Miss Fortune is an extremely fun champion to play in League of Legends. She’s an ADC/marksman that destroys enemies with two pistols. However, if you buy ability power items, MF can also deal an insane amount of magic damage.

So, it’s totally possible to play Miss Fortune full AP in season 13 of League of Legends!

Because of that, this guide will be completely dedicated to explaining how to build and play AP Miss Fortune 2022.

I’ll talk about the runes, the items, and how they all fit together with MF’s magic damage.

So if you’re ready to learn just how powerful AP Miss Fortune is, let’s start with the basics!

Is Miss Fortune AP or AD in LoL?

Miss Fortune's R - AP and AD ratios

Is Miss Fortune magic or physical?

Miss Fortune is a marksman type of champion in League of Legends that primarily deals AD/physical damage. Her passive, Q, and R scale with attack damage items and are physical.

However, MF’s E is purely magic damage and her R has an AP ratio too which makes it possible for her to go full AP.

For a champion that was originally designed to be an ADC, having more AD ratios and more physical damage in their kit is totally understandable.

But like many other hybrid marksmen in League of Legends, Miss Fortune is quite comfortable with building and carrying games with full AP too.

For example, Varus has a one-shotting full AP build that’s overall stronger than his regular ADC build. It’s much more suited for the chaotic environment of solo queue, so I recommend you check it.

And the case is similar here. Even though you can build full lethality on MF for solo queue, the AP build is just as powerful and much more fun.

Miss Fortune AP vs. AD – What’s Better?

To better understand how the different builds change Miss Fortune’s playstyle in League, here’s a quick list to clarify some things.

  • ADC traditional Miss Fortune build – focuses on dealing damage with critical strikes when you auto-attack or use Q.
  • AD lethality Miss Fortune build – has the highest damage of all and lets you delete anyone on the map with Q or R.
  • AP Miss Fortune build – is the best build for poking in lane and draining your enemies’ health bars with damage-over-time effects.

As you can see, all three builds are actually unique playstyles for the same champion. In my personal experience, the lethality MF build is the strongest since it deals the most damage overall.

However, the AP Miss Fortune build can sometimes fit even better in certain scenarios and matchups. So, I dare you to try it out!

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AP Miss Fortune – Runes (Explained)

AP Miss Fortune - Runes
  • Arcane Comet
  • Manaflow Band
  • Transcendence
  • Scorch
  • Cheap Shot
  • Ultimate Hunter

ARCANE COMET is the most recommended keystone for playing AP Miss Fortune. It fits the whole playstyle really well and increases MF’s poke damage early on.

During the first few levels, Arcane Comet has almost the same cooldown as Miss Fortune’s E, so you line up the two effects to deal some extra damage.

Arcane Comet is actually adaptive damage, so it changes depending on whether you build AP or AD.

For example, if you build AP on Miss Fortune, Arcane Comet will deal magic damage too. All in all, it’s a great keystone for early-game aggression.

MANAFLOW BAND is another rune that synergizes super well with the whole AP Miss Fortune playstyle. It provides a bonus of 25 maximum mana when you hit an enemy champion with an ability.

And when you gain 250 mana from the rune in total, Manaflow Band grants you bonus mana regeneration for the rest of the game.

The best part about Manaflow Band is that it has the same cooldown as Arcane Comet. So, each time you go try to poke your lane opponent with MF’s E, you’ll automatically get more maximum mana in return.

TRANSCENDENCE is a very useful rune for so many champions in the game, including MF. At levels 5 and 8 it grants 5 plus 5 ability haste for free.

And at level 11, the rune starts to reset 20% of the remaining cooldown on your basic abilities upon a champion takedown.

This effect is crucial for Miss Fortune, especially in team fights. With the AP build, you want to spam your E as much as possible. And Transcendence helps you with that!

AP Miss Fortune Dealing Damage

SCORCH is another great rune for increasing your early-game damage. It’s a damage-over-time effect on a 10-seconds cooldown. Basically, each time you strike your opponent with an ability, Scorch will do a bit of extra damage.

Sometimes that extra damage can help you secure a kill that would otherwise not happen. So, always take Scorch!

CHEAP SHOT allows you to deal more damage to enemies that are in crowd control. This simply means that each time you slow someone down with MF’s E, your next attacks will hurt more.

For example, if you use the E before R, MF’s ultimate will deal a bit more damage.

Cheap Shot has only 4 seconds cooldown, so it’s a great rune to have on Miss Fortune.

ULTIMATE HUNTER is the last vital rune you need on AP Miss Fortune. Besides her E, MF’s ultimate is the only other ability that actually scales with ability power items.

And since it’s the strongest spell overall, you need to use it as much as possible.

Ultimate Hunter helps you with that by lowering the cooldown of your ultimate. It works on Bounty stacks which you get when slaying enemy champions.

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Optional Runes for AP Miss Fortune

The rune page that you see above is my bread and butter page for 99% of the games.

When I play AP Miss Fortune I like to be aggressive and win my lane early on. However, there are a few other runes that could be helpful to you.

For example, Dark Harvest is an insanely powerful rune for scaling and increasing your damage in the late game. In this case, I suggest you go Sorcery second and pick up Gathering Storm too.

AP Miss Fortune – Items (Explained)

AP Miss Fortune - Items
  • Liandry’s Anguish
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Morellonomicon
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap
  • Void Staff
  • Sorcerer’s Shoes

LIANDRY’S ANGUISH is simply the best mythic item when it comes to playing AP Miss Fortune. It significantly boosts the damage of MF’s E, which is the main damaging ability with his build beside her ultimate.

Liandry’s Anguish will add yet another DoT effect to your damage, allowing you to drain your enemy’s HP.

On top of that, Liandry’s Anguish provides you AP, ability haste, mana, and mana regeneration. So, it’s the perfect mythic for AP MF.

DEMONIC EMBRACE is the second item you want in your inventory. It’s also a burn-effect item that works wonders against tanks.

It deals more damage the more maximum HP your target, but it also takes 2% of your own HP to increase the damage too.

Demonic Embrace also grants health, so it will make you tankier too. MF is a squishy marksman after all, so it’s a great item to have in the mid game.

MORELLONOMICON is the perfect anti-healing item in LoL. Basically, dealing damage with Morellonomicon means that you’ll lower the overall healing of your enemies by 40% or 60% when they’re on low HP.

However, keep in mind that Morellonomicon only works with magic damage, so you can only activate its Grevious Wounds with MF’s E and R.

RABADON’S DEATHCAP is a simple but powerful damage booster for all AP champions in the game. Not only does it grants 120 ability power, but it increases your overall AP by 35%.

That’s why RA is a recommended purchase in the late game.

VOID STAFF is your primary magic penetration item and you definitely want it on Miss Fortune. It grants 40% magic penetration, so your E will deal much more damage.

Void Staff is also a great item for the late game so you can counter your enemies’ magic resist.

Remember that Miss Fortune’s ultimate is still a physical damage ability and can’t benefit from Void Staff, even though it has AP scaling too.

SORCERER’S SHOES are the best choice when it comes to boots on AP MF. Given the fact that you’ll purchase them early on, they’ll be your only magic penetration for the first half of the game.

So, they’re essential!

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Optional and Situational Items for AP Miss Fortune

Depending on the lane you play AP Miss Fortune in, as well as the matchup at hand, different items can have different values.

For example, if you play AP Miss Fortune as a support, Imperial Mandate is a great item to go for. It will activate each time you use your E, so your ADC can deal more damage.

Items like Zhonya’s Hourglass and Banshee’s Veil are great defensive options against assassins and burst mages.

On the other hand, items like Lich Bane can fit very well with MF’s playstyle and give her a bit of extra damage.

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Playing full AP Miss Fortune in season 13 is honestly a blast. I’ve had so much fun with this champion, torturing enemies with my E and slowly draining their HP.

I’ve been playing mainly MF mid, but the build above works for both bot and support too.

If you’d like to see more of these off-meta builds for ADC champions, I suggest you browse Runetarium.

I’d recommend you to try the lethality Jinx guide since it’s tons of fun too!

Last Update: March 2, 2024