If your support just locked in Amumu and you’re now stuck wondering how to take advantage of it, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’ll talk about the best ADCs you can synergize Amumu with for excellent results in solo queue. I’ll give you 5 overall bot lane picks that always work, regardless of the patch or the meta.

It’s not always easy to find a good carry pick, especially for an off-meta support such as Amumu.

But in general, Amumu goes very well with ADCs that can take advantage of his crowd control. He synergizes the most with champions that can do a lot of AoE damage while he’s holding the enemies immobilized. With Amumu, it’s all about engaging and punishing the enemy laners for their positioning.

That said, take a look at these 5 ADCs that have levels of synergy and have already achieved a high win ratio with Amumu as a support!

The 5 Best ADCs for Amumu Support in League of Legends

5. Ezreal


Ezreal is a skill-based marksman whose success depends on the player’s aiming skills as well as positioning. But when paired with a support such as Amumu, Ezreal’s job of carrying becomes a bit easier. Here’s why.

Since Amumu has multiple ways of stunning and immobilizing the enemy champions, Ezreal can use that to freely cast his Q, W, and R abilities. It may not sound like much, but having free targets all game long makes a huge difference.

This is important because all of Ezreal’s damage comes from those 3 spells. And although his auto-attacks can hurt too, his W + Q combo, as well as his R, are what really makes the difference in the enemy HP bars.

During the laning phase, Ezreal and Amumu can go for a level 3 all-in and even take down the enemy ADC. Depending on the matchup, this can be easily done with the two charges of Amumu’s Q and Ezreal’s continuous attacks with spells and basics.

The great thing about this duo is that Ezreal and Amumu don’t need to focus on winning their lane. Since Ezreal is a relatively safe champion, he can be left alone to farm on his own. Amumu can go for ganking other lanes instead, giving his entire team advantages.

Once the late game kicks in, Amumu and Ezreal can have a really explosive playstyle due to the high damage on their most important abilities. Here, Amumu can even help by building Evenshroud which will increase Ezreal’s damage when Amumu stuns a target.

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4. Tristana


Speaking of explosive playstyles, Tristana is a prime example of it. She’s an aggressive ADC that pairs the best with aggressive supports who are always ready to stun her target. Well, Amumu perfectly fits that job description!

Tristana and Amumu can go for level 2 all-in and completely destroy the enemy duo early on. This is thanks to Tristana’s high AP damage, as well as AD damage, through her jump (W) and bomb (E). Combined with the two charges of Amumu’s Q, the kill potential here is enormous.

But even if Amumu and Tristana don’t always score kills with their combo, they establish control over the bot side of Summoner’s Rift. If Amumu catches the enemy ADC or support with Q and Tristana jumps on them with her bomb, there’s not much the opponents can do but flee. 

This synergy is really important to master since it’s the main way to abuse these two champions in combination until the late game. Keep in mind that one-shotting the enemy ADC becomes much more difficult with their whole team around them, but that’s the primary goal of this duo.

There are a few tools that generally improve Tristana’s and Amumu’s synergy and I’m always recommending them to everybody.

First of all, Amumu should always go for the Glacial Augment keystone it provides additional slow. This allows Tristana to stay in range for her basic attacks even after the stun ends and the enemy keeps on running away.

And lastly, Evenshroud is also welcomed here since it boosts Tristana’s damage output which is already great.

3. Kalista


In terms of pure synergy, you won’t find a better ADC pick for Amumu than Kalista. And if you’re looking to wombo-combo the enemy team, this is the combination to go for.

Let me explain.

The main way these two champions synergize is through Kalista’s ultimate – Fate’s Call. At the beginning of the game, Amumu and Kalista can bind themselves to each other. And they stay like that for the rest of the game.

Now, when Kalista uses her R, she does two things. First, she pulls Amumu towards her and saves him from all attacks. This can last for more than 1 second so it’s an even better effect than Zhonya’s Hourglass.

And second, Kalista allows Amumu to dash forward without getting stopped, knocking up all enemies in his chosen location and setting them up for his own R – Curse of the Sad Mummy. In other words, Kalista and Amumu can chain-CC the entire enemy team with a knock-up and a stun.

Of course, this isn’t always an easy thing to do but the potential here is huge. 

It’s important for this duo to play the early game carefully and not be too aggressive. The reason is that Kalista isn’t the strongest marksman early on and she’s better at focusing on farming during the laning phase. 

However, once Kalista has one or two items in her inventory, she’s comfortable being the only damage dealer on the team. And all Amumu needs to do is keep enemies immobilized for Kalista.

My most recommended item here is Knight’s Vow for Amumu since it improves Kalista’s safety.

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2. Samira


Samira is another hyper carry champion that can 1v9 the entire enemy team with the right support. And Amumu can do that very well.

First of all, the most obvious synergy here is between Amumu’s crowd control and Samira’s passive. Samira can use each of Amumu’s stuns to dash to the target and deal extra damage to them.

This effect can create huge advantages in the bot lane if Amumu and Samira decide to play aggressively. On level 2, Amumu can look to catch an enemy with his Q while Samira destroys them with her passive, Q, E, and auto-attacks.

Another benefit that Samira gets from Amumu’s CC is that she can stack her ultimate pretty quickly. When a target is immobilized, Samira can quickly do AA + Q + AA to get 3 stacks, and then simply dash in melee range to unleash the rest of her damage.

This works both in the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane and in the 5v5 late game team fights. Amumu’s job here is to engage at right time and stun the right targets so that Samira can quickly come in and activate her ultimate.

That said, damage is never a problem for this duo. On top of that, their safety is also very high thanks to Amumu building tank items and Samira having her W – Blade Whirl to block the essential spells for her and Amumu.

All in all, Samira and Amumu is a fantastic duo that’s always ready to carry. I really recommend playing them if you’re looking to climb with your duo partner. They can be the initiators and winners of nearly every fight and they don’t always rely on the jungler’s help in order to succeed.

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1. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

If you’ve watched even a single game of Worlds, LCS, LCK, LEC, or another professional League of Legends scene, chances are that you’ve seen the Miss Fortune and Amumu combo in the bot lane. They work amazingly well together even in games filled with pro players, so here’s why.

Even though Miss Fortune is an excellent ADC that scales well into the late game and offers tons of direct damage through her auto-attacks and Q, her best asset is her ultimate – Bullet Time.

Well, Amumu can create the perfect setup for Miss Fortune’s R. This happens when Amumu casts stun on multiple enemy champions and MF activates her R at them while they’re immobilized.

No matter when this synergy is executed, the effects are always gigantic. Not only can these two champions win 2v2 fights by themselves, they can also take over the whole map by roaming and pressuring the rest of the opponents. 

That said, MF and Amumu might struggle to get kills before level 6. It’s not impossible, but it requires a lot of coordinated play as well as a mistake or two by the opposing laners. However, once you get to level 6, getting kills becomes the easiest thing you can do.

Here, more than ever you need Evenshroud on Amumu to boost the damage of Miss Fortune’s ultimate. The impact of the item isn’t too big, but it can be enough to let MF finish off more than one enemy champion.

Always get it!

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As you can see, Amumu doesn’t really synergize with ADCs he needs to protect 24/7. This is because he doesn’t have any “supportive” spell besides a stun. And so, he fits better with champions that focus on dealing damage first, no matter if they’re AP or AD.

Because of that, you can also go for something like Kennen ADC for Amumu support and have amazing synergy. The choice is yours!

Good luck, my friends!

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