It’s no secret that range plays a huge role in the bot lane role.

ADC champions rely on attack range because it ensures safety from the moment they start farming minions and throughout all the teamfights they find themselves in.

Many champions in LoL, especially ADCs, can modify their attack range to their advantage. 

And although range is a dynamic thing in League of Legends rather than static, this is something you can check.

Here’s a quick summary of all of League of Legends ADC champions and their base attack range:

ChampionBase Attack Range
Miss Fortune550

And let’s dive into each individual marksman and see how their attack range changes and impacts their overall gameplay.

All League of Legends ADCs Based on Attack Range

1. Caitlyn

Caitlyn in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 650

Missile Speed: 2500

To no one’s surprise, Caitlyn has the highest base attack range out of any champion in League of Legends, not just every marksman.

Caitlyn players can leverage this advantage, especially in the early game to harass their enemies.

One of the scariest things in League is facing Caitlyn with Rapidfire Cannon because of the extra attack range it gives her.

2. Ashe


Base Attack Range: 600

Missile Speed: 2500

Ashe’s the type of champion who really depends on spacing and utilizing her attack range t the fullest. Since she doesn’t have any dashes or jumps, she always needs to fight at the edge of her attack range.

Fortunately, Ashe’s W has a decent range and helps her keep her enemies away. And her R is a global ultimate with the same purpose as her Volley.

3. Senna

Senna in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 600 + 20 per 20 souls

Missile Speed: /

Although Senna starts each match with a lower attack range than Caitlyn, she can eventually surpass her by utilizing her passive, Absolution.

For every 20 stacks, Senna gains 20 bonus attack range. This can go indefinitely up based on how long the match lasts and how many soul stacks Senna is able to collect.

So you can definitely see some crazy numbers.

4. Varus

Varus in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 575

Missile Speed: 2000

Varus’ attack range doesn’t grow with anything but Rapidfire Cannon. Luckily, all of his abilities have long range, especially his Q and R on which his whole playstyle is based.

With Varus, you can control your enemy’s position and fire off arrows from a great distance, you don’t need to take advantage of your auto-attack range all the time.

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5. Aphelios

Aphelios in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 575

Missile Speed: /

Aphelion has the most tools up his sleeve out of all ADC champions in League of Legends.

Although his base range is not impressive at all, the different guns he uses give him different advantages.

For example, his sniper rifle allows him to blast enemies from greater distances than most other marksmen.

6. Corki 

Corki in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 2000

Even though Corki has lost his position as a bot lane carry in LoL, he’s still a marksman who deserves to be on this list.

Sadly, Corki has a very average base attack range, both against the ADC champions and against all the mid laners.

7. Draven

Draven in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 1600

90% of Draven’s damage comes through his auto-attacks, so range is very important for this champion.

However, even when Draven activates his Q, his attack range is average at best, so all the Draven players need to learn how to kite and position well in teamfights.

And Draven almost never builds Rapidfire Cannon which is a missed opportunity too.

8. Ezreal

Ezreal in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 2000

Speaking of champions who never build Rapidfire Cannon, Ezreal is often viewed as a champion with excellent range despite having a normal auto-attack range.

Ezreal’s playstyle is similar to that of a mage. His Q and W abilities can be used from great distances, while his R is a global ultimate.

9. Jhin

Jhin in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 2600

Jhin is another champion who utilizes his abilities to make up for his “not-so-awesome” base attack range.

For instance, his W can snare enemies from afar while his R allows him to snipe opponents at the edge of the screen.

Only his 4th basic attack can be really scary.

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10. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 2000

Although Miss Fortune isn’t technically among the shortest-ranged ADCs in League, it definitely feels like that when you play her.

MF is a very susceptible champion because, just like Ashe, she has no escape when enemies reach her. And even worse, she has no way of stopping them.

This is why kiting and spacing are a must for MF to make up for her lack of auto-attack range.

11. Twitch

Twitch in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550 + 550 with R

Missile Speed: 2500

Twitch isn’t an ADC you should underestimate, especially when it comes to his range. Sure pre-6 he can be pretty vulnerable, especially when his Q is on cooldown.

However, Twitch can double his auto-attack range once he activates his ultimate, Spray N’ Pray, and blast multiple enemy champions at the same time.

In total, Twitch’s attack range with R activated amounts to 1100, more than most ADCs can reach in League of Legends.

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12. Vayne

Vayne in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 550

Missile Speed: 2000

Vayne has never been a known champion for her attack range. Quite the opposite, actually. She’s always been considered one of the most vulnerable champions in teamfights when she’s without her R.

In some metas, Vayne players prioritize Rapidfire Cannon which can significantly impact her safety and efficiency. But most of the time, Vayne doesn’t really build crit items.

13. Jinx

Jinx in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 525 + 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 per Q rank

Missile Speed: /

Jinx’s Q allows her to increase base attack range from level 1. When she switches her gun, she also does AoE damage with her auto-attack. And each rank of her Q gives her more and more bonus range.

In most games, Jinx builds Rapidfire Cannon and becomes extremely dangerous range-wise in the late game because she always fights with her Q activated.

14. Kai’Sa

Kai'Sa in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 525

Missile Speed: /

Kia’Sa isn’t an ADC that depends on auto-attack range. She has tools like Q and R which allow her to dash next to her target and spray them to death with missiles.

On the other hand, many players opt for a hybrid or full AP build on Kai’Sa, which further diminishes the need for extra auto-attack range.

15. Kalista

Kalista in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 525

Missile Speed: /

Although she’s one of the most forgotten marksmen in League of Legends, I’d say Kalista is a pretty decent pick overall. Yes, she lacks base attack range but she has her passive to hop around and outplay her opponents.

On top of that, Kalista’s Q travel time and range are pretty good, so it makes up for her lack of base range.

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16. Tristana

Tristana in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 525 + 136 on level 18

Missile Speed: 2250

Tristana may start each match as one of the shortest-range ADCs in LoL, but each level her base attack range grows more and more.

In the late game, Tristana can get to 661 auto attack range without Rapidfire Cannon, which is even more than Caitlyn.

17. Xayah

Lethality Xayah Build Guide LoL

Base Attack Range: 525

Missile Speed: /

Xayah is a very unique ADC champion but she too depends on Rapidfire Cannon for extra range. Yes, her feathers can be pretty deadly, but they’re always short-ranged.

The good thing about Xayah is that she has her ultimate to dodge and survive all-ins like Zed’s R, something that most other marksmen lack.

18. Kog’Maw

AP Kog'Maw Build Guide

Base Attack Range: 500 + 130 / 150 / 170 / 190 / 210 per W rank

Missile Speed: 1800

Kog’Maw is another champion with an extremely short base auto-attack range. But once he starts leveling up his W, everything changes and he becomes a long-ranged barrage cannon.

On max rank, Kog’s W gives him 210 extra attack range, which amounts to 710 attack range. This is more than both Tristana and Caitlyn, often more than Senna too.

19. Lucian

Lucian in League of Legends

Base Attack Range: 500

Missile Speed: 2800

Unlike Kog’Maw, Lucian doesn’t have an ability that helps him extend his auto-attack range.

His double shots are only backed by his long-range Q and R. But for experienced and skilled Lucian players, that’s enough to carry their team to victory.

20. Samira


Base Attack Range: 500

Missile Speed: 2800

Everyone can agree that Samira’s base attack range is fair. In reality, she’s one of the most broken champions in League of Legends, so having 500 range only is definitely a good number for her.

What’s unique about Samira is that she can switch to melee range if she gets close enough to her target. No other ADC has the ability to do this.

21. Sivir

Is Sivir Good - Sivir Splash Art

Base Attack Range: 500

Missile Speed: 1750

Although Sivir is one of my favorite champions to play in League, I can’t help but admit her range is terrible.

The good part is that she has her W to spread her boomerang on targets who are out of range. And her R allows her to stay in range of her target while chasing them down.

22. Zeri

AP Zeri Build Guide

Base Attack Range: 500

Missile Speed: /

Lastly, we have Zeri. This is another uniquely-designed marksman in League of Legends who mostly deals damage through her Q. It’s a spray attack that’s ranged at 500, but it deals AoE damage instead.

Sadly, Zeri can’t increase her attack range and her build almost never includes Rapidfire Cannon.


Contrary to popular belief, there are a bunch of mages and support champions with higher attack range than most ADCs. This is due to them not utilizing basic attacks so much, but it’s worth noting.

In any case, those were all ADCs in League of Legends ranked based on their attack range!

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