Fiddlesticks has never been a “support-only” champion in League of Legends but he’s been an off-meta pick for the role as early as season 2 or 3.

And if you like to play Fiddlesticks as a support in solo queue, it’s important to know that you should combine him with ADCs that synergize with his ultimate and can unleash a lot of damage (preferably AoE) when the enemies are feared.

Since Fiddlesticks’ primary role isn’t support, he can’t work well with all ADCs in the game. 

But here are 5 best-performing bot lane picks that you can always count on when you play Fiddle.

These Are the Top 5 Best Bot Partners for Fiddlesticks:

5. Tristana


Tristana may not offer the AoE damage that the rest of the picks on this list have, but she’s a powerful marksman champion that can carry Fiddle into victory without a problem.

Tristana is all about burst damage. She does this by jumping in with her W and blasting a single target with her E. After the bomb explodes, her W resets and she can jump again to either finish the kill or get away to safety.

This fits FIddlesticks’ idea of supporting in two aspects. 

First, it allows him to capitalize on his crowd control because Tristana can always engage when Fiddle fears or silences an enemy champion. And second, since Tristana can easily reposition in a fight, it fixes Fiddlesticks’ lack of protective abilities such as heals and shields.

The level 6 power spike that Fiddlesticks gets is always a big moment in the bot lane. If he manages to make good use of Crowstorm and fear one or both enemies, Tristana can swoop in and collect an easy double kill.

Don’t forget, the damage that Fiddlesticks can do with his R is insane at all stages of the game, even as a support. 

This is why this duo is also great at securing Dragon and controlling the bot side since every minute or so FIddlesticks can set the stage for an absolute massacre.

4. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

As much as Tristana is an excellent AD carry for actually carrying games from the bot lane, she can’t match the teamfight power that Miss Fortune brings. And if you’re looking for wombo-combo, she’s your pick!

The biggest synergy this duo offers comes on level 6. With Crowstorm and Bullet Time unlocked, Fiddlesticks and Miss Fortune can win ANY teamfight that might happen around that time.

And it’s a simple setup. Fiddlesticks need to find a good position (cleared of enemy vision) and jump with R on one or more unsuspecting enemies. Miss Fortune can immediately follow this with her own R to start blasting everyone in sight. 

The fear and silence that Fiddlesticks provide prevent enemies from running away from MF’s ultimate, which is her biggest weakness otherwise. So the combination of these two abilities creates such chaos that not even high elo players can find their way out.

During the laning phase, this duo may lack bot lane presence and they’re likely to get pushed and punished under their turret. Their sustain isn’t great and they should focus on getting to level 6 as safely as possible.

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3. Ashe


Ashe synergizes with Fiddlesticks in a similar way to Miss Fortune. But MF brings more damage overall, and Ashe offers much more utility and CC.

Getting to level 6 should be the goal of his duo as well. Once Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Crowstorm are available, Ashe should engage with her R to set the stage for FIddlesticks’ R.

The reason why you want to do this and not the other way around is that Fiddlesticks’ ultimate requires channeling. And can easily be missed if enemies decide to walk backward or away from his chosen position.

And so, when Ashe stuns an enemy, Fiddlesticks can charge up his ulti and jump on top of them before the stun even breaks. This means that the target will be feared and silenced successfully as well, which results in over 5 seconds of chain-CC.

In other words, no one can survive Ashe’s and Fiddlesticks’ synergy, especially in the bot lane.

Early on, Ashe offers a bit more safety because her E can reveal parts of the map and warn Fiddlesticks of the potential dangers. Her W applies an AoE slow and helps keep people away from Fiddle, which also works well in combination with his ultimate.

Ashe can also work as a support in this case, but she goes much better with these ADCs.

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2. Jhin


The players that know how to pilot Jhin successfully, can have unbelievable amounts of fun with Fiddlesticks as their support. These two champions complement each other on so many levels, so let me break them down for you.

First of all, Fiddlesticks can mark the enemy bot laners for Jhin’s W very easily. Fiddle’s E is a ranged attack that affects both minions and champions and can rarely be dodged.

Once silenced, Jhin can hit his W (the target can’t even Flash away from it) and Fiddlesticks can come in and fear them. This is another form of chain-CC that you can abuse from level 2 or 3 onward to get favorable trades and lots of kills in the bot lane.

On level 6, Jhin can sync up his ultimate with Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm and fire his 4 shots while enemies are trying to run away from his partner. For most players, it will be impossible to dodge both ultimates, so Jhin is likely to take them down.

I particularly like playing Jhin with Fiddlesticks because it takes a lot of pressure from me. Even if the enemy team is full of melee champions or assassins, Fiddlesticks is usually to one in the frontline and I can safely play the teamfights from behind.

This is the true strength of this duo and it can give you many free wins in solo queue.

1. Nilah


And in the first place, we have a melee marksman that fits Fiddlesticks like a glove! Seriously, Nilah is the ideal bot lane partner for Fiddle support and you must abuse their synergy.

Nilah’s passive is amazing in combination with Fiddlesticks. 

First of all, it gives him bonus experience so that he can get to level 6 faster than the enemy team which is his big power spike early on. And second, whenever Fiddlesticks uses W to heal himself from the minion wave, Nilah gets healed as well.

This is not something most players expect, so they often get tilted during the laning phase.

Once Fiddlesticks is ready to make a superhero entrance with his R, Nilah can do two fantastic things for him. The first is that she can shield him with her W and block some damage. But also, she can use her own R to pull and keep enemies inside Fiddlesticks’ Crowstorm.

If you have ever been a target of this wombo-combo, then you probably know the pain it causes. The combined damage is too much for even tanks to bear, so it’s your win condition in all teamfights that might break out.

I love playing Nilah into Fiddlesticks and I’d advise you to give this duo a shot! You might be surprised at how fun it actually is.

And if you’re interested, here are other powerful synergy supports for Nilah in solo queue.

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As I mentioned already, Fiddlesticks support may not work into all matchups in the bot lane but he does offer unique strengths that some ADCs can abuse to carry games with ease.

I’d advise you to focus on these 5 picks I showcased here, but I’ve found that Fiddle can also work with APCs such as Karthus and Seraphine as well.

Good luck!

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