No matter whether you’re participating in a League of Legends Clash tournament for the first time or not, picking the right ADC champion is of vital importance.

Your choice needs to be in synergy with the support but it should also fit in your overall team composition.

And so, selecting the right ADC for your Clash team is often the most difficult decision during champion select.

Yes, you can always pick champions for lane dominance but you should also consider late game teamfights since that’s what usually determines who wins in Clash.

In this post, I’ll go over the 7 best ADCs that perform exceptionally well in team-oriented scenarios. They’re always of value to their teams, so you should definitely consider them.

Check them out.

Play These 7 ADCs in Clash in LoL:

7. Ashe


Despite the fact that Ashe performs better as a support than an ADC nowadays, she’s still an invaluable pick for the bot lane in Clash.

Her kit is super effective when it comes to controlling the battlefield, so she’s definitely the first ADC you should test out.

With Ashe, your win conditions are the highest during late game teamfights. This is because you can use her R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, to engage fights and make picks around the map. 

A good Ashe ult can completely change the trajectory of the fight and the game, especially if it’s aimed toward the enemy carry. Starting fights around like this is a unique advantage that Ashe has and not too many ADCs can replicate it.

Since Ashe’s ultimate has a pretty low cooldown, it’s a great tool for assisting your teammates across the map.

You can sometimes fire it to help your mid laner or your jungler which also catches the opponents off-guard and gives your teammates advantages.

Ashe is generally a safe pick that plays a passive laning phase often focusing on farming rather than fighting.

She’s good at countering ganks by revealing the jungler and the rest of the enemy champions with her E. And she can constantly apply slows through her W.

But if you’re playing Ashe as support instead, here are the best ADC partners for her.

6. Ezreal


Ezreal is another safe ADC pick in League, usually partnered up with poking or roaming supports. The two strategies can work equally well in Clash tournaments if the entire team is on the same page.

As a ranged, poking marksman, Ezreal can apply a lot of pressure throughout the game. Most of his damage comes through his abilities and he doesn’t need to put himself in dangerous positions in order to deal damage.

He can be very effective from afar.

Because of this, Ezreal can be picked into full-damage team comps with no protection for him. His playstyle is all about sniping enemies with Q, the W+Q combo, as well as finishing off targets with his R, Trueshot Barrage.

Speaking of, Trueshot Barrage is a global ultimate that’s especially useful in Clash. You can communicate with your team and get informed where low-HP enemies might be hiding.

And you can then use Ezreal’s ultimate to kill them and collect bonus gold that way.

Ezreal scales super well in the late game. When given enough protection and resources, he becomes a hyper-carry that’s really difficult to stop.

He has ways to escape sticky situations and avoid enemy champions, so he’s always a reliable pick for Clash games.

The only thing that makes players stay away from Ezreal is that he has a high skill cap. And yes, the champion feels very weak if you keep missing his skill shot. But if you do, he’s a super powerful pick you can abuse to win games in Clash.

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5. Lucian


Lucian is a high-damage ADC pick that often carries teams in Clash. He requires protection and peeling from his allies, but he rewards them with incredibly potent damage output.

Yes, Lucian needs specific support champions in order to be dominant from the early game. But if your support doesn’t mind playing Nami or Braum, you’re going to have a fantastic time in the tournament.

The reason why these two supports work so well with Lucian is that they buff his damage and complement his playstyle. In the case of Nami, her E enhances Lucian’s auto-attacks so his burst damage is greater.

And with Braum’s passive, Lucian’s basic attacks can stun his targets which lets him win almost every fight.

In late game teamfights, Lucian can zone enemies away with his R, The Culling. And even if he doesn’t slay anyone, it helps his team take a better position around neutral objectives such as the Baron and the Dragon.

I admit that it’s difficult to come back from a large gold deficit with Lucian, especially in Clash.

But if you play the early game carefully and don’t make too many mistakes, you can absolutely dominate your opponents with this champion.

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4. Samira


Samira is an all-around great AD carry champion with lots to offer. Her playstyle is very dynamic and fun, but also powerful in late game teamfights.

Samira can shift can fight from both melee and range, adapting to the situation at hand. Her dash allows her to reposition in fights or escape an engaging enemy.

And the wind wall on her W lets her block key abilities from the enemy team (for example, Ashe’s R).

The damage that Samira can do in 5v5 teamfights often seems broken. With a stacked ultimate, she’s among the greatest ADCs for dealing AoE damage.

A part of this power is the fact that her abilities can also critically strike (including her R) so you can see why her damage is so high later on.

Because of her passive, CC supports are the best partners for Samira. Champions like Leona and Nautilus always have a good follow-up from Samira because she can instantly make good use of their crowd control.

And if you want to know more, here’s my guide to Samira’s best supports.

Samira’s passive is also good for wombo-combo team comps for Clash. Whether it’s the Malphite’s knock-up or Orianna’s Shockwave, Samira can extend the duration of the airborne effect and deal extra damage.

So, definitely consider her!

3. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune

If you’re going for a wombo-combo strategy in Clash, Miss Fortune is the ideal ADC for it. She’s a teamfight-focused ADC with a big cooldown that often guarantees a victory.

The central spell in MF’s kit is her ultimate, Bullet Time. It deals an insane amount of damage in a cone area in front of Miss Fortune, usually more than enough to take down the entire enemy team.

And because Miss Fortune’s ult is so powerful, you want to construct a Clash team around her.

With proper a engage such as Leona’s R, Malphite’s R, or Amumu’s R, Miss Fortune can single-handedly win a teamfight by synchronizing the CC with her Bullet Time.

The wombo-combo can be even more successful if Miss Fortune opts for her lethality build. With those items, each wave of her ultimate will shred everyone’s HP, even the tankiest tanks in League of Legends.

Besides her ultimate, Miss Fortune can also do heavy damage with her auto-attacks and Q, especially if her build has enough critical strike.

But because she’s a squishy and immobile ADC, you must pay extra attention and play her very carefully.

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2. Caitlyn


On the other end, we have Caitlyn. She’s a lane-focused ADC with little to no team-fighting power. And if you’re wondering why she’s so good at winning Clash games, here’s the answer.

Caitlyn is a lane bully, a truly dominant champion for the laning phase. She’s able to win most matchups in the bot lane and control the bottom side of the map.

It may not sound like much, but having full control around the Dragon is actually tremendously powerful when you’re playing with a team.

It allows your jungler to always be present on the bot side, secure every scuttle crab, and get every Dragon. And if the enemy jungler tries to 1v1 him, you’re the bot duo that can show up first to turn the situation.

Depending on how aggressive you are with Caitlyn, you can absolutely destroy your opponents in the early game, making such a big gap that they can’t reach your power level later on.

Your job as Caitlyn is to push waves, get as many turret plates, and secure as many Dragons as you can.

But Caitlyn can’t do this alone. And that’s why your Clash teams need to consider locking supports such as Lux, Karma, or Morgana, poke mages that allow Caitlyn to be as aggressive as possible.

1. Draven


In my opinion, the absolute best marksman you can play in Clash in League of Legends is Draven. He’s a carry in the true sense of the word. And if you’re team lacks damage, he’s the champion to go for.

With Draven, the focus is also on the laning phase.

You want to pair him with either aggressive support (Nautilus or Pyke) that can set up fights from level 1 or an enchanter (Lulu, Soraka, Janna) that can protect him at all times.

Draven’s biggest strength is just raw damage. His basic attacks can decimate both tanks and squishy champions. And as long as he’s left to auto-attack freely, he can definitely carry the teamfight.

Draven’s ultimate is also a useful ability to have for the entire enemy team. It can execute enemies across the map and help Draven scale faster.

The great thing about Draven is that if he wins the early game, there’s usually no stopping for him.

Even when counter-picked, with a good gold advantage Draven’s damage is unbelievably higher than what the enemy team can take, so he usually crashes mid and late game too.

That said, you need to be careful during the early game and not make too many mistakes. Draven is also one of the toughest champions to bring back from a gold deficit, so keep that in mind.


As I already mentioned, the ADC and the support pick in Clash usually go hand in hand. You’ll often pick for both roles at the same time to either counter the enemy or deny them your picks.

So, make sure to check the best supports for Clash as well and think about the possible synergies you can make.

Good luck with your Clash adventures

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