League of Legends is a highly competitive game. And as such, it can be really emotionally taxing. The fact that your teammates can be mentally unstable does not help either.

Luckily, there are actionable steps that you can take in order to tilt less in League of Legends  and make your experience much more enjoyable.

I’ve been a Master/Diamond elo player for several seasons. And my goal with this post is to share all the mindset tips I have learned over the years and which have helped me stay sane while climbing high.

Use the Mute Button Religiously

Muting players in LoL

Using the mute button is the first thing you should be doing to reduce tilt. It is the easiest thing to do, and it will vastly improve your mental.

Many players would suggest that you mute everyone in the game, but I would disagree here. Muting everyone would make it hard to interact with the team, and it can lead to catastrophic mistakes.

The best thing is to just mute a player on the first sign of toxicity. You will probably know the right moment by experience. It’s usually the players who are extremely aggressive at the slightest inconvenience,  who start pining as if they are insane. 

The reason why you want to mute them instantly is so that you do not fall into the trap of debating them during the game. Even if you manage to ignore them for 20 minutes, they will throw so much shade at you that something will stick and annoy you eventually.

And you really don’t need that.

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Dodge the Toxicity in Champion Select

Dodging in LoL

My logic for this tip is the same as for the first tip, you should usually just dodge when someone is showing signs of mental instability in champion select. The players that are unable to go through champion select without flipping out will not be the greatest teammates either.

Dodging in champion select will cost you some time, especially since Riot has increased dodging penalties to be hours long, but the first two dodges will always have low penalties, so make sure you make use of them.

Contrary to the belief of many players, dodging does not affect your MMR, so all the LP lost will be returned to you in the form of higher LP gains and lower losses. All in all, waiting 5-15 minutes is always better than playing a game you have a 30% chance of winning.

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Focus on Yourself

Playing Hecarim

We covered the steps you can do if your teammates are toxic, but what about bad teammates? Having a bad teammate can be equally if not more frustrating than having a toxic one.

I remember being a D4 jungler and having my laners die before I can make an impact on the map. I would have a perfect game plan just for it to be spoiled by a teammate who died for no reason. This would instantly throw me off and make me lose much more games than necessary.

The thing that has helped me deal with this is focusing only on myself and my own mistakes. If I have a plan ruined I will just make the new best one based on the current circumstances. The responsibility falls on me, and it’s up to me to create new and better conditions.

When I first started approaching the game with this mindset, I really started climbing faster than ever, it took me less to get from D4 to D1 than it took me to get from P4 to D4. Another thing that helped me was looking at my teammates as if they are bots.

I would imagine my teammates are just bots with randomly leveled skills. Some bots are great at one thing, while others are great at some other thing. If my laner is so bad that he has no map awareness and dies for no reason, he probably has some other skills to make up for being the same rank as me. 

You also have to keep in mind that you are the only consistent variable in your team. In every game, the enemy will have 5 random players while you will have 4 random players and yourself. If you are always playing well, that means that the enemy will always have worse players when averaged on a big number of games.

All in all, the main thing is to focus on yourself and your mistakes. There is no need to focus on allies’ mistakes because pointing them out and thinking about them just uses your brain bandwidth for nothing.

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Play Fewer Games

Play Less LoL

Another great thing you can do is cut down the playtime for League of Legends and play something casual. The optimal amount of games you should play is 3-6 per day. There is a really good reason behind this.

The learning in the brain works in a really specific way, and the brain will learn the most in the first two hours of practicing something. This applies to every skill, and it applies to League of Legends too.

There are many players who have figured this out and had great success. Coach Curtis who has a League improvement channel recommends playing games in blocks of 3. There is also a challenger Bard player Lathyrus, who managed to reach his rank by playing only a few games a day.

When you play insane amounts of games, 10 or more, you are just putting yourself at risk of burning out and tilting. It puts you in a space where all you think about is LP and it negatively affects your mind and progression in the game.

My recommendation is to simply cut down on the time you spend playing League, but really focus when you do play. You can use the remainder of your time to wind down and play something more casual that requires less brain.

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Tilt is a really common occurrence in League of Legends, and there are many good reasons for that. The main thing you can do to avoid it is to focus on yourself and improve at the game. 

The other great thing you can do is simply mute the toxic players or avoid playing with them.

Changing your mindset will take time and it will drastically improve your experience with the game, while muting and avoiding toxic players is a little easier but not as rewarding.

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