Not too many people know how to properly utilize Neeko’s ability kit in the support role. But the truth is that this champion offers many strengths and she’s capable of carrying so many different picks in the bot lane.

In general, Neeko is of huge help to ADCs that rely on landing skill shots because she has amazing crowd control. Her burst damage is also great for setting up fights and finishing kills, so she’s an offensive support that you definitely want on your team.

In this post, I’ve highlighted 5 bot lane picks that go very well together with Neeko, regardless of the enemy team comp. The synergy is there, so let’s go over it.

These Are the Top 5 Best Bot Partners for Neeko:

5. Ezreal


If you take a look at Ezreal’s best-performing meta supports, you’ll see many mages and disruptors, aka champions that pack a lot of crowd control in their kits. 

Well, Neeko fits in both of those categories and increases Ezreal’s potential in multiple aspects.

First of all, Neeko’s E is an easy setup for Ezreal’s Q or W+Q combo. The ability travels through minions and roots all enemies it touches, so it’s difficult for enemies to dodge it if it’s aimed properly.

On top of this, Neeko’s R can root multiple enemy champions and allow Ezreal to freely cast R, Q, or reposition with E. Since Neeko draws all the attention to her when she uses her ultimate, it’s easy for Ezreal to outplay his opponents and deal as much damage as possible.

During the laning phase, this duo is especially powerful. Neeko is one of the few supports in LoL that enables Ezreal to play aggressively from level 1. They can both poke enemies and trade favorably from range, with their damage being excellent throughout the game.

In terms of items, Neeko can always go for Everfrost if Ezreal needs more CC for kiting and landing skillshots. The item also helps Neeko keep enemy champions inside her ultimate, so there’s no reason not to take it.

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4. Jhin


Jhin has similar strengths to Ezreal but he also has more utility in his kit. This helps Neeko land her own skill shots better and control the entire laning phase on the bottom side.

For starters, Neeko can mark enemy champions for Jhin’s W either with her Q or E. And when she lands her E, Jhin has a free shot at landing his own W. 

The combined root from both Jhin and Neeko amounts to over 3 seconds of CC, which is more than enough for them to score a kill.

Another synergy you can abuse on these two champions is their ultimates. On level 6, Neeko can walk into the enemy bot lane duo with her W and cast her R while Jhin is slowing them down with his own ultimate. This will make it difficult for them to escape Neeko’s Pop Blossom, and avoid its damage.

If Jhin plays with Galeforce, he can usually score a kill after Neeko’s ultimate is finished. 

Don’t forget that Neeko’s damage is actually insanely high, even as a support. Sometimes the duo can even score a kill without activating their ultimates, especially when they catch the squishy ADC and supports in the bot lane.

3. Ashe


Ashe is another ADC pick I prioritize whenever my support locks in Neeko. This combination is fantastic at all stages of the game, having great control over the bot side early on and a huge map presence later on.

One of the reasons why you want Ashe on your team is that she can check the map with her E and stop so many ganks from the enemy jungler. So even if Neeko is pushed under their turret and can’t set up a proper vision, Ashe’s there to back her up.

When it comes to fighting, Ashe’s slow from her basic attacks and W helps Neeko land her E and burst the target with her Q. Both champions can provide a lot of poke and CC which helps them overpower enemies even in 2v3 situations.

Once Ashe unlocks her Enchanted Crystal Arrow, the engage potential doubles. If Ashe stuns an enemy champion, Neeko can use the opportunity to extend the CC with her E and apply as much damage as possible with Q and R.

Depending on how well you utilize Neeko’s kit, you can actually offer crazy kiting and peeling for Ashe. Ashe doesn’t have any dashes so in order for her to stay alive in a teamfight and deal damage, Neeko has to be able to root the enemies and confuse them with her W.

On the other hand, Ashe can also be a support and peel for Neeko with her slows, but she’s best paired with these ADCs.

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2. Nilah


When I say that Nilah and Neeko offer one of the most bombastic playstyles in LoL, I don’t overexaggerate. In fact, their combo is often underutilized and most players in League don’t take full advantage of it.

For starters, Neeko can easily trick enemies by turning into Nilah and sending out an illusion with her W (from bush or fog of war). The reason why this works is that Nilah is a melee marksman and it’s natural for her to walk forward when she needs to CS.

But the way you set up teamfights with Nilah and Neeko is by both champions engaging at the same time. When Neeko tries to catch enemies in E or R, Nilah can dash to her, shield her from damage, and even cast her own ultimate to pull and keep enemies inside Neeko’s Pop Blossom.

This synergy is very effective even in the later stages of the game where teamfight performance is key for securing big objectives. 

But many people also forget the power of Nilah’s passive and the synergy it has with Neeko’s ultimate. Since Neeko receives a shield when she casts her Pop Blossom, both Nilah and Neeko get extra shielding from Nilah’s passive.

This is another excellent tool for winning teamfights which is another reason why this duo works so well.

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1. Seraphine


And in the first place, we have an AP carry champion that performs better than any AD carry when put together with Neeko. And the facts are obvious.

First of all, Seraphine synergizes with any mage champion that offers snare effects. This is because her E automatically stuns a target if it touches a rooted enemy, so her opponents can’t even auto-attack when Sera is together with Neeko.

The Q abilities on these champions are similar, both dealing large amounts of magic damage in a specific area on the ground. So if they manage to CC an enemy champion and cast Q, that trade is likely to force that target out of the lane.

But the most powerful form of synergy between Neeko and Seraphine comes on level 6. If Seraphine manages to charm multiple enemies with her R, Neeko can use this to position herself and cast her own R successfully.

Moreover, since Seraphine’s ultimate extends its range when it passes through champions, she can even use it when Neeko is the one engaging first. Through Neeko, Encore will reach even targets that are outside of its initial range, making the combo much more successful.

All in all, I’ve only seen positive results from playing Neeko and Seraphine in the bot lane so I really recommend the duo to everybody!


In my opinion, Neeko is a great support champion for players that like the proactive playstyle and want to carry games themselves. She’s similar to supports like Morgana and Lux who are usually the ones controlling the pace of the match.

However, Neeko does require a few unique mechanics and she often needs specific partners in the bot lane. Fortunately, the 5 picks I showcased above are all able to make her much stronger support than she normally is.

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