Movement speed is one of the most crucial stats for every champion in League of Legends.

Whether it’s to get faster to lane, to catch up to an enemy player, or to escape from one, having invested in an item that increases your movement speed is always going to come in handy. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that there are so many different items that also give bonus movement speed percentages passively and/or actively.

And although buying Boots is the first thing that comes to mind when we think about movement speed in LoL, they are not your only hope if you wish your champion to move faster. 


Buying Boots in LoL is just as important as completing your first item.

Depending on your champion and on the enemy team’s comp, you can choose from seven different upgrades for the basic 300g Boots. 

Most of these not only offer movement speed increase, but also other bonus stats, such as attack speed, armor, magic resist, etc.  

In the following list, you can find all the Boots that increase your movement speed in ascending order. 

Item Movement Speed Price Other Stats 
Boots 25 300g 
Slightly Magical Boots 25  (+ 10 Unique Passive) 0g (Rune) 
Berserker’s Greaves 45 1100g +35% Attack Speed 
Ionian Boots of Lucidity 45 950g +20 Ability Haste +12 Summoner Spell Haste 
Mercury’s Threads 45 1100g +25 Magic Resist +30% Tenacity 
Plated Steelcaps 45 1100g +20 Armor 
Sorcerer’s Shoes 45 1100g +18 Magic Penetration 
Boots of Swiftness 60 900g +25% Slow Resist 
Mobility Boots 115 1000g Movement Speed reduced by 90 while in combat 

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Items with Permanent Movement Speed Bonus 

Movement Speed Items In-game

What items increase movement speed passively? 

There are eight legendary items with a permanent movement speed percentage stat.

The difference between these items and Boots is that along with movement speed, they provide your champion with other crucial enhancements.

These can vary between ability power, attack damage, health, or attack speed, making them viable for every champion in the game. 

You can choose from the eight items below, depending on the champion you’re playing. 

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Cosmic Drive: +5% Movement Speed 

Cosmic Drive is a legendary item that gives you +65 Ability Power, +30 Ability Haste, +200 Health, and +5% Movement Speed for the price of 3000 gold.

However, attacking an enemy champion with three separate abilities or basic attacks within three seconds increases the movement speed by 15% and the ability power by 40 for five seconds. 

This makes Cosmic Drive a very powerful mage item and can be purchased in-game for 3000 gold

Dead Man’s Plate: +5% Movement Speed 

Dead Man’s Plate is an amazing defensive item that also provides movement speed without any further conditions.

Once you buy the item, you get +300 Health and +45 Armor along with the +5% Movement Speed increase.  

Another great thing about this item is that your movement speed can increase just by moving around on the map!

With the item’s passive Shipwrecker, you will gain 7 stacks each 0.25 seconds. This means you only need to move for 3.75 seconds to get to 100 stacks, which will give you 40 bonus movement speed

Basic attacking a champion will however spend these stacks and deal bonus damage in exchange.

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Force of Nature: +5% Movement Speed 

This is yet another defensive item on this list that will not only give you +5% Movement Speed, but also +350 Health, and +70 Magic Resist. Purchasing this tanky item in-game will cost you 2900 gold. 

Just as the previous item on this list, Force of Nature will further increase the movement speed when enough stacks are present. In this case, you will need to get to 6 stacks for a movement speed bonus of 10%. 

Mortal Reminder: +7% Movement Speed 

Mortal Reminder is a legendary item that grants +25 Attack Damage, +25% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance, and +7% Movement Speed.

For the price of 2500 gold, you will get an anti-heal item that, along with the stats mentioned above, will also apply Grievous Wounds with each basic attack.  

Phantom Dancer: +7% Movement Speed 

Phantom Dancer is a must-have item for AD champions such as Vayne and Tryndamere and costs 2600 gold.

It gives you +20 Attack Damage, +25% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance, and +7% Movement Speed. 

Although this item grants similar stats as Mortal Reminder, its unique Passive – Spectral Waltz will in fact increase the movement speed with each basic attack.

Phantom Dancer also grants ghosting for three seconds, and a bonus of 30% Attack Speed at 4 stacks. 

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Rapid Firecannon: +7% Movement Speed 

Rapid Firecannon is one of those items that are mostly bought for the unique effect that’s included and less for the actual stats.

Nonetheless, buying this item for only 2500 gold will give you an incredible +35% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance, and +7% Movement Speed. 

At 100 stacks your first basic attack will have a 35% increased range, and deal 120 bonus magic damage! 

Runaan’s Hurricane: +7% Movement Speed 

Runaan’s Hurricane is a legendary item that can only be purchased on range champions for 2600 gold. It grants +45% Attack Speed, +20% Critical Strike Chance, and +7% Movement Speed. 

The item’s unique Passive – Wind’s Fury makes your basic attack hit multiple targets that are in front of you. This makes Runaan’s Hurricane every Marksman’s wet dream, and a nightmare to their enemies! 

Lich Bane: +8% Movement Speed 

Lich Bane is the biggest passive movement speed increase item on this list. With +75 Ability Power and +8% Movement Speed, it is a must-have item for mages that also rely on basic attacks as damage dealers. 

The damage comes from the item’s unique Passive: Spellblade, which grants bonus magic damage on your basic attack after using an ability.

Rapid Firecannon and Lich Bane Movement Speed Bonus

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Item Actives & Passives with Movement Speed Bonus 

There are also items in League of Legends that give movement speed through their unique active and/or passive.

Unlike the items mentioned above, these don’t offer a static movement speed percentage stat and need some kind of prerequisites to be fulfilled.

Even so, they provide your champion with nice movement speed boosts that usually last a couple of seconds and proc during fights. 

These are all the legendary items that offer movement speed bonus in certain situations: 

Item Cost Movement Speed Effect Classification 
Aether Wisp 850g Unique Passive – Glide: Flat +5% Movement Speed Epic Item 
Blade of the Ruined King 3200g Unique Passive – Siphon: +25% Movement Speed bonus for 2 seconds after attacking an enemy with three stacks Legendary Item 
Crown of the Shattered Queen 2800g Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 1% bonus movement speed, and 8 ability power Mythic Item 
Eclipse 3100 Unique Passive– Ever Rising Moon: 15% Movement Speed bonus after hitting an enemy champion with 2 separate attacks or abilities within 1.5 seconds Mythic Etém 
Galeforce 3400 Mythic Passive: Empowers each of your other Legendary items with 2% bonus movement speed. Mythic Item 
Hailblade (Chilling Smite) 350g +20% Movement Speed bonus for 2 seconds after smiting an enemy champion with Chilling Smite Starter Item (Jungle) 
Hextech Rocketbelt 3200g Unique Active – Supersonic: +30% Movement Speed bonus for 1.5 seconds after dashing with the item Mythic Item 
Imperial Mandate 2500g Unique Passive – Coordinated Fire: +20% Movement Speed bonus for 2 seconds after an ally damages the marked enemy champion Mythic Item 
Luden’s Tempest 3200g Unique Passive – Echo: +15% Movement Speed bonus for 2 seconds after dealing ability damage to an enemy Mythic Item 
Mejai’s Soulstealer 1600g Unique Passive – Dread: +10% Movement Speed bonus when at 10 stacks or above Legendary Item 
Night Harvester 3200g Unique Passive – Soulrend:  +25% Movement Speed bonus for 1.5 seconds after damaging a champion Mythic Item 
Shurelya’s Battlesong 2500g Unique Active – Inspire: +30% Movement Speed bonus for 4 seconds including allies within 1000 units.  Mythic Item 
Stridebreaker  3300g Unique Passive – Heroic Gait: 20 Movement Speed for 2 seconds after dealing physical damage. Mythic Passive: 2% Movement Speed Bonus for each Legendary item Mythic Item 
Turbo Chemtank 2800g Unique Active – Supercharged: +40% Movement Speed bonus and ghosting for 4 seconds when moving towards a turret or enemy champion Mythic Item 
Winged Moonplate 800g Unique Passive – Flight: +5% Movement Speed Bonus Epic Item 
Youmuu’s Ghostblade 3000g Unique Active – Wraith Step:  +20% Movement Speed bonus and ghosting for 6 seconds Unique Passive – Haunt: +40 Movement Speed bonus while out of combat Legendary Item 
Zeal 1050g Unique Passive – Zealous: +7% Movement Speed bonus Epic Item 

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There are plenty of items that can improve the movement speed of your champion in League of Legends.

No matter what your play style is, there will always be an item that will make you move faster, and increase some of your main stats as well.

Some of the items in this article are very straightforward and made mainly to improve the movement speed, such as Shurelya’s Battlesong and Turbo Chemtank.

Others like Rapid Firecannon and Lich Bane offer passive movement speed increase among other stats, but will still make your champion visibly faster.

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