Everyone will agree that Brand is one of the best support champions for carrying games in League of Legends. 

Unlike other picks for the role, Brand doesn’t focus on healing, shielding, and aiding his partner with buffs throughout the game. Instead, he deals huge amounts of AoE magic damage and is able to topple everyone in a teamfight, especially in the late game.

And because of this, the best bot lane partners for Brand are usually aggressive ADCs and APCs that can always poke or commit to a fight, regardless of the matchup. 

Additionally, any champion with a bit of CC can also be a good partner for Brand support since they enable him to deal even more damage.

Since this is too general, I’ve highlighted 7 specific champions in this post that you can always play in combination with Brand. They are ranked based on synergy and overall win ratio, so make sure to check them out.

7. Draven


Draven is arguably one of the strongest ADC champions during the early game. Since he doesn’t depend on skillshots and all of his damage comes from auto-attacking, he’s always a scary enemy in the eyes of his opponents. 

In combination with Brand, Draven has two advantages.

First, since Brand is an aggressive support and he’s always on the lookout for poking, the enemy bot lane duo is likely to play more passively. Draven can use this to chase them down and shower them with Q-attacks which can hurt more than Brand’s abilities.

And second, this aggressive playstyle allows Draven to collect more kills on average during the laning phase which ultimately results in more stacks, more gold, and harder snowballing than with any other support in League of Legends.

In the mid and late game, Draven and Brand don’t have the best synergy. Their game plan revolves around sparking a teamfight with Brand’s R and then Draven chasing down each opponent.

Both champions should be careful because they’re immobile and once they commit to a fight, they have to carry it to the end.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use Draven’s W to slow down enemies so that Brand can easily aim his abilities.
  • You can cast Draven’s R while the target is stunned by Brand.
  • Build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on Brand to help Draven kite and deal more damage overall.

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6. Tristana


Tristana is another aggressive ADC with tons of potential to get herself and her support super-fed in the first 10 minutes of the match.

The first thing I want you to understand is how easy it actually is to collect kills with Tristana and Brand. As soon as level 2, Brand can stun one of the bot lane opponents and Tristana can jump on top of them. Their combined damage is more than any bot lane champions can endure that early, especially if Brand has Ignite.

Since this synergy doesn’t depend on any major cooldown, Tristana and Brand can perform it every 15 seconds or so. They can play very offensively and constantly look for fights. And in most cases, the enemy duo won’t be able to answer them.

What this does is it establishes control over the bot side of the map from the start of the match. The ally jungler is then free to path bot and take all the Dragons because Brand and Tristana will always reach it sooner than their opponents. 

In the late game teamfights, Brand is responsible for creating chaos with his ultimate, and Tristana can safely pick each member of the enemy team one by one with her resets. 

Helpful Tips:

  • Play aggressively and always try to land a stun with Brand because this is a great setup for Tristana to engage.
  • Tristana can push away enemies with her ultimate to keep herself and Brand out of harm since both of them are pretty squishy champions.

5. Ziggs


In my opinion, Ziggs is one of the greatest carries in the bot lane even though for most players he’s an off-meta pick. And if you know how to play Ziggs, it’s going to be easy for you to climb from this role.

The most obvious synergy between Brand and Ziggs is the fact that they’re both heavy AP magic damage dealers. This simply means that they can always be played when their mid, jungle, and top are AD, which isn’t the case for regular marksmen.

In the lane, Ziggs offers fantastic poke damage, much stronger than that of Brand. His Q is a long-range bomb on a 3-seconds cooldown that helps him push enemies into a defensive mode as well as farm even when he is pushed back.

With his E, Ziggs can slow down enemies and allow Brand to stun them. And with his W he can counter the enemy jungler’s ganks by pushing him away. 

Ultimately, Ziggs is a great mage that can poke and CC targets from afar to allow Brand near them so he can finish them off. Both champions can deal insane amounts of AoE magic damage in a teamfight, even when they’re behind.

Helpful Tips:

  • Play offensively and push as much as possible to get the first turret down reward by executing the T1 turret with Ziggs’ W.
  • Ziggs can slow enemies with his E which helps Brand land his W or E+Q combo.
  • It’s easy to aim Ziggs’R when enemies are running away from each other when they’re affected by Brand’s R. You can predict their movement and drop the Mega Inferno Bomb on top of them.

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4. Karthus


Karthus is another amazing AP carry that shines in the bot lane. It’s difficult to lose a game with Karthus bot simply because of how useful he is regardless of his lane performance. This is especially true when his support is Brand.

First of all, Karthus isn’t a weak champion early on. In fact, he’s one of the greatest bullies because he can simply spam his Q without the fear of going oom. In combination with Brand who also likes to play aggressively, you get a duo that’s always looking to fight.

The cool thing here is that Karthus and Brand combined have more damage than any other bot lane duo in League of Legends early on. Their abilities hurt a lot and each level just improves their chance of scoring a kill.

Another fantastic advantage is that both of these champions scale incredibly well and mostly build anti-tank items such as Liandry’s Anguish, Morellonomicon, Shadowflame, and Void Staff. These help them topple any opponent in the late game, no matter if they’re fed or not.

There are tons of synergies you can do between Karthus and Brand but their biggest strength lies in their combined AoE magic damage which is often enough to carry games, regardless of the performance of their teammates.

Helpful Tips:

  • Karthus’ W can slow down enemies for Brand’s R, W, or E+Q combo.
  • Spam Karthus’ Q on the target Brand stuns for isolated damage.
  • Play both champions with burn items (Liandry’s Anguish and Demonic Embrace) to overpower all enemies.
  • Use both of their ultimate in a teamfight to unleash insane amounts of damage.

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3. Jhin


Jhin’s playstyle is a mix between a mage and a marksman. It’s a very calculative approach to playing League of Legends, ideal for those that enjoy being tactical. And Brand improves that in every metric.

For example, Brand can easily mark an enemy champion for Jhin’s W (which roots the target if previously hit) either with a good W cast or by spreading his E from the caster minions in the back. And if Jhin snares them, they can easily burst them down.

On the other hand, each time an opponent steps on one of Jhin’s traps, Brand can quickly aim his stun and set up an easy kill for his ADC.

But my favorite form of synergy between these two champions comes on level 6. When Brand casts his ultimate on the enemy duo, Jhin can press his R and start firing. He can easily aim his 4 bullets because the enemies are likely to move away from each other to avoid Brand’s damage.

The same can be repeated in a late game teamfight. With Jhin and Brand, you always need to be very careful about positioning since you’re very immobile. Always try to take advantage of your range and don’t overextend because the enemy team can easily punish you.

Helpful Tips:

  • Build Galeforce on Jhin to increase your mobility and to be able to execute enemies after Brand’s damage.
  • You can cast Jhin’s W when the target is stunned by Brand to extend the duration of the CC.
  • Build Rylai’s Crystal Scepter on Brand to help Jhin land his skill shots easier.

2. Ashe


Ashe is the best utility ADC in League of Legends. She’s a marksman that doesn’t necessarily need to focus on dealing as much damage as possible. And when she’s supported by Brand, her primary job is to set up stuns and slows for him.

This is because each of Ashe’s utility spells help Brand spread and deal more damage overall.

For example, Ashe’s W allows Brand to get near his targets and aim his E+Q combo freely. The same can be said for Ashe’s basic attacks which, of course, also apply slow effects.

On top of this, Ashe’s R is a stun that’s arguably the easiest kill setup in LoL. Her Enchanted Crystal Arrow travels through minions and stuns the first enemy champion hit, so she can always engage first.

Brand benefits from this because he can land his W and R abilities, but he can also extend the stun with Q afterward. 

In a sense, this duo plays as though Ashe is the support and Brand the carry. But this shouldn’t be a problem since they’re likely to get lots of kills early on, as well as later on when big teamfights break out.

Brand and Ashe have both damage and control which is a big reason why they win so much when they’re together.

Helpful Tips:

  • Always engage with Ashe’s R because it’s an easy spell to land.
  • Ashe should poke with W to increase the chances that Brand will catch someone in a stun.
  • After level 6, make sure to roam and set up ganks with Ashe’s ultimate and Brand’s damage.

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1. Seraphine


Out of all meta and off-meta champions in the bot lane, Seraphine has proven time and time again to be the best-performing partner for Brand support. And here’s why.

For starters, Seraphine has an amazing wave clear. A simple E + Q cast after level 4 or 5 results in an instant wave clear which allows her and Brand to pressure the enemy bot lane or roam freely to establish control over the bottom side of the map.

Additionally, since Seraphine can slow down and root enemies with her E, she makes it easy for Brand to get in range and unleash his damage. 

The synergy is actually insane when Seraphine charms multiple enemies with her ultimate because while they’re charmed, Brand can easily spread his damage and bombard them with his own R.

If the enemy team is particularly aggressive or they have a lot more range than Brand, Seraphine offers a lot of protection with her W. This ability both shields and heals all allies around her, so it’s a great way to stay healthy throughout the game.

Helpful Tips:

  • Build burn items such as Demonic Embrace and Liandry’s Anguish on both Seraphine and Brand.
  • Play aggressively and pressure the enemy team as much as possible; force trades to force them out of lane.
  • Combine both ultimates for a greater effect.

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As an ADC main, you probably know that playing with Brand isn’t always about you carrying your entire team. Brand offers a lot of damage and if you can aid him as well as he aids you (with CC or else), you’ll win much more overall.

The 7 champions on this list are all tested picks that work well in combination with Brand across all elos and servers in League of Legends. So definitely give them a try!

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