When League of Legends was still in development, the creators pulled inspiration for their champions from everywhere. Different mythologies, different cultures, different heroes…

And so, the dragon champions and skins were inevitably added to LoL.

Now, dragons aren’t that rare in the Runeterra. We know that there are dragons in Targon, Demacia, and Ionina at the very least. But in the actual League of Legends game, this is not the case. 

Unfortunately, there are only 2 dragon champions in LoL – Shyvana and Aurelion Sol.

On the plus side, there are dozens of dragon-related skins in League of Legends, including the Dragonmancers and the Dragon Slayers.

In this post, I’ll go over all the dragon champions in the game and I’ll list all the dragon skins too. 

Here’s a table of content to help you navigate the post:

Dragon Champions in League of Legends

Shyvana, The Half-Dragon

Shyvana splash art

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Shyvana is her ability to transform into a dragon. In League of Legends, this is her ultimate ability, called Dragon’s Descent.

And it becomes available when Shyvana reaches 100% Fury.

Transforming into a dragon gives Shyvana new abilities. She can throw her fire magic further and she deals more damage overall. Shyvana is closely related to magic in Runeterra.

And most of her abilities in LoL are categorized as magic damage.

Shyvana’s epitaph “The Half-Dragon” is true because she’s a mix of a human and a dragon. But many people don’t know that the dragon form is actually Shyvana’s true form.

Shyvana is a fire dragon, which is just one type of dragon present on Runeterra.

This means that Shyvana is somewhat related to the fire dragon that we fight as a neutral objective in League.

Aurelion Sol, The Star Forger

Aurelion Sol splash art

Unlike Shyvana, Aurelion Sol is a celestial dragon. He’s called “The Star Forger” because that’s literally what he used to do prior to his capture in Targon.

He was the one traveling the universe and the worlds around Runeterra, creating and shaping them.

But in League of Legends, Aurelion Sol isn’t anywhere near as powerful as in the lore. He’s a mid lane AP mage champion that does alright in certain matchups.

He uses celestial spells with stars, stardust, and starfire to deal magic damage, but that’s that.

In Legends of Runeterra, for example, Aurelion Sol is one of the most powerful cards in the game. His stats are 10|10 and he can create other celestial cards in hand.

Aurelion Sol is an imposing character, both in-game and in the art/lore.

He definitely deserves more of the spotlight, but for now, he is the only dragon champion we have besides Shyvana.

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Dragon Skins in League of Legends

As is the case with most skin lines in League, the dragon skin lines are an alternate universe in which versions of our champions exist.

At the moment, there are 2 dragon-related skin lines in League. It hasn’t been confirmed whether they come from the same universe or not, but they definitely share some similarities.

Here’s a table of all dragon skins in LoL:

Skin LineSkin
Dragon WorldDragon Guardian Galio
Dragon WorldDragon Knight Mordekaiser
Dragon WorldDragon Master Swain
Dragon WorldDragon Oracle Udyr
Dragon WorldDragon Sorceress Zyra
Dragon WorldDragon Trainer Heimerdinger
Dragon WorldDragon Trainer Lulu
Dragon WorldDragon Trainer Tristana
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Braum
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Diana
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Jatvan IV
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Kayle
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Olaf
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Pantheon
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Trundle
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Twitch
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Vayne
Dragon WorldDragonslayer Xin Zhao
DragonmancersDream Dragon Yasuo
DragonmancersDuality Dragon Volibear
DragonmancersDuality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition
DragonmancersEternal Dragon Brand
DragonmancersFae Dragon Ashe
DragonmancersLagoon Dragon Kai’Sa
DragonmancersObsidian Dragon Sett
DragonmancersObsidian Dragon Sett Prestige Edition
DragonmancersSteel Dragon Thresh
DragonmancersStorm Dragon Aurelion Sol
DragonmancersStorm Dragon Lee Sin
DragonmancersTranquility Dragon Karma
DragonmancersTruth & Dream Dragon Yasuo

Dragon-related skins are universally enjoyed by League of Legends players. And because of that, we can expect more skins from these 2 skin lines in the future!

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Dragons as Neutral Objectives in League

The Dragon Pit in League of Legends

How many dragons are in LoL?

There are 7 different dragons that appear in League of Legends. These are:

  • Mountain Drake
  • Infernal Drake
  • Cloud Drake 
  • Ocean Drake
  • Hextech Drake
  • Chemtech Drake
  • Elder Dragon

Each drake that appears in League of Legends has its own aesthetics and powers. The Infernal Drake is molten and deals fire damage.

It also causes the Summoner’s Rift to erupt and create molten areas.

Dragons play a crucial part in every LoL game. Getting the Dragon Soul buff (after slaying 4 drakes) is a big win condition.

This is especially true for dragons such as Chemtech Drake which allows you to resurrect shortly after being slain. 

That said, dragons aren’t going anywhere. And on top of that, Riot Games even added two more dragons to the game – Checmtech and Hextech.

So, maybe they will add even more variety to the Dragon Pit in the future.

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Types of Dragons in Runeterra

Ionian Dragon

In the lore side of things, there are even more kinds of dragons in Runeterra. Most of them are terrestrial dragons, like Shyvana, meaning that they’re native to Runeterra.

However, there are also celestial dragons such as Aurelion Sol.

Here’s a list of all dragon types in League of Legends:

  1. Air Dragons
  2. Earth Dragons
  3. Fire Dragons
  4. Water Dragons
  5. Ice Dragons
  6. Spirit Dragons
  7. Storm Dragons
  8. Tech Dragons
  9. Elder Dragons
  10. Celestial Dragons

There are also dragon-like creatures in Runeterra too such as Dragonling, Whelping, Basilisk, and Drake-hounds.

There isn’t too much lore about them and we mostly know them from their cards in Legends of Runeterra.

However, Riot Games have more than enough space to create dragon-like champions with all of this dragon background.

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It’s a shame that we don’t have way more dragon champions in League of Legends. True, there are many champions related to dragons (Lee Sin’s kick is called Dragon’s Rage), but not really dragon champions.

And for now, we only have a variety in the dragon skins in LoL.

I hope you found this guide informative and helpful. And if you want to check the official dragon lore available for League, view this fandom page.

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