time he knocks up an enemy for Yasuo, that enemy will receive more damage.

So, it’s a great item for snowballing.

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1. Samira


Out of all champions in League of Legends, Samira is the best ADC partner you can play with Alistar. She benefits from everything that he does and it’s easy for her to carry games when he’s around.

Starting with Alistar’s knock-up combo, all Samira needs to do is right-click the airborne enemies to dash to them and deal extra damage. This is due to her passive and it can be a reliable follow-up for Alistar’s engage.

Next, Samira can also activate her passive effect whenever Alistar stuns a target with E. But this is also an ability that can stop an opponent from getting to Samira in a teamfight.

The great thing about this duo is how powerful they are once the mid game kicks in. Each initiation from Alistar’s side can be answered by Samira and she can dash in together with him to unleash insane amounts of AoE physical damage.

When she does this, she can also protect him with her W, Bladewhirl. It will block a few spells and attacks, effectively prolonging Alistar’s life in teamfights.

Recommended Items

Locket of the Iron Solari

Samira is more durable than most AD carries in LoL. However, since she mostly deals damage in melee form, Locket of the Iron Solari is often a must-have item for Alistar. 

He needs to protect her while she’s exposed to the enemy team, so the shield from this item can help him do so.

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Alistar is one of my favorite supports in League of Legends and he’s well-suited for supporting many different champions in the bot lane. 

But if you want to capitalize on his Headbutt + Pulverize combo, as well as his tankiness, I’d suggest you play one of these 7 champions in combination with him.

Good luck!

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