Pantheon has been a meta and off-meta support in League of Legends for a while now. He’s often picked for his aggression and kill setup in the bot lane. And when he’s combined with the right ADC, Pantheon can be one of the scariest support carries in the game.

Generally, Pantheon synergizes the most with aggressive ADCs that can follow up on his engage. When Pantheon stuns a target, the ADC must be able to do extra damage so Pantheon can execute them with Q right afterward. And any champion that provides that help is a good partner for Pantheon.

That said, Pantheon doesn’t necessarily need a marksman that has a crowd control effect. With him, it’s all about catching one opponent in a stun and quickly dumping all damage onto them.

So, here I’ve picked the top 5 best ADC picks for Pantheon support in League. All of them can boost his performance and have overall positive win rates across all elos and servers.

Check them out.

The 5 Best ADCs for Pantheon Support in League of Legends

5. Sivir


As one of the oldest ADCs in the game, Sivir’s kit doesn’t impress too much. She’s all about speed and avoiding damage, but that also plays out very well for Pantheon. 

The first reason is that Sivir can speed up Pantheon with her ultimate and allow him to catch up to any opponent. True, this only comes to play after Sivir gets to level 6 but it significantly boosts the duo’s kill potential in the bot lane.

When Pantheon does catch up to somebody and stuns them, Sivir is there to drop her Q as well as her auto-attacks. Her damage isn’t that high during the early game but it gets very bursty toward the late game.

So, the laning phase of Pantheon and Sivir is usually slower but a lot safer. Both champions can block attacks for themselves and each other, including the critical spells when the enemy jungler comes to gank.

Sivir’s safety also plays a huge role in Pantheon’s roaming potential. 

Since Sivir can quickly clear waves on her own and avoid getting caught, Pantheon becomes free to roam Summoner’s Rift and gank other lanes. And this is an important thing to do on this champion, especially after level 6.

Once the late game kicks in, Pantheon and Sivir are all about making picks around the map. With Pantheon’s stun and Sivir’s damage, the duo can easily win team fights and secure objectives. 

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4. Draven


Judging by playstyle alone, Draven might be the perfect ADC pick for Pantheon support. Both champions are super aggressive and want to take control of the game from the first minute.

When you lock in this duo, you want to play as aggressively as possible early on and feed Draven as much as you can. Since Draven scales so well with early game gold, he and Pantheon need to punish the opposing laners for every mistake they make.

Trading during the laning phase is pretty easy for these two champions. Pantheon can stun the enemy ADC and Draven’s damage is always high enough to win the skirmish. This combo creates a lot of kill opportunities before level 6, so make sure to grab them.

When you establish control over the bot side like this, it’s easy to transfer it over the whole map. Securing the Dragon is also not a problem since Draven can always slay the target Pantheon stuns.

Not only that but Draven’s and Pantheon’s ultimate abilities are simply amazing at influencing the rest of the map. 

Draven’s R can execute a low-HP enemy on the opposite side of Summoner’s Rift. And Pantheon’s R is the perfect tool for ganking other lanes or assisting your jungler when he invades the enemy jungle.

The basic setup for teamfights is pretty simple. All Pantheon needs to do is catch one enemy and Draven can quickly burst them down. Pantheon can also protect Draven with his E and keep him alive against ranged attacks.

3. Caitlyn


Caitlyn is another ADC that pairs fantastically well with Pantheon in the bot lane. And if executed correctly, their combo can be unavoidable and painful for the enemy team.

If I can put it simply, Caitlyn synergizes with Pantheon because she can place traps under the targets that Pantheon stuns. 

Since Pantheon’s W is a point-click ability and can’t be missed, it’s really an easy engage for the duo that they can use all the time. On top of this, Caitlyn’s W has 3 charges and she can place 2 of them while the enemy is in Pantheon’s stun.

This combo does an insane amount of damage and can be abused as early as level 2. Caitlyn can weave 2 headshots in a row while Pantheon’s damage on his Q is always high, especially if the target’s on low HP.

Needless to say, Pantheon and Caitlyn are an aggressive duo that looks to punish enemies all the time. Both champions can poke and harass fairly well, Caitlyn with all of her ranged attacks, and Pantheon with his Q.

When the time for teamfights comes around, Pantheon does a decent job of keeping Caitlyn safe thanks to his W and E. Of course, the idea here is for him to engage on the enemy backline with Caitlyn trying to finish off his targets.

However, for this duo, it’s really important that the early game goes well enough since Caitlyn’s scaling isn’t too impressive. But if it does, she can Pantheon can absolutely take over the game and 2v8 it!

2. Kalista


Kalista’s synergy with Pantheon is an obvious one. And if you ever need a stable bot lane duo, you can always count on Kalista and Pantheon to perform well enough.

First of all, Kalista’s soul bond with Pantheon is a strong one. He’s a short-range support that can’t always engage on the enemy team. But thanks to Kalista’s ultimate, Pantheon can dash forward, knock up all the enemies in the area, and stun the key target.

Moreover, Kalista’s ultimate can also be used as a safety tool for Pantheon. If the Pantheon player gets caught, Kalista can simply pull him toward her with R and allow him to escape.

The laning phase of Kalista and Pantheon is definitely a calmer one compared to other picks on this list. Simply put, Kalista isn’t the strongest ADC during the early game and she needs a bit of XP and gold in order to pop off.

However, if Pantheon does a decent job of protecting Kalista before level 6, she can become a really great carry during the mid game. Kalista is simply amazing at kiting and peeling for herself, so she usually lets Pantheon engage on the enemy backline and try to assassinate them.

In other words, once teamfights start to break out, Pantheon doesn’t need to stay close to Kalista at all times and protect her from everyone.

In the late game, Kalista and Pantheon use their combo to provide a knock-up for their team. But they can also save Kalista’s R from a sticky situation and have Pantheon attack with his ulti first.

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1. Tristana


Tristana’s kill potential in lane is not something high elo players take lightly. And with Pantheon as a support, you can bet that they play super aggressively since the very early game.

The main synergy between these two champions happens when both Pantheon and Tristana jump on one target and it can happen on level 2. 

Pantheon crowd control is very effective early on because most ADC players are reluctant to give those early CS. And Tristana’s damage from her bomb is very high, so she has more than enough damage to score first blood.

This combo can be repeated time and time again during the laning phase. And depending on how well your enemies respond, you can actually get a lot of kills without any help from your jungler.

Speaking of, you must be careful about and although you should be aggressive, you shouldn’t play too aggressively as Trist and Pantheon. In most cases, the enemy duo will spam-ping their jungler and you’re very likely to get ganked a couple of times.

Luckily, Tristana’s W, Rocket Jump, is a safety option that allows her to get away from most junglers in League of Legends. Pantheon’s E, Aegis Assault, is also effective at blocking key abilities, including some crowd control.

One advantage you get from Pantheon’s and Tristana’s combo is that it can also be applied to other lanes. It’s not uncommon in high elo to see Pantheon and Tristana constantly ganking mid lane and establishing control over the entire map.

With this duo, it’s all about pressure. And the more you pressure your enemies the easier they crack.


As you can see, the ADCs that get paired with Pantheon are generally aggressive picks with lots of early and mid game power. This is due to the fact that Pantheon is a strong champion early on and you definitely want to take advantage of his power and snowball the game.

My recommendations all have positive win rates in solo queue and you’ll definitely have decent chances of carrying your team with them. Good luck!

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