Playing an ADC against Rammus in League of Legends is always difficult. There isn’t an easy way to counter this champion but having the right pick can help out a lot.

In this post, I’ll go over the 5 ADC champions that have the best chances of surviving and winning against Rammus.

The best way to counter and beat Rammus as an ADC is to play champions that deal damage with abilities and not auto-attacks.

Besides AP champions, you can also play marksmen with Dark Harvest and Lethality builds. Having jump/dash abilities will help you to avoid Rammus’ damage too.

There are 2 core ideas here – don’t deal damage with basic attacks and escape Rammus when he’s running into you with his Q – Powerball.

And any champion that can do this will be a good pick against Rammus.

Later in the post, I’ll give you bonus tips about how to beat Rammus as an ADC including helpful Summoner’s Spells, runes, and items. 

But first, let’s check the 5 best ADC champions to pick against Rammus!

Top 5 Best ADCs Against Rammus in Season 12

5. Caitlyn

Best ADCs Against Rammus - Caitlyn

Despite everything I said above, the first ADC you need to consider playing against Rammus is Caitlyn. True, Cait’s damage from her auto-attacks could hurt her when playing versus Rammus.

The 2 abilities that allow Caitlyn to counter Rammus are W – Yordle Snap Trap and E – 90 Caliber Net.

Basically, Caitlyn can put down traps in front of Rammus and cut him off completely when he’s ganking. He’ll be forced to either step on a trap or stop his engage altogether.

Cait can even use her E to slow down Rammus first which makes it easier for her to set up the trap.

This tactic works well in the bot lane but it’s especially powerful in areas with small passable terrain (around the Dragon pit, for example).

As for Caitlyn’s damage and her basic attacks, you simply need to be careful when playing versus Rammus. Cait’s regular build includes a lot of attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike, which also helps Rammus.

But if you stop auto-attacking at the right times, you’ll definitely avoid a lot of damage.

As a last piece of advice, I recommend you to try the Caitlyn Lethality build. It’s powerful and explosive. Your abilities will deal damage and your ultimate will execute people from 30-40% HP.

And it’s definitely a better option when playing against Rammus.

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4. Varus

Best ADCs Against Rammus - Varus

The next ADC champion we need to talk about is Varus. And let me tell you – I love playing Varus against Rammus. It’s such a great pick to counter this rolling armadillo in all possible ways.

First off, Varus can beat Rammus because he has multiple different builds – ADC Varus, Lethality Varus, and full AP Varus.

In any given match, Varus can simply change his itemization path and counter Rammus and his Thornmail build.

Personally, I shuffle between Lethality and AP Varus all the time. Depending on my team composition and the enemy champions I choose between armor penetration and magic penetration. 

Varus’ playstyle with the lethality build and the AP Varus build doesn’t really differ much. The idea is to use your Q in combination with W and R to deal damage instead of basic attacks.

With both these builds, Varus can literally one-shot an enemy. He can also deal a scary amount of damage to Rammus since Varus’ W does more damage to enemies with more missing health.

Other than the build, Varus can always stop Rammus with his R – Chain of Corruption.

This root lasts for 2 seconds and it gives Varus enough time to run away to safety. It even has a 30-40 seconds cooldown in the late game which is really helpful.

The only problem when playing Varus against Rammus is when he uses his R. As you know, Rammus is unstoppable during his ultimate jump.

In that case, using Flash to get away is always recommended.

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3. Veigar

Veigar One Shot Build Guide

If you aren’t a marksman-only type of player in League of Legends, I’d strongly advise you to play Veigar against Rammus.

Veigar is one of the best pockets picks in the bot lane. And he’s especially powerful when it comes to dealing with Rammus.

One enormous advantage that Veigar has over Rammus is that he is a full AP Champion. Veigar only deals magic damage and he doesn’t auto-attack that often.

This already counters the biggest strength of Rammus, which is returning damage back to the attack when being hit.

As an AP mage, Veigar doesn’t need to worry about damaging himself when fighting Rammus. He can safely poke the armadillo from range and finish him off with R once Rammus gets to low HP.

Aside from that, Veigar has his E – Event Horizon to counter Rammus. Not only does Veigar’s cage block Rammus from entering an area, but it could also be used to trap Rammus inside for several seconds. 

Given the information that Veigar’s cage lasts for 3 seconds and has a 6-7 seconds cooldown in the late game, we can safely say that he is one of the best champions to play against Rammus in League of Legends.

Just make sure to buy lots and lots of magic penetration because Rammus can be pretty tanky, especially later on.

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2. Ezreal

Best ADCs Against Rammus - Ezreal

Ezreal is another fantastic option for dealing with Rammus in LoL. He is a slippery marksman/mage with a playstyle that allows him to trick many melee champions, including Rammus.

When you play Ezreal versus Rammus, your biggest counterpoint is your E – Arcane Shift. Ezreal can always jump behind or over walls to avoid the initial “bump” when Rammus attack you.

That’s why it’s important to not waste your E randomly since the cooldown is pretty big early on.

And another way to beat Rammus is to take advantage of Ezreal’s range. Ezreal’s Q and W are long-ranged abilities and you can use them to poke Rammus constantly.

Every time he starts walking towards you, just walk back and fire off Q or W+Q at him.

Additionally, Ezreal’s R is a global ultimate ability and can uncover Rammus’ location anywhere on the map.

You can use it for dealing damage and stealing neutral objectives from him such as Dragons and Baron. 

I’ll admit, Ezreal isn’t the easiest champion to play in League. Since all of his abilities are skillshots, he requires mechanical skills and decent aiming.

However, he’s pretty good at surviving against champions such as Rammus, so you should definitely try him out.

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1. Sivir

Best ADCs Against Rammus - Sivir

And the best ADC champion to play against Rammus is Sivir. Sivir is just a fantastic pick when it comes to countering Rammus.

She can match his movement speed, change the way she deals damage, and even block his crowd control abilities.

First of all, we have to talk about Sivir’s E – Spell Shield. This is an ability that can completely nullify the effects of Rammus’ Q, E, and R.

Depending on how well you time Sivir’s Spell Shield, you can always trick Rammus into wasting his precious crowd control abilities. 

I’d recommend you to always try to block Rammus’ taunt with Sivir’s E. Aside from his ultimate, this is the scariest ability that this champion has for ADCs.

You can let Rammus “bump” into you and slow you down, but make sure to activate Spell Shield immediately after that to block the taunt.

Another thing you can do is to activate Sivir’s ultimate to outrun Rammus. Of course, Rammus will always have a higher movement speed than you at the end of his Powerball.

But if he’s still charging up, you and your allies can definitely get to safety using the MS from On the Hunt.

And lastly, I strongly recommend you to switch the regular ADC build for Sivir to full Lethality/Dark Harvest Sivir when playing against Rammus.

With enough Lethality, Sivir’s Q deals almost 50% HP to non-tank champions in the late. But it can also shred Rammus’ health if he isn’t careful enough.

Sivir is the easiest ADC champion to play on this list, so make sure you try her out the next time you’re about to face Rammus!

Check the ADC Sivir build vs. the Lethality Sivir build on YouTube.

Playing an ADC Against Rammus – Bonus Tips

If you struggle to win against Rammus despite playing one of my 5 recommended champions, here are a few tips that can further help you out.

SUMMONER SPELLS: Flash is a must-have against Rammus. It’ll help you get away from his Q and R abilities. You can also play with Cleanse to immediately remove the effects of his taunt.

RUNES: There aren’t too many helpful runes that work specifically well against Rammus. Just make sure to take Magic Resist as a bonus and Legend: Tenacity from Precision.

It will significantly reduce the amount of time you sit in Rammus’ CC.

ITEMS: There are many great items that counter Rammus’ kit. For example, you can get a spell barrier through Edge of Night (AD) or Banshee’s Veil (AP).

You can also purchase Quicksilver Sash (QSS) and use it to cleanse the taunt.

CHAMPIONS: If you aren’t hung up on the idea of always playing AD champions in the bot lane, you can benefit a lot from the AP picks.

For example, Ziggs can knock Rammus back and Syndra can stun from great range. You can also suggest your support to pick Morgana for her Black Shield too.

PLAYSTYLE: Rammus will always be at an advantage if you position wrong. Make sure to only play aggressively when you have tools to escape.

When your Flash, Cleanse, or shield is on cooldown, play closer to your allies or allied turrets.

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Rammus isn’t the most difficult champion to beat in League of Legends. After all, there are much more problematic champions than him.

However, Rammus can really be one of the worst picks to face as an ADC, especially if you don’t have a jump/dash or spell shield.

The 5 marksmen on this list are all great at keeping Rammus at distance and blocking his abilities. So make sure to practice them if you want to beat this champion.

I hope this post helped you out! Good luck!

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