AD junglers have been prevalent in all metas and each season of League of Legends.

They have the advantage of dealing damage both through abilities and auto-attack, making their jungle clear pretty efficient.

But in recent years, the rise of AP junglers has thinned the lines and not all AD junglers can perform at a top-tier level.

So even though there are more than a few physical damage jungle champions, you really need the best ones in order to keep up with the AP ones.

And so, here I’ve made a list of the 7 best AD junglers in LoL based on their win ratio and overall effectiveness in solo queue.

I’ll talk about what each of them can do and how you can take advantage of their kits.

So, let’s begin!

These Are the 7 Best AD Junglers in LoL:

7. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Even though Lee Sin might be the greatest jungle champion in League overall, there’s a reason why I put him in 7th place.

First of all, Lee Sin’s damage to both jungle monsters and enemy champions in the early game is super high.

He’s a dominant pick that often gets advantages first and snowballs his leads in the early game to carry his team.

Lee Sin’s kit is packed with mobility and his outplay potential is almost unlimited.

You have your Q for dealing damage and gap-closing the enemy, your W to shield your teammate or get out of a sticky situation, and your R to displace your target and kill them.

The great thing about Lee Sin is that no matter how behind you are, you can still win teamfights with good kicks.

For example, a single InSec kick on the enemy ADC can turn the fight into 5v4 and change the direction of the game. And if you’re interested, here’s my step-by-step guide on how to do the InSec kick on Lee Sin.

Lee Sin’s build usually revolves around AD fighter items that grant him damage and some defensive stats such as healing or flat health increase.

However, Lee Sin can also go for a full lethality build and almost triple his damage output.

All in all, Lee is a fantastic AD jungle champion and he will never be completely out of meta. 

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6. Viego


Viego is another powerful jungle pick that you must take advantage of if you want to climb in League of Legends.

Although Viego’s ability kit is pretty simple, it’s useful all around. For example, Viego doesn’t have a problem clearing out jungle camps since most of his damage comes from auto-attacks.

And since Viego’s lifesteal is buffed after each Q cast, he’s a relatively easy jungler to play.

When it comes to ganking, Viego has an invisibility shroud and a stun. Both his W and E are fantastic tools for gap-closing the enemy as well as setting up successful ganks on each lane.

On top of this, Viego is great at dueling champions and he’s no stranger of invading the enemy jungler.

Depending on the matchup, Viego can brutally beat the opposing jungler by constantly forcing them to take 1v1 fights.

Now, when Viego possesses another champion, his AD stops being important. However, in order for Viego to utilize his passive and his resets, he needs enough attack damage for his ultimate (and the rest of his kit) to be effective enough.

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5. Nocturne


Nocturne is another simple AD champion that you can use for climbing in solo queue, especially the lower elos.

Almost all of Nocturne’s abilities deal physical damage and scale with AD. And players either go for a set of bruiser items or a full lethality build which is always better when it comes to actually carrying your team.

Because of how well Nocturne’s kit is designed, he’s always at an advantage after level 6. With the unlocking of his ultimate, Paranoia, comes global pressure.

Enemy players are forced to take a defensive stance on each lane simply because Nocturne can gank them from anywhere.

Paranoia allows Nocturne to strike first and control the start of each fight. After the initial dash, he can fear the target with E and even block a CC effect with W.

And these tools are perfect for assassinating a key member of the enemy team.

If you haven’t already, give Nocturne a shot and you’ll see how powerful of an AD jungler he is!

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4. Graves


For the longest time, Graves was the go-to AD jungler in League of Legends. And even though he has a bit of competition now, he’s still one of the best physical damage jungle champions you can play.

The first thing that makes Graves an excellent pick for the jungle is his ability to clear camps efficiently.

His basic attacks deal damage to all monsters in front of him and not only the primary target. So even with a bit of attack speed, his camp clear becomes super fast.

Besides being a ranged AD carry, Graves is actually a pretty durable champion. His E grants him bonus armor after using it and his W helps him dodge damage and outplay his opponents.

On top of this, Graves scales very well into the mid and late game. He’s perfectly capable of carrying games 1v9 if he gets enough leads early on.

And lastly, Graves can fit any team composition which is another reason why he excels in solo queue.

He’s pretty good at backing up long-range champions but he’s also good at diving together with strong melee allies. So, definitely give Graves a chance!

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3. Kha’Zix


Kha’Zix is one of the best AD assassins in the jungle. I love everything about this champion, from the way his abilities work to the way he can outplay even the toughest picks in League of Legends.

First of all, Kha’Zix has a decent jungle clear.

He has a mix of single-target and AoE damage, with enough self-healing to sustain him throughout the early game. Yes, he’s pretty squishy but you never feel weak while playing him.

The great thing about Kha’Zix is that his burst damage gets super high with only one lethality item. After level 6, Kha’Zix can assassinate almost any isolated enemy champion with a full combo.

On top of this, this champion has more than enough safety tools in his kit. For example, his E is a jump that can be evolved to reset after each kill/assist.

And his R can be evolved to be usable 3 times for even more invisibility while fighting.

My favorite part about Kha is that in every match you can go for a different evolving path and have an answer for any enemy on the Rift.

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2. Kindred


If you’re looking for a carry jungler that stomps Summoner’s Rift at each stage of the game, Kindred should be your choice.

Even though many junglers stray away from spamming Kindred in solo queue, this champion is Godsent for climbing.

True, Kindred requires you to master spacing and kiting techniques, but if you do that, you’re going to dominate your opponent.

A way to abuse Kinded’s power and range is to invade the enemy jungler early on.

By auto-attacking from range and constantly moving back and forth, you can easily win the 1v1 duel, drive the opponent out of his jungle, and secure his camps.

When it comes to ganking, Kindred isn’t the best champion because he lacks CC. However, Kindred’s range and mobility allow him to chase enemy champions and secure kills from afar.

Kindred’s ultimate, Lamb’s Respite, is one of the best defensive abilities in the whole League of Legends. It can be used in many different ways, but its primary goal is to save Kindred and his allies from dying.

Of course, you can use it to prevent the enemy jungler from smiting the Dragon or the Baron, so it’s good for outplaying too.

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1. Bel’Veth


And finally, the best AD jungler in League of Legends by far is Bel’Veth. This is a ridiculouslyy strong champion with almost no weaknesses. And if played correctly, you can absolutely destroy solo queue with her!

Bel’Veth has everything – an absurd amount of physical damage, mobility, damage reduction, crowd control, and efficiency in jungle clearing.

Seriously, this champion can do everything that a jungler needs to do and more.

Thanks to her 4 dashes, Bel’Veth can move through jungle camps quickly and chase enemies across the map.

She’s particularly strong around Rift Herald and Baron because she can use these buffs to spawn void minions of her own and push turrets insanely fast.

And even though Bel’Veth must use her abilities carefully, most of her damage comes from her auto-attacks. She doesn’t build defensively and all the AD items only make her a stronger duelist.

A fed Bel’Veth is one of the most feared champions you can face in solo queue. And in the right hands, a fed Bel’Veth is an unbeatable champion.

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Besides these 7, there are many other effective AD junglers in League of Legends.

For example, Kayn is one of the strongest champions in the entire game but he’s way too complicated for new players and he’s hard to master.

But the champions on this list are all super powerful AD picks you can spam in solo queue or rotate between to counter different enemies on Summoner’s Rift.

There’s never a bad time to play an AD jungler in League, so make sure you practice one of the picks you see above!

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